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Best European Nature Festivals 2019

Looking for Europe Music Festivals August 2019? We too! Here is our guide.

Is the sun is shining out of the window leading you to restlessness waiting for the lunch break to escape the doomedness of sitting in front of your blue-lighted screen all day long? Even if the break is yet to come, you can freshen your mind already now, by taking a look at the amazing and diverse festivals in Europe this summer!

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Where? Hungary

When? June 19 -22

What? Music and arts

Kolorádó is a good mix of arts and music for the ones tired of the popular music offered in the most popular Hungarian summer festival Sziget. Kolorádó allows to escape the crowds of the city and rest for a couple of days in the nearby Sztrilich Scout Park. the festival is quite new, being hosted for the fourth time in 2019. You can stay in Budapest, but we encourage you to dive deep into the festival aura and stay in a hammock in the forest, or a special mini house built exclusively for the festival. Drawing, painting and other visual arts are on the plan, so be ready for self-expression!

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Ultra Europe

Where? Croatia

When? July 12 – 14

What? Music

Ultra is a  multi-venue outdoor electronic music festival that is a part, happening in one of the most beautiful beach locations in Europe, in Split. Ultra Music Festival’s worldwide expansion is a guarantee for good music and unforgettable electronic music dance experience in Croatia this summer. Be sure you do attend at least one Ultra in your life in one of its twenty host countries.

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La Linea

Where? England

When? April 25 – May 5

What? Music

If you are into Southern rhythms, this one is for you. Best Latin music performances in the heart of London is precisely what La Linea Festival London offers to its attendees. Every year showcasing new artists, the festival invites singer-songwriters with futuristic sounds to the mecca of European culture every spring. If you are looking for fusion styles in music, this one is just for you. Check out where to stay in London – we have both shared rooms, apartments, or hotel rooms for the best rest after a long day of pleasing musical experiences.

Showcasing new artists and singer-songwriters with futuristic sounds and fusion styles, you can expect lots of class and fun.


Where? Latvia

When? July 26 – 27

What? Music

Positivus is another gem for the ones looking for an immersive nature and music experience. Hosted in the idyllic location just by the sea, the festival has seen major growth since 2007. It will be a great choice for those looking for an alternative European destination, as it is the heart of Eastern Northern Europe, allowing you to visit Nordic countries and the Baltics on your way.

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Feel Festival

Where? Germany

When? July 11 – 15

What? Music and Dance

Feel festival is, just as described, for the ones who enjoy immersive experiences, feeling all aspects of a festival. Here you can camp almost directly on the beach, and visit Berlin before or after the festival, which is located by the Bergheider See 127km south of Berlin.

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Where? Portugal

When? July 28 – August 4

What? Visual arts and music

Boom Festival is for the environmentally conscious ones enjoying the green forests and the wilderness of Portuguese nature. It is hosted every second year and won the Outstanding Greener Festival Award – the highest accolade of the four categories to be awarded, as a recognition for its environment and social program once again. Hosted according to periods of the Moon, and is one of the closest nature-immersive experiences you can possibly get while enjoying music and arts.

So now, when your coffee break is over, go and hit the productivity list. And, make sure to plan something amazing for your European summer adventure with CuddlyNest.


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Free Budapest Activities, Tours and Excursions

While looking for budget destinations in Europe, you cannot go wrong with Hungary. While some of us plan Christmas Holidays well in advance, some in a distinctively human way postpone every single decision, among them – where to go this Christmas Holiday. Eastern and Central Europe have an emerging travel scene and some of its destinations shine brighter with every year. Prague, Budapest, Vienna, and others are true gems. What’ s the best? They are not overly expensive, as the tourism industry is still emerging. Here CuddlyNest had a look at what activities Budapest has to offer for budget travelers.

Taste Hungary Wandering Around the Great Market Hall

If there is something every single traveler loves about the Eastern and central Europe, it is surely the food. Hungarian cuisine is well known for its real and unimaginably tasty food. Cheese croissants selling in the Hungarian pékség are fresh and full of cheese, and Hungarian specialty lángos is made on the spot as ordered. Have your stomach grumbling already? When visiting Great Market Hall, do not forget to buy a couple of paprika spice satchels selling on the Hungarian street and climb up on the second floor to have a free tour on Hungarian national handicrafts, which are selling at bargain prices.

