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7 Ways to Offer a Contactless Guest Experience: A New Era for Hotels and Vacation Rentals

This summer, the travel industry has seen a drastic change in tourism and vacation planning with people around the globe asking “when can we travel again?” From last-minute getaways, local staycations, regional road trips, and even turning homes into dream hotels or destinations, people are anxious to experience the world again. The Fear of Travel has created a lot of uncertainty and hesitation for travelers to leave their comfort zones. This is why it is vital and more important than ever for hotels and vacation rental owners to adopt new systems and protocols in place at their properties. Starting with the contactless guest experience.

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Hotels and Vacation Rentals: Where to Begin

Hotels and vacation rental owners are now asking themselves “what can we do to encourage guests to stay,” as well as “how can we make guests feel safe?” At CuddlyNest we offer every vertical of accommodation, from hotels to vacation rentals to homes, and everything in between. We too have considered these same questions and applied them to our own business model as the travel industry takes steps to offer a safer and more secure experience for guests, staff, and owners. Which is why we have strongly encouraged our partners and property owners to implement contactless services and offerings at their accommodations.

But of course, actions, speak louder than words. This summer, we at CuddlyNest, announced our newest updates to our site and design. Including a brand new sanitation filter that will show guests the last time their desired accommodation was properly disinfected before they book. We also introduced our newest COVID-19 Exceptional Cancellation policy that will allow guests to receive a full refund, with service fee included, in the form of a CuddlyNest voucher that is valid until December 2021.

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Seven Contactless Services

As an OTA, it is our responsibility to ensure that all guests booking with us feel safe, comfortable, and confident in choosing accommodation for whatever type of travel they are embarking on. We are sharing 10 ways vacation rentals and hotels can offer contactless services in this new travel era. Starting with contactless payment and check-ins.

Contactless Payment

For hotels, one of the best ways to avoid interaction when booking accommodation on site is through contactless payment. By offering contactless payment options, hotels and guests can prevent the use of cash or physical credit cards, and instead, use wireless methods and technology to pay for your stay. Many smartphones also support this type of technology making it incredibly convenient. You can simply tap your phone or card with a chip onto the payment terminal, also known as an RFID reader, without exchanging your payment back and forth with the front desk clerk. This process is fast, secure, hygienic, and will allow hotel properties to make on-site reservations quicker and safer.

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Contactless Check-in

Through passport scanning, facial recognition, and app technology, guests are now able to check into their vacation rental or hotel without needing to interact with the hotel front desk or property owner using Near Field Communication (NFC). Your second step after arriving at the property can be hassle-free with little to no preparation necessary.

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Keyless Entry

Entry to your hotel room or vacation rental requires just a tap or your mobile or wireless device. It’s that easy. Many hotels around the world have begun using chip devices to keep everything you need for your stay all in one place, including your trip funds. Similar to contactless payment, using RFID technology, hotels are converting key cards into chip bracelets where guests can add their credit cards to be used for hotel purchases. This also acts as a key to access facilities around the property. These bracelets can even be customized to your purchased package allowing you access to VIP services and facilities if they are included in your stay.

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Pre-Stay Communication

It is normal that your guests may have some questions before and during their stay. Communicating with your guest prior to their visit and being accessible to contact during their visit will allow property owners, staff, and guests to remain a safe distance. We recommend sending a digital welcome packet to your guests prior to check-in including any emergency contact information, and local emergency contacts for the area in which they are visiting. These welcome packets should also include detailed information for all contactless processes at the property including keyless entry and self-service check-in, and food and beverage services.

Go the extra mile to provide your guests with the best ways to contact you digitally including SMS, iMessage, email, and free international messaging applications like Whatsapp, to ensure that for whatever reason if your guest needs to reach you, they can. Taking these small yet effective extra steps will make your guests feel even more comfortable at your property.

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Sensor Technology

Whether you would like to turn down the thermostat or relax and watch TV, more and more properties are implementing sensor technology to encourage non-touch amenities. While this may seem like a pricey move especially for single vacation rentals, hosts can get creative by using smart technologies like Google Home and Amazon Alexa which allows guests to voice particular actions and commands within the property. Using these types of devices will create even more convenience and ease for your guests, allowing them to focus on enjoying their stay.

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Food and Beverage Services and Partnerships

Although you may be craving a bite in the hotel dining room, hotels are now encouraging room service over in-restaurant dining. While this is a temporary change to prepare for more socially distant facilities and public spaces, it’s the best way to enjoy the delicious hotel meals at a safe distance.

Over the last few months, the hospitality and food and beverage industries have also collaborated to offer exceptional food delivery services to both hotels and vacation rentals. Property owners are now partnering with food delivery services including Postmates, Uber Eats, Door Dash, and more that have committed to providing safe, secure, and contactless service, especially during the pandemic.

