Consider Cleanliness Before Booking That Hotel

hotel neon letters

Finding a home away from home should be as simple as booking a hotel online, but you should slow down first and do your research. Often, many hotels are harbingers of disease. Most of us can count many times we’ve returned home with a bad cold or Norovirus after a vacation. Not exactly a great welcome home is it?

It’s essential to consider cleanliness before booking that hotel. One hotel room could have up to 365 different people staying in it over the course of one year. That’s a lot of bacteria, fungi, and germs that can be left on surfaces. While most is harmless, a lot of it can lead to illness.

Have you ever stayed at a hotel and peeked through the keyhole to see the maids at work cleaning the rooms? Have you ever seen any spend more than ten minutes in each room? Most of us cannot clean one side of the room in our homes in ten minutes, let alone two or more rooms! Read more

Rio de Janeiro 2016 Olympics at a glance

Rio 2016 is speculated to accommodate two million spectators! What a marvellous opportunity to the shared economy of Brazil to flourish with plenty of short-term vacation rentals available!

Here are the must-know facts about the upcoming universal event.


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