Wander the Streets with Eyes in the Sky

Budapest has a lot to offer beyond museums. In fact, the best museum to visit is the streets of Budapest. Conserved the history of ages of different ruling powers and cultures present,  the architecture tells its own story. From the Budapest Parliament building to Szent István (St. Stephens’s) Basilica to Castle, you will see architecture from Medieval and Baroque to Neoclassicist, preserved throughout centuries. And if you have a chance to stay in one of the Neocclaccisist buildings while sharing the apartment or renting out the whole place for your family trip, you will see how spacious are the buildings.

Budapest Free Tours in English, German and Spanish

Budapest winter weather may not always be as welcoming as in Medditarean climate, but the guides of Budapest free tours will make you feel better instantly. Tours are offered in Chinese, English, Spanish, German and even Russian, and are generally very informative and interesting. One thing you should keep in mind though is the fact that you must be registered before. Not required but welcomed also are some donations for the guides. Keep in mind that tours range from 1 to 3 hours and start from the Jewish Quarter – you better be there on time!

Ruin Pubs for the Contemporary Budapest Experience

If you wish to save whilst on the road, yet experience not only the historical architecture but meet people and have fun in one of the Budapest’ s signature places, you must go to its ruin pubs. From the super touristic Szimpla Kert to Csendes Bar, Budapest will exceed your expectations and amaze you with its diversity. If you love cultural experiences, go to Szimpla on Mondays and join the Hungarian dances. If your thing is brunch, then Farmers’ Market and Breakfast will be just right for you. Other hotspots of alternative, yet free cultural experiences are Golya, Aurora and Kék Ló (Blue Horse).

Free Days on Budapest Museums are Worth It

Budapest art scene may not be regarded as particularly avant-garde, although you may find many inspiring and innovative approaches present in its many local galleries, especially when taking a stroll around the District II. However, Budapest offers a lot to art lovers, and if you are lucky, you may get into museums completely for free. Every month on the third Saturday you may visit Hungarian National Gallery (Castle District) and Fine Arts Museum ( near Hősök Tere – Heroe’s Square) for free given that you are a European passport holder under the age of 26. For modern and contemporary art lovers Ludwig Museum will be the best fit, free to attend on the last Sunday every month. Hungarian National Museum in the centre of the city and Skanzen of Szentendre on the outskirts of Budapest are good places to go as well.

Overall, while Budapest weather definitely takes a toll on the possible things to do in December and January, it is never short on events and places to go. Budapest is therefore just the perfect getaway for anyone looking for a great place to go for a couple getaway for Christmas or New Year holidays.


Best Christmas Holiday City Breaks for Families in US

You may think there is no difference, but some cities are great, and some are the ultimate family trip destinations for experiencing the best Christmas holiday getaway. There is plenty of family attractions all over the East Coast. We have picked the best family vacation itinerary attractions for budget travelers in the most family-friendly cities in the US. Read on and get ready for the perfect family time this winter holiday season!

San Francisco, California family vacation

San Francisco has a lot to offer for families with young children, teens, and even toddlers. It is easy to travel here with infants as well, as most places in San Francisco offers free parking, so visiting museums, parks, and other attraction will be no problem. You can also get into the old cable car to get around!  From Golden Gate Park with its many attractions to Walt Disney family museum, everyone has something to do here. If your kids want to spend their day in an amusement park, San Francisco will be the perfect place to be – the Pier 39 has all you can imagine. To wrap up the day, go to Chinatown with its colorful lanterns, the smell of fresh dumplings and sweets in tea houses and enjoy the Eastern culture in the heart of the West.

San Diego, California vacation package DIY

Who needs a San Diego package holidays when your family is unique? DIY your own family trip and find the best deals, handpicked and enjoyed only by you. Visit the century-old Belmont Amusement Park or see Balboa dancers mastering the nuances of the dance in Balboa Park. Spend a day outdoors watching tide pools and exhibits, taste the seafood near Shelter Island and watch the sun go down at Sunset Cliffs. Fresh air, the right sizing of the city and location by the coast make San Diego one of the top destinations for a family trip.