Property owners have also begun adding additional services including meal preparation and continental breakfasts to add more amenities to their sites.

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Off-Site Activities and Excursions

While hotels and vacation rentals work to create more ambient and spaced public settings, guests can help here by exploring off-property locations and activities. Choose accommodations with close access to nature, off the beaten path destinations, and staycations. Now is the perfect time for property owners and hotels to expand on what opportunities and offerings there are for their guests near the property without reaching out of guest comfort.

Pro tip: Ask your guest to fill out a survey prior to their visit, so you can help customize their experience and make suggestions for activities, restaurants, and excursions based on their needs and preferences. As a vacation rental owner, taking an interest in your guest satisfaction will not only leave you with a sparkling review but a loyal customer.

If you are a property owner, hotelier, or are looking to launch your own bookable accommodation, implement these steps to ensure a safe, secure, and seamless contactless guest experience. It’s the properties that go the extra mile that will leave the best impression on visitors. Find all types of accommodations, vacation rentals, hotels, and more for a price that cannot be beat, on CuddlyNest.

About CuddlyNest:

An Orlando, Florida, based start-up, CuddlyNest is a fourth-year start-up and has grown exponentially since, offering reliable bookings at over one million properties all around the world. CuddlyNest’s mission is to offer all travelers all accommodations at an unbeatable price. The online rental marketplace created an innovative booking fee-sharing model that has been the key to the company’s success. Having the lowest aggregate commission fee in the market allows property managers to be in charge of their earnings while providing guests with the lowest booking price in the market.

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Staycations: 5 Benefits of Vacations near Home

This summer is the perfect opportunity to embark on a staycation. You heard that right. Staycations allow travelers to explore their own cities, states, or countries and discover what their own backyard has to offer. As domestic tourism continues to rise this year, the tourism industry is helping create the idea that just because you can’t travel far does not mean you can’t travel. So let’s find out what our home away from home can teach us about the world, and why you need to embark on a staycation this summer.

What it Means to Staycation

This trending style of vacationing is actually not a new concept at all. Many times when people want to have a quick getaway without going very far, a staycation has provided the perfect solution. Maybe a new hotel opened up down the road from your house that you would love to stay at. Maybe you just bought an RV that you would love to take to the nearby national park. The benefits of taking a staycation are endless, and we will share with you some of the best ones.

The Benefits of Staycations

As countries around the world including Australia and New Zealand, offbeat destinations within the European Union, and more, begin to form travel bubbles to boost summer tourism, there is even more of an opportunity to explore near home and experience the benefits of staycations. While we could list hundreds of the benefits staycations provide, here are five that truly make the case for why taking a vacation near home is the perfect solution for travel this summer.

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1. Staycations are Affordable

Whether domestic travel or international travel if you have long-haul transportation involved your travel bill can spike very quickly. By taking a staycation you can skip the heavy costs that come with booking flights and accommodations for long periods of time and focus on indulging in fun amenities and activities. Find the perfect stay on CuddlyNest at the best price, so that you can indulge in a nearby getaway without having to break the bank.

2. Reduced Travel Time – More Time for Vacation

Now that you don’t have to hop on long-haul transportation to get to your destination, you can focus on the most important part of your trip. Enjoying your vacation. Reduced travel time allots for more time spent relaxing, adventuring, and fulfilling your goals for your getaway. Whether that’s treating yourself to a nearby day spa or hiking at your county’s national park, when you don’t have to worry about getting there, time, stress, and cost is eliminated very quickly.

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3. Your Pet Can Come Too

Although many hotels and vacation rentals strive to be more inclusive towards pet visits, when you take staycations, that is one thing less to worry about. You can rest easy and comfortable knowing that whatever experience you embark on, your pet can come along with you. Did you know there are certain countries that specifically boast and encourage pet-friendly travel? If you live in the US, Germany, Japan, and several others, then you’re in the perfect spot to staycation with your pet.

4. Boost Sustainable Travel in Your Neighborhood

Is there a new restaurant you have been craving to visit? How about a new eco-friendly boutique hotel? Staying near home will not only benefit you but also your local economy. Check out the local food markets, places of interest, and accommodations to help boost your neighborhood’s revenue and sustainable travel efforts. Staycations can contribute directly to businesses that rely on tourism and ecotourism in your area. You can help them economically, make a difference, and feel great about your getaway for being sustainable.

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5. You Can Staycation from Anywhere in the World

While some countries like Australia, the UK, Brazil, Germany, the US, and more are more well-known for their domestic tourism, you can take a staycation from anywhere in the world. Whether you’re originally from Rome and have never visited Florence, or are from Hawaii and have never been to Maui, your very own place can offer you experiences you can’t get anywhere else.

As hotels, vacation rentals, and businesses begin to open up to welcome visitors again, be sure to check with your local governments and policies to ensure that your staycation is not only the best yet, but extra safe and secure.

Plan Your Next Steps

As July begins and travelers prepare to explore again, CuddlyNest wants to remind all wanderlusts to practice safe travel and continue to follow CDC and WHO guidelines and recommendations. Tour and sightseeing company, Headout is providing travelers with up to date information on what attractions are reopening, and where, allowing you to plan things to do during your staycation and future long-distance vacation. We can’t wait to travel the world with you again.

Looking forward to planning a summer staycation with CuddlyNest? Let us know where you are from and we will help you find the perfect staycations at the best price.

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CuddlyNest Introduces New COVID-19 Exceptional Cancellation Policy and Sanitation Filter

There is a new sense of hope and optimism arising in the tourism industry. We at CuddlyNest are very excited to share with you all of the things we have been working on behind the scenes in order to offer our guests and property owners the best experience possible. 

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COVID-19 Exceptional Cancellation Policy

The safety of our guests and property owners is our top priority while we move into this next chapter. We have created a new cancellation policy that can be applied to any current or future bookings until the end of 2020. Any guest can cancel up to 24 hours before arrival, and receive their booking fee, including the CuddlyNest service fee, in the form of trip credit. This credit can then be used towards any booking until the end of 2021. Please check with the property owner to ensure this cancellation policy is applied to their property, that you have booked. We are recommending all our property owners apply this policy to their listings so that it can be applied to all bookings.

All CuddlyNest cancellation policies can be found on our COVID-19 response page

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Sanitation Filters

We will also be adding a new sanitization filter. This filter will allow guests to check if the accommodation that they would like to book has been properly disinfected in the last 48 or 72 hours. This filter can be applied to all accommodations listed on our website. See here: 

sanitation filter tool

The Travel Industry Remains Optimistic

Summer travel is becoming more of a reality than a distant dream. As countries begin to relax their lockdown and isolation measures and set new dates for opening their borders to tourism, there is an increase in both interest and movement. Governments and tourism boards are also defining clear safety measures and restrictions moving forward. Not only will this help prevent the spread of the virus, but aid in regaining the trust of travelers. 

CuddlyNest Partner and COO, Ritesh Raj, is confident that the tourism industry will unite to pave the way for safe travel. “We have an opportunity to work closely together to ensure the health and safety of our entire global community,” says Raj.

We are optimistic about the future and remain confident that we are getting closer and closer to exploring the world again. While we are still encouraging all future travelers to #PlanNowStayLater, travel may come sooner than you think.  For any questions regarding our new policy and any of our other policies, please contact our support team through our website’s contact page or at [email protected].

all CuddlyNest cancellation policies

About CuddlyNest:

An Orlando, Florida, based start-up, CuddlyNest is a fourth-year start-up and has grown exponentially since, offering reliable bookings at over one million properties all around the world. CuddlyNest’s mission is to offer all travelers all accommodations at an unbeatable price. The online rental marketplace created an innovative booking fee-sharing model that has been the key to the company’s success. Having the lowest aggregate commission fee in the market allows property managers to be in charge of their earnings while providing guests with the lowest booking price in the market.

Browse. Book. Stay.

 provides all accommodations to all travelers at an unbeatable price. This press release belongs to a series by the CuddlyNest team, on the Coronavirus Outbreak. To see more information about our policies please visit our response page.

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10 Ways to Internationally Travel from Home

Are you still looking for ways to fill your wanderlust? Every day, traveling again seems closer and closer. However, there are still many ways and possibilities to take advantage of international travel from home, today. Re-visit some of your past trips through photos and videos, discover new places through movies, plan future getaways with bucket lists. There are so many options and ways to continue exploring.

Ways to Travel from Home Explore

1. Make A Photo Album of Your Travels

It’s hard to go on vacation without taking a million photos. However, it is more often than not that those pictures live only on your phone or on your social media channels. Take advantage and relive your international travel by making a photo album or scrapbook. Not only does this make a great memento for you, but it is something you can share from generation to generation to come. You may just need to make more than one. There are also many tools including Canva or Shutterfly that can help you.

2. Listen to an Audiobook or Read a Book About Travel

There are numerous books by writers all over the world, who can simply whisk you away on an unforgettable adventure just using their words. From Ernest Hemingway’s fictional escapades to Jedidiah Jenkin’s brave accomplishment of biking from Oregon to Patagonia, be inspired by reading and listening to international travel books. Find one that you can’t get enough of and be sure to pack it with for your own future trip.

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3. Have a Movie Marathon with Films from Around the World

Is there a movie that made you think, wow I want to go there now? With movies from Eat, Pray Love, to Out of Africa to Midnight in Paris, there are hundreds of films that can transport you to another place in just a few minutes. Pro tip: turn your backyard into a “home theater” by setting up pillows, Christmas lights, and a projector. Your movie experience will be so elevated, that you’ll forget you are even at home.