If one city calls for a “family friendly” label, then it is Chicago. From the Navy Pier to Millenium Park and Shedd Aquarium, Chicago provides loads of attractions for every family member, no matter the age and interests. You can grab an original rainbow cone at Navy Pier, shop around with your family and take the must-have selfie with Cloud Gate in the background. But there is a lot more to it; Jay Pritzker Pavilion, the Crown Fountain and Lurie Garden, among many other awesome attractions are granted to entertain you all day long. For budget travel, remember that Shedd Aquarium has free admission days listed on their website, while the 4D theatre is free for the basic viewing when purchasing the ticket.

Washington, D.C.

If you want to provide your kids with some knowledge of the US and show them the White House, Washington is a place to go. Large, yet airy and dense of parks, it has a lot to offer to those seeking a bit more of an educational trip. You can visit museums specialized in the US history called Smithsonian Institutional Office and just spend amazing time in Washington’s green areas and amusement parks.

New York

From Frank Sinatra to Kevin getting lost in NY Christmas spirit alone, New York has something to offer not only for adults but also for kids. It is exceptionally welcoming for families with pets. Starting with climbing up on the crown of the Statue of Liberty, continuing with the Metropolitan Museum of Art and finishing off with a relaxing day at the Central Park, it is hard to find a better destination for a family city getaway. Do not forget to take your dog with you – at the Central Park, dogs are allowed off-leash between 6 a.m. and 9 a.m. and then 9 p.m. to 1 a.m. In the middle of the day, you can leash your pet and enjoy your time with family for almost free – just check what activities are hosted beforehand. If you happen to love diversity and want to try some new foods, then Chinatown will top your family’s list. Pork buns, dumplings, and hand-pulled noodles are must, and you can also get some vegan bubble tea, or shop around in markets for everything starting from dried fish to herbs and spices. To hang out with locals, go to Columbus Park for playing Tai Chi, chess or mahjong. Still craving some nature? Check out the Bronx Zoo – the largest metropolitan zoo is free on Wednesdays, but if you cannot make it, ask for the general admission ticket for half the price of the standard ticket.

Seattle, Washington

Your family will love the Museum of Pop Culture, and you will have a great time exploring the pop culture form a little bit more scientific perspective. Bundle the museum attendance for free on Thursday with the Museum of Flight and   Pacific Science center for the ultimate winter holiday vacation. With Vietnamese restaurants popping up all around, you must try Pho along with the well-known favorite dessert of Obama Fran’s Chocolates.

No matter which city you choose to go to, remember to enjoy your time with family. Do not plan too much and run around the museums – instead, experience a little different city culture, try new foods, spend relaxing hours in city parks and go to places you have never been before. Most importantly, do not get stressed out trying to provide your family with the perfect vacation – just plan ahead, get to know the best places and take care of everyone’s needs and wants to agree on the places to go to.

Enjoy and be happy with







1 de Octubre: Día Internacional del café

¿Sabías que hay un día para celebrar el maravilloso placer de beberse una taza de café? Pues bien, ese día ha llegado. Cada 1 de Octubre se celebra el Día Internacional del café, una bebida indispensable para empezar con buen pie cada mañana para la mayoría.

Lo que se celebra en realidad, es el viaje del café desde la finca a la tienda local: una oportunidad para rendir homenaje a las mujeres y los hombres que cultivan y cosechan el café que nos encanta.

Por eso, desde Cuddlynest creemos que es la ocasión ideal para hablaros de 4 lugares del mundo de 2018 con los mejores granos de café, porque quién sabe si en vuestra próxima escapada podréis deleitaros con una taza del mejor café en uno de estos lugares.


Esta especialidad de grano crece en el monte Meru y klimanjaro. Tiene un sabor profundo y rico, a menudo revelando toques de grosella negra que suavizan hasta convertirse en chocolate y luego se funden en el persistente y dulce final del café.

Si tenéis la oportunidad de viajar a Tanzania debéis probar un asado mediano, que proporciona un aroma floral y complejo, que a menudo muestra notas de piña, cítricos o coco. El sabor es delicado, a veces revelando notas vinosas y una sensación aterciopelada en el paladar.


Los mejores granos de café de Kenia AA exhiben un cuerpo completo y un sabor fuerte y rico con una agradable acidez que algunos dicen que proporciona el café más brillante del mundo. El aroma de Kenya AA es fragante con tonos florales, mientras que el final es vino con matices cítricos y bayas.

Si alguna vez decides pasear por el país africano añade a tu lista una taza de este brevage, quién sabe, quizá alguna reserva de Masai te puede sorprender con una bienvenida llena de aroma y sabor.


Los mejores granos de café Arábica de Hawai se cultivan a aproximadamente 2,000 pies sobre el nivel del mar en las laderas fértiles de los volcanes Mauna Loa y Hualalai en la Isla Grande de Hawai. El café Kona es conocido por su sabor ligero pero delicado con un aroma complejo.

El café Kona a menudo revela cualidades mantecosas y especiadas y tonos vinosos sutiles con un excelente final aromático. Así que ya sabéis, no hay nada mejor que disfrutar del sabor del grano Konna con las vistas espectaculares que Hawaii ofrece.


Tal vez la mezcla más famosa de granos de café, Mocha Java incluye el café árabe Mocha (Yemen) y el café indonesio Java Arábica, dos cafés con características complementarias. Los mejores cafés Mocha de Yemen exhiben una intensidad vivaz y una frescura placentera que complementa la suavidad limpia y brillante del café Java. La mezcla tradicional de granos de café Mocha y Java crea una copa elaborada compleja pero bien equilibrada.
Que mejor que pasar unas vacaciones en Indonesia recorriendo el maravillosa país y saboreando uno de los cafés con más historia.

Evidentemente la lista no acaba aquí, si de verdad os interesa saber más sobre el proceso de creación del café un lugar esencial es Colombia, las plantaciones de café de la zona son dignas de visita, ya que el cultivo de sus granos es una de las actividades económicas más importantes del país.

De todas maneras, lo importante es sentirse como en casa en cualquier sitio, y eso es algo que se puede lograr con el mejor alojamiento y una buena taza de café.


Best New Year’s Eve destinations

Christmas is a date with great importance for the whole family and the loved ones. Surely more than one has planned to spend an unforgettable New Year’s Eve in some world-famous destination to start the year in a different way. Well, that is our goal today, discover the best places to spend the first night of 2019 to remember your whole life.


Take advantage of these dates to soak up culture, art, and good beer. If you are also one of those who likes to do some exercise to download such copious Christmas meals, do not miss the Silvesterlauf race, or the Pancake race (ok, it may not be the best example), a race where thousands of runners dress up and enjoy the taste of the pancakes while touring the picturesque streets of Berlin. At night the party moves to the Brandenburg Gate, from where you can enjoy the fireworks and the Berlin party.

To find the best accommodation, we recommend you click here.

Koh Phangan

The famous party island in Thailand (for sure you have heard about the Full Moon Party). Well, if your idea is to spend the last night of the year surrounded by madness in the company of your friends, this is your place. As soon as the sun sets the party starts at Sunrise Beach and it does not end until … until one wants to. You can even start the first dawn of the year with a good dip on the beach while watching the sunrise. It sounds good, right?

Do not think much more and start planning here.

New York

We could not miss the city of skyscrapers. Surely we are not very original when we recommend you to go to Times Square, but if you are in New York that night and do not pass by there you may regret it for life. Just like if you do not visit the most famous tree in the world at Rockefeller Center or you do not take your family to ice skating in that same place.

Without a doubt, 2019 is going to be an unforgettable year so it is best to start it here.


Who says it’s cold at Christmas? Well, the Australians certainly do not. Christmas can be spent on a boat while you enjoy the fireworks and the famous Opera House as a backdrop. Another alternative is to pass it ashore at a table in the famous Sydney Harbor Bridge.

Of course, there are thousands of places to spend this magical night. Luckily for you, we can offer you the best in each place, so that wherever you are, you always feel at home.


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Sant Jordi: Love and Culture around Barcelona

On April 23, the Sant Jordi Day is celebrated throughout Catalonia. It is a very special day for the Catalans since it is a day to reclaim their own culture. Tradition says that boys should give a rose to their beloved, while girls should give them a book.