4. Take a Virtual Tour

The international community banded together to offer global travelers an opportunity to explore museums, world monuments, national parks, and more. Whether you are interested in learning more about the intriguing artwork of Van Gogh or are curious about the history of the U.S. National Parks, virtual tours and experiences can be your unofficial tour guides right from home. Discover endless opportunities to explore without moving from your sofa, by embarking on a journey through virtual reality.

5. Make a Fort in Your House

Especially with little ones in the house, making a fort is an excellent way to show them a brand new place. Whether you build a castle out of couch cushions and pillows and call it Buckingham Palace or layout all your towels, umbrellas, and boogie boards in the backyard to create the beaches of California, your kids will love going on an adventure you plan for them. It may just be their best yet!

themed dinner - travel from home

6. Plan a Themed Dinner

From celebrating Cinco de Mayo to learning how to make homemade pasta, what will make meals at home even more fun? Planning a themed dinner! You can even include your friends and have a virtual party. Ask your pals to bring their favorite dish so you can celebrate together, eat yummy food, and enjoy your at-home restaurant.

7. Listen to a Travel Podcast

Last week we created a list of the best travel podcasts to listen to in 2020. Not only will podcasts give you helpful information when planning your future stay, but they will also give you great ideas on where to go, and what to do and see there. Check out our list to find your new favorite show.

postcards - travel from home

8. Re-Purpose Your Old Postcards

Do you have dozens of postcards sitting in a shoebox under your bed? If so, there are a few different ways to re-purpose them! Do a DIY (do it yourself) project. All you need is a couple of pieces of string and some clothespins to turn your wall into a global paradise.

You can also make photocopies and mail them to friends and family. Your loved ones will be so thrilled to receive mail from you during this time, and it’s a great way to share your past experiences with them too.

9. Make a Bucket List Pinterest Board

We have given you dozens of ideas for bucket list adventures, and now it’s your turn to make them a reality. A good place to start is by organizing your adventures using Pinterest Boards. From surfing vacations to mountain getaways, when planning your future trip your trusty board will help you organize and plan based on your interests. You can check out our CuddlyNest Pinterest page for inspiration.

international travel wish list

10. Make a CuddlyNest Wishlist

Travel is nothing without finding the perfect place to stay, and we are here to provide you with incredible accommodations at the best price. Use our CuddlyNest “Save to Wishlist” tool to plan your future getaway now, and stay later. To save to the wishlist, all you need to do is log in to your CuddlyNest profile, press the save button on the right-hand side of the listing, and it will appear in your wishlist under your profile, waiting for you to book and visit. It’s that easy. Your domestic or international travel plans can be done in seconds.

We would love to join your international travel from home. Let us know what journeys you embark on. Check out our blog for more inspiration to fill your wanderlust.

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13 Travel Podcasts to Check Out in 2020

Are you looking for a way to get quick access to travel news and information? We have just the thing for you! Travel podcasts. Podcast culture has quickly risen over the past few years to become a leading medium for entertainment, news, and more. With hundreds of different shows and platforms to listen on, podcasts are one of the best ways to fill your wanderlust. We guarantee you’ll have fun while listening.

podcast hosts

The Best Travel Podcasts in 2020:

We compiled a list of the top travel podcasts to listen to in 2020. From advice during the current pandemic to tips and hacks on how to make your future travels budget-friendly, these hosts cover it all. We got the inside scoop on what sets these podcasts apart from the rest. Check them out here:

The TravelPulse Podcast:

Hosted by TravelPulse’s Eric Bowman and Dan Callahan, travelers will gain so much insight into the travel industry by tuning into this podcast. What sets them apart from the rest? “The TravelPulse Podcast cuts through all the noise and brings you the most important and relevant news from around the world,” says Bowman. “Everything from travel advisors looking for advice on where to send clients, to travelers that love learning about trends.” This podcast will provide you with the ins and outs on all sides of the travel spectrum.

REI’s Wild Ideas Worth Living:

Wild Ideas Worth Living, hosted by Shelby Stanger is all about making your wild dreams and ideas a reality. “Part of living wildly is staying healthy, mentally, and physically.” From better breathing and changing up your routine during this current pandemic, there is still a lot of adventure to be had. REI and Shelby will guide you on excursions through their episodes. Keep an eye out for Shelby’s podcast Vitamin Joy, launching soon.

Wander Woman:

Brought to you by award-winning travel writer, photographer, and broadcaster, Phoebe Smith, Wander Woman is a place to explore off-the-beaten-track. This podcast will give you incredible insight into what it means to be a solo female explorer. What’s our favorite part about Phoebe’s podcast – Wander Woman of the Month. “The key is to ask lots of questions, dig a little deeper and wherever you go, go with an open mind,” says Phoebe. We couldn’t agree more.

couple traveling

Women Who Travel – Condé Nast:

Featuring over 100 stories by real female travelers, Condé Nast’s podcast is all about empowerment and smart travel for women. “A women’s place is wherever she chooses.” From Jane Goodall’s influence on how we can all be better travelers to inspiration during a time of uncertainty, WWT offers a safe and welcoming community for women across the globe.