The legend

A long time ago there was a terrifying dragon located in the village of Montblanc, south-west of Barcelona. The dragon was always hungry, so the people gave him one animal a day to keep it from attacking the village. However, one day the dragon ate the last of the animals, and then it started eating the people of the town too. In order to satisfy the hunger of the dragon, the village decided to randomly choose a person every day to be sacrificed to the beast.

One day the princess’ name came up, and although that made the King very sad, he sent her to the dragon. But just when the beast was about to eat the princess, a brave and handsome knight, known as Sant Jordi, rode into town and killed the dragon with his spear, saving her life.

From the blood of the dragon, there grew a rose bush, and Sant Jordi took a red rose and gave it to the princess as a sign of his love. Everybody in the village was very happy because the dragon was dead and they lived peacefully ever after.

The real history

Sant Jordi was a knight who served Emperor Diocletian, and who refused to follow his orders to persecute the Christians, so he was beheaded on April 23rd of 303. From that moment on he was started venerate and then fantastic stories about his person emerged.

In the fifteenth century, a fair of roses was held every year in commemoration of Sant Jordi attended by many engaged couples and young matrons. It is thought that this is the origin of the tradition of giving a rose to loved ones. 

On the other hand, on November 15th, 1995, the General Conference of Unesco decreed April 23rd as the International Book and Copyright Day. So, during that day the readers take the opportunity to exchange reading impressions in the streets with their favorite writers. In recent years, this ritual has had a great media reception so that success has spread well beyond the Catalan territory.

Sant Jordi today

Since then the popularity of this day has been growing in such a way that it is almost impossible to walk through the streets of Barcelona on that date. In each corner of the city, you can find stops with roses and books. In addition, there are many acts in which free love is claimed, as well as musical performances with the Catalan culture as the main character.


April 23rd is not a day to stay at home. In the streets of Barcelona you can find writers signing their books at the stands, talks with authors, commemorative parties and also a blood donation campaign, because being altruistic is a great gesture of love.

In addition, the entire city is decorated. If you walk along Paseo de Gracia you have to go to Casa Batlló, the most commemorative building on this day. Gaudí was inspired by the Legend of Sant Jordi to create this architectural masterpiece (the roof imitates the scales of a dragon). So in the day, the house dresses its facade with roses giving it an even more impressive look.

Start planning your Spring love getaway for next year in one of the most fashionable cities in the world. Stroll along the Ramblas of Barcelona feeling the smell of roses, enjoy the Catalan culture at its peak and delight. We know April 2019 is not just around the corner but, it’s never too early. 

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Top 5 Summer parties

Summer is already here, that means beach, vacation and lots of fun. When it comes to the latter, there are some destinations and dates specifically designed for those hard-core partygoers who are always willing to move to get the best that good weather brings with it.

From Cuddlynest, we will give you 5 options that you should cross off your list of things to do.

1. Ibiza

The fate of the party and the chaos of excellence. This small island located in the Balearic archipelago (Spain), is widely known for its nightclubs and endless parties. During the day you can not miss Sa Trinxa and the Jockey Club, where you can enjoy the good vibes of the beach and music as a warm-up for the night session.

For the darkest hours, there are many options: Pacha, Amnesia, Space or Privilege. We all know that the hard part is getting up the next day. Therefore, the best option is to go to Ushuaia, in Playa d’en Bossa, the ideal place to spend those mornings somewhat complicated after a night of fun and some excesses.

2. Full Moon Party

Actually, this is a festival that is celebrated every month during the full moon on the island of Ko Pha Ngan in Thailand. It all started in 1985 when a group of backpackers began to gather there to celebrate the full moon. From that moment on, the party became known worldwide. Now, different scenarios are installed on the beach, you can participate in various activities (like jumping a rope of fire or jump down inflatable slides), and is the meeting place of millions of solo travelers willing to spend an unforgettable night.

3. La Tomatina

The war of tomatoes. This Spanish festival is celebrated in Valencia on the last Wednesday of August (this year is August 29). It is one of the most original, colorful, sticky, contagious and fun festivals in Spain: a clean tomatazo war.