Eye on Travel with Peter Greenberg:

Running his podcast for the last 12 years, and a radio show for the last 20, Peter Greenberg is a true professional traveler. For Peter, it’s all about the conversation and giving his audience the information that can’t find anywhere else. “There are three things people want to know about today…health, finance, and travel,” says Peter. He guides his audience on how not to be a victim of simple travel mistakes and errors. We live for the fun we can have when traveling safe and smart. Travel Today with Peter will guide you on the right path.

Amateur Traveler:

With more than 700 episodes to choose from, you can join along for every adventure with Chris Christensen. What’s Chris’s key to keeping his audience informed and up to date when planning their travels? He’s already been there. Which means he can give you all the ins and outs, in an episode. Tune in every week to explore a new destination. You’ll have a full travel list ready by the time we can explore again.

The Travel Diaries:

The Travel Diaries with Holly Rubinstein includes traveling vicariously through her fun and entertaining episodes. “Listening to this podcast is a great opportunity for people to be transported to far-off lands from the comfort of their homes. It’s wanderlust guaranteed,” says Holly. From virtual tours and experiences to making your bucket list, listen to episodes with special guests, and let your travels take you virtually anywhere.

RV Miles Podcast:

“We like to think of ourselves as the ‘Today Show’ for RVers and other road travelers,” says podcast host Abigail Trabue. Offering entertainment, interviews, and tips, there is something for anyone looking to hit the open road. Abigail and her family are full-time RV travelers, for the last three and a half years, calling everywhere they explore home. Now is the perfect time to tune in and learn how to explore the great outdoors from the comfort of an RV. You can find their other podcasts See America and America’s National Parks for additional episodes.

podcast listener

The World Nomads:

The World Nomads Podcast is a go-to for real-life stories and testimonials to give you the best insight. Phil and Kim have created a network of people who know a destination inside and out. Those experts share everything a traveler needs to know before visiting. “The true joy of travel is forging your own path,” says Phil. From healthy doses of inspiration to ways to face future travel, this podcast offers facts and fun all in one.

Indie Travel Podcast:

Launched in 2006, hosts Craig and Linda began a new adventure through the Indie Travel Podcast. Together they guide their listeners through everything from how to travel with kids to how to pack your suitcase. There are so many parts of travel one may not even consider when planning or preparing for a trip. This is the place to go to make sure you don’t miss a single step.

JUMP with Traveling Jackie:

What if you could explore the world without breaking the bank? You know at CuddlyNest, we have the best price for every stay, and Jackie Nourse of JUMP Podcast has incredible for tips budget-friendly adventures. We make the perfect pair. Loved for her positivity, if you are looking to feel empowered while seeing the world, JUMP is the podcast for you.

Armchair Explorer:

“Every adventure begins in the imagination. The Armchair Explorer is all about firing that imagination up.” Aaron Miller has created a world for each of his listeners to explore. What makes this podcast so unique? It is made in a documentary-style format and set to music to create a storytelling experience. We want to immerse ourselves in this world, too. A place for adventure and action, that’s the Armchair Explorer way.

Food Fun Travel – “The Dish”: 

Mixing three of our favorite things, food, fun, and travel, this podcast satisfies our thirst for new experiences. “The Dish” food and travel show is hosted by Tommo & Megsy, two food and travel bloggers who have visited 95 countries seeking the best “Food Worth Traveling For”. Enjoy learning about their favorite dishes from around the globe and the adventures they had to find them.

We hope you enjoyed tuning in with us! We can’t wait to hear what travel podcasts you listen to. Don’t forget to let us know.

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 provides all accommodations to all travelers at an unbeatable price. This blog post is the eighth post in a series by the CuddlyNest team, on the Coronavirus Outbreak. To see more information about our policies please visit our response page.

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Plan Now, Stay Later Photo Contest

Do you have a favorite travel memory? Something that really stuck with you and makes you want to set off to explore the globe again? While we cannot all pack our bags to set off on an adventure at this very moment, what we can do is relive our travels again and again through photos and memories, by joining our Plan Now, Stay Later contest and campaign.

photography contest

How to join The Plan Now Stay Later Contest:

By participating in our #PlanNowStayLater Photo Contest. From pictures of you and your special someone at the top of the Eifel Tower to a photo of you celebrating finishing your first international marathon, we want to relive that moment with you. Entering is easy! Find the entry instructions here and start by going to our Instagram channel, and do the following:

  1. Like our Post announcing the photo contest. 

  2. Post your favorite travel photo to your personal Instagram feed and tag @cuddlynest and #plannowstaylater in the caption.

  3. Share the post in your story and tag @cuddlynest and #plannowstaylater.

We will select three winners and share their photos on our feed every Saturday in the month of May. All three winners will be announced in our stories on May 2nd at 5 pm CEST. If your photo was not selected this time, don’t worry, because we will be hosting new contests every month.

We can’t wait to see your favorite travel pictures!

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Plan Now, Stay Later.

Browse. Book. Stay.

CuddlyNest provides all accommodations to all travelers at an unbeatable price. Find unlimited travel inspiration on our blog and social media channels

plan now, stay later

CuddlyNest Launches Plan Now, Stay Later Logo and Slogan

plan now, stay later

CuddlyNest, the booking platform with all accommodations for all travelers at the most unbeatable price has added “Plan Now, Stay Later” to their “Browse. Book. Stay.” slogan, in light of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Plan Now, Stay Later

With the inclusion of “Plan Now, Stay Later” in its mantra, the booking platform, with over one million accommodations worldwide, has also altered its logo to demonstrate social distancing with its birds flying in opposite directions. The edit to the logo and slogan has been made across the platform’s social media channels, including Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, PinterestLinkedIn, and Youtube.

CuddlyNest’s Partner & COO, Ritesh Raj says, “We wanted to clearly show that social distancing and adhering to the policies set by the CDC is a priority of our business. While travel is at the core of what we offer, we want to encourage our guests to stay home at this time. We also want to help guide them in planning a safe and incredible getaway in the future.

CuddlyNest continues its efforts in providing the travel community with information, tips, inspiration, and guides for future travel.

The travel industry and the global community are seeing a major set back right now, but we will overcome this pandemic stronger than ever. With the support of our team, families, and friends, we aim to give everyone the opportunity to explore our beautiful destinations again, very soon,” says Raj.

The CuddlyNest support team is working endlessly to ensure that the safety of its guests, hosts, and partners is the top priority. The platform has a banner located on its homepage that directs to its response page, which answers all COVID-19 related questions. The support team can be reached on the website’s contact page, and at [email protected].

For more information on CuddlyNest’s COVID-19 Response please visit, here.

About CuddlyNest:

An Orlando, Florida, based start-up, CuddlyNest is a fourth-year start-up and has grown exponentially since, offering reliable bookings at over one million properties all around the world. CuddlyNest’s mission is to offer all travelers all accommodations at an unbeatable price. The online rental marketplace created an innovative booking fee-sharing model that has been the key to the company’s success. Having the lowest aggregate commission fee in the market allows property managers to be in charge of their earnings while providing guests with the lowest booking price in the market.

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USA’s First National Park – And More – To Celebrate During National Park Week

In 1872, one of the most important national acts was created by United States President, Ulysses S. Grant — the establishment of the first US national park. Can you guess which one it was? If you guessed Yellowstone National Park – you’re correct! Today, travelers and outdoor enthusiasts can visit over 4,000 national parks across the globe. These national treasures are celebrated annually during the month of April to commemorate the history and culture surrounding our favorite outdoor locations.

Antelope Canyon

Antelope Canyon by Tom Wagner Photography.

The National Park Service (NPS) recorded that in 2019 over 327 million people visited USA’s national parks. While numerous parks are temporarily closed due to the COVID-19 outbreak, you can still celebrate national park week this year by learning more about each of the parks, their history, and what makes them so crucial to our environment. A great place to start? With the 10 oldest national parks in the U.S. Check them out below:

Oldest U.S. National Parks:

yellowstone national park

1. Yellowstone National Park – Wyoming, Idaho, Montana – March 1, 1872

Located between three states, Yellowstone National Park was the first U.S. national park. Yellowstone welcomes about 4.2 million visitors a year. Some of the main attractions in the park are the geysers, including the one pictured here, “Old Faithful.” Besides Old Faithful, Yellowstone National Park is also known for it’s amazing fauna such as bears, wolves, and deer.

Yellowstone will open and welcome visitors to several areas of the park on June 1, 2020.

sequoia national park

2. Sequoia National Park – California, September 25, 1890

Known for having the world’s largest living things, Sequoia National Park is the second oldest national park in the U.S. Filled with gigantic Sequoia trees, this park is the perfect place to explore nature. The trees can grow anywhere between 250 to 275 feet tall, thus making them some of the tallest trees on the planet.

Sequoia and Kings National Parks will open and welcome visitors to several areas of the park on June 4, 2020.

yosemite national park

3. Yosemite National Park – California, October 1st, 1890

While Yellowstone is the official first national park, the idea originally came from President Abraham Lincoln when he signed the Yosemite Land Grant in 1864. Located in the Sierra Mountains in California, Yosemite is home to one of the tallest waterfalls on Earth. It is also home to over 400 species including the rare red fox.

Yosemite will remain closed until further notice, by the NPS.

mount rainier national park

4.  Mount Rainier National Park – Washington, March 2nd, 1899

From the colorful wildflowers that bloom each spring to the epic waterfalls that flow all summer long, Mount Rainer National Park is a Washington State treasure. The peak is the fifth tallest in the US and has over 130 trails to explore.

Mount Rainier will open and welcome visitors to several areas of the park on June 4, 2020.

crater lake national park

5. Crater Lake National Park – Oregon, May 22nd, 1902

Found in south-central Oregon, Crater Lake is the fifth oldest national park in the US. Most famous for its crystal blue waters, the park also features the deepest lake in the United States due to the collapse of a volcano almost 8,000 years ago.

Crater Lake will stay temporarily closed until further notice.

wind cave national park

6. Wind Cave National Park– South Dakota, January 9th, 1903

Wind Cave is known as one of the longest caves in the world with over 149 miles of passageways. It was also the first cave system in the US to be designated as a national park. The cave is also known for its box work and frostwork formations inside the passageways.

Wind Cave will begin opening several parts of the park in June 2020.

mesa verde national park

7. Mesa Verde National Park – Colorado, June 29th, 1906

Located in southwest Colorado, Mesa Verde National Park is the largest archeological preserve with over 600 cliff dwellings. Its name which translates to “green table” is a reflection of the vast greenery that covers thousands of acres.

Mesa Verde opens its park to visitors on May 24, 2020. The welcoming will happen in phases over time.

glacier national park

8. Glacier National Park – Montana, May 11th, 1910

Found in the northwest corner of Montana, Glacier National Park is the eighth oldest in the U.S. The entire park is over one million acres. In total, the park has 75 named mountains, 762 lakes, 25 named glaciers, and close to 750 miles of hiking trails alone.

Glacier will start welcoming visitors for recreational access on June 8, 2020. The park will open in phases.

rocky mountain national park

9. Rocky Mountain National Park – Colorado, January 26th, 1915

The ninth oldest U.S. national park is Rocky Mountain. While the park was founded in 1915, the mountain range is actually over 76 million years old. The high peaks and rugged landscape make the perfect backdrop for the city of Denver, which is just a short drive away.

Rocky Mountain will begin opening several areas in the park on June 4, 2020. All visitors must obtain a permit to visit.

haleakala national park

10. Haleakala National Park – Hawaii, August 1st, 1916

Haleakala National Park is located on the Hawaiian Island, Maui. While the park itself is over 33,000 acres, the park’s main feature is its massive 7-mile wide volcanic crater.

Haleakala will open and begin welcoming visitors to several areas in the park on May 27, 2020.

While we encourage you to stay home this week and enjoy these national parks from afar you can still visit by taking virtual tours and experiences at home.


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Virtual Tours and Experiences You Can Take from Home

How are you spending your days at home? While social distancing may leave you with some extra time, now is the perfect opportunity to embark on a one-of-a-kind adventure. You can start by taking virtual tours of your favorite locations around the world.


virtual tours planning

From museums to national parks to global landmarks, tourism boards and businesses worldwide are providing the global community with virtual experiences, so that no one has to miss out on exploring while sheltering in place. Anyone can take the opportunity to visit these sites right from the comfort of their own home, you just need to know where to start. All those days spent dreaming and wondering if you would ever see these places for yourself, and now you can. We’re not saying you will never want to go in person, but taking a virtual tour beforehand will make the experience and knowledge of the place that much better.

Ready to Explore through Virtual Tours?

There are so thousands of unique experiences to choose from, it’s hard to pick just one. Now you don’t have to. Whether your bucket list includes a tour of NASA, climbing Mount Everest, or a visit to Machu Picchu, you can experience it all by taking a virtual excursion. Here at CuddlyNest, we have curated a list for you, so that you don’t have to look very far to experience it all. Let us know where you plan to virtually visit.

Wonders of the World:

The list of wonders of the world has grown over the years to include a larger catalog of truly remarkable sites. You can visit those through your screen here:

Taj Mahal – Agra, India.

Machu Picchu – Andes Mountains, Peru.

The Acropolis – Athens, Greece.

The Great Wall of China –  Huairou District, China.

Tower of London – London, England.

Petra Wall – Petra, Jordan.

Christ the Redeemer – Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Angkor Wat – Siem Reap, Cambodia.

Stonehenge – Wiltshire, England.

Chichen Itza – Yucatán, Mexico.


petra virtual tour

Experience the majesticness of Petra, Jordan.


National Parks and Natural Reserves:

National Park Week starts April 18th, which makes now the perfect time to explore nature’s creations right from your couch. Your nature visit can start in less than five seconds. When parks and reserves begin to open up, be sure to plan your adventure. You’ll be an expert on these locations after taking a virtual tour.

Patagonia – Argentina & Chile.

Yosemite – California, USA.

Cliffs of Moher – Clare, Ireland.

Mount Rushmore – Keystone, South Dakota, USA.

Giant’s Causeway – Northern Ireland.

The Northern Lights – Swedish Lapland

The World’s Largest Cave – Son Doong, Vietnam.

Mount Everest – Tibet & Nepal.

Yellowstone – Wyoming, and Montana, USA.

Avatar Mountain – Zhangjiajie, Hunan Province, China.

The Faroe Islands – Portugal.



patagonia virtual tour

Enjoy the calming crystal blue lake in Patagonia.


Museums and Galleries:

Take a tour through your favorite exhibits and galleries, without having to wait in long lines and behind crowds. With 360 views and high-resolution video imagery, you will feel as if you are in the work of art. Have you ever visited these locations in person? Add them to your bucket list to see in person during your future getaway.

Anna Frank House – Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Salvador Dalí Museum – Barcelona, Spain.

Air Force Museum – Dayton, Ohio, USA.

NASA – Langley Center in Florida.

The British Museum – London, England.

The Guggenheim – New York City, New York, USA.

The Louvre – Paris, France.

The Catacombs – Paris, France.

Smithsonian Museum of Natural History – Washington D.C., USA.


louvre virtual tour

See the Mona Lisa in the Louvre up close.



Enjoy virtual tours of some of the world’s most highly regarded national landmarks. Some of these locations are not always the easiest to get to, which you don’t have to worry about now that you have unlimited access right from home.

Blarney Castle – Cork, Ireland.

The Holy Land – Jerusalem.

Buckingham Palace – London, England.

The Statue of Liberty – New York City, New York, USA.

The Eiffel Tower – Paris, France.

The Colosseum – Rome, Italy.

The Vatican – Vatican, Italy.


Theme Parks and Attractions:

Make a list of the attractions you want to see during your future visit to Disney World, the Met, and more.

The Metropolitan Opera – New York City, New York, USA.

Walt Disney World – Orlando, Florida.

San Diego Zoo – San Diego, California.


To see an extensive list of over 2500 museums, galleries, and natural parks offering virtual tours, visit here.

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happy woman working from home

Discover Four Benefits of Working from Home

Are you still adjusting to working from home?

While at first, it may seem challenging, working from home can be one of the best things for your career. The CuddlyNest team are no strangers to the remote life. We have found that not only does having a flexible schedule spark motivation, but it also increases productivity. Working from home provides many benefits for both the employer and employee. What’s the phrase happy employee, happy employer? We sure think so!

working from home

From referring to your kids as “coworkers” to creating your own personal space, there are dozens of reasons working from home can be fun, enjoyable, and advantageous. Take a look at some of the benefits of working from the comfort of your own home. These definitely make the top of our list for why we love the at-home, digital nomad, adventurous employee lifestyle.

1. Flexible Schedule

Whether you’re an early-riser or love hitting the snooze button, one of the biggest benefits to the work from home lifestyle is having a flexible schedule. According to a study by Buffer, 94% of team members at Dell believe having a flexible schedule positively contributes to the overall company performance.

Being able to create your own routine removes the stress of planning your day with a rigid schedule. If you need to get in a mid-day workout, have a late breakfast, or need to run out to an appointment, as long as you are able to manage your time well, this lifestyle will always work in your favor.

2. Reduces Travel Time and Costs

We can all agree that time sitting in traffic on the way to work is time wasted. Even if that is when you fit in your podcast or radio show, commuting and having to get to and from the office takes away from time you can be spending doing something you love. It is also a waste of money on gasoline or transportation. According to Zippia, being able to spend your hard-earned money on things other than travel costs is a motivator and promotes a happier and healthier workforce. We agree! Working from home definitely reduces expense and time for both the employee and employer. working from home benefits chart

3. Fewer Disruptions and Increase in Productivity

Are you tired of colleagues running up to you to ask for small favors that could have been asked by email or Slack? Working from home eliminates time wasted on minor disruptions that cause major distractions. Cutting out those interruptions will allow you to get your work done faster and more efficiently. You also have more opportunities to create your perfect workspace. Making your own office at home or packing up your belongings to work at the beach with a beautiful view will help you feel more comfortable and productive.

That is of course unless you have a furry friend begging for your attention. 

4. Better Balance Between Work and Your Personal Life

Having uneven work and personal balance can be one of the most disruptive factors for an employee and employer. Entrepreneur, Philip Green, says “It’s all about the quality of life and finding a happy balance between work and friends and family.” It is just as important to accomplish your career goals as it is to take care of your physical and mental well-being.

happy woman working from home

5. Reduces Environmental Impact

Among saving time and money, by not commuting you are also reducing greenhouse gas emissions and fuel usage. Offices can generate very expensive bills, as well as wasted electricity. At your home office, remind yourself to keep the environment’s health a top priority.

Looking for more tips on travel, life at home, and things to do? Check out the CuddlyNest Blog and our social media channels for new posts every week.

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