The tradition began in 1945 when some young people started to fight in the town square of Buñol and had no hand to throw more than the vegetables from a nearby post gave rise to this vegetable battle. The following year, those same young people met again to repeat the feat, but the police intervened and the battle was forbidden. After a few years, the town of Buñol organized a march called “the tomato burial”, in which the whole village dressed in mourning and walked the streets carrying a coffin with a tomato inside while they cried and sang funeral songs in the streets.

This procession was so successful that the ban was lifted and since then it is a party that has given much to talk about internationally and has even been the scene of films and television series.

4. San Fermines

Following the crazy Spanish parties, who have not heard of this famous tradition in which bulls run through the streets of Pamplona? Seven days of celebration, madness, and calimocho (wine mixed with Coke, the most typical drink of Pamplona).

Something that few people know is that the party does not start on July 7 as the famous song says, the chupinazo (the beginning of the festivities), takes place on July 6 and it is one of the best days to be present, as it’s not so crowded and is when the city’s peñas come together in the town square to enjoy a hearty breakfast that replaces the coffee with the famous beverage mentioned above.

5. Boat Party in Gili Trawangan

There is no specific date for this event. In fact, you can enjoy it throughout the year. Known as the Party island of Bali, it is a must stop for those who are in Indonesia. Remember: save yourself one day to spend it on a boat party, you will not regret it.

You will have to find the party, we can provide you with the accommodation everywhere you wanna go


Top 5 Spring Break Destinations

The Spring season is often referred to as the best time of the year to travel, with the cold winter finally coming to an end and most places preparing for the high season, it allows you to enjoy cheaper destinations with fewer crowds of tourists and good weather. Furthermore, the landscapes at this time of the year are ready to blossom giving those photographs that extra bit of color.

There are plenty of places to go during the Spring, we are going to give you a list of our 5 favorites and most compelling reasons to visit during the Spring.

1. Greece

The Greek Islands are always a good option, the weather is ideal at this time of the year, the temperatures are mild yet comfortable to walk around and you can simply lose yourself in the small and narrow streets. You will come across the mysteries of the old civilization and see some of the worlds most distinctive architectural styles. At the same time, you can absorb the nations rich culture and enjoy the authentic Greek Cuisine. Greece has many options to explore perfectly for both the city and beach lovers.

Try not to miss the sunset in Santorini, the Shipwreck Bay in Zákynthos, the Metéora monasteries, a wine tasting session and don’t forget to Climb Mount Olympus.

2. New York

New York in the spring not only brings in warmer temperatures but also prepares for baseball season. From May onwards the festivals season is full on and the concerts agenda is unlimited. The amazing colors of the city are reflected in the parks, especially in Central Park and whilst you are there, take a walk along the Museum Mile to visit some of the big apples renowned museums and head over to the Top of the Rock to catch a sunset. Walk across Brooklyn bridge to enjoy the stunning views of Manhattan and get close to the Statue of Liberty (there is a free ferry from Staten Island). Head over the High Line, a linear elevated park formerly part of the New York Central Railroad and take a wander along the Esplanade and capture the view of the city and New York Harbour. Lastly, don’t forget to take a walk around Times Square and enjoy a Broadway show while you are there.

3. Morocco

Morocco is an exciting destination that takes you back to another era, another culture, other aromas/smells, colors, and flavors … what else can you ask for? You do not need the time machine to experience first-person unique experiences and feel like a true explorer. take a trip to the Atlas mountains from Marrakech and experience the real Bedouin culture. Things you can not miss here: Ali Ben Youssef Medersa, Erg Chigaga, go for lunch at the Amal Center, and walk around the Jardin Majorelle and the markets in the city and sip on the local Moroccan Tea.

If you like to surf, you have to go to Sidi Ifni, a small town in the south-west of the country with amazing beaches and landscapes.

4. Indonesia

The Indonesian archipelago is huge with 17,000 islands and a tropical climate all year round. Although temperatures are almost always similar, it is advisable to avoid the months of rain that are concentrated between the months of November and April. The dry season begins in May and it is the best time to visit the country.

You should also bear in mind that the high season runs from mid-June to September, so prices soar, so spring is a good time to see the green landscapes, especially the rice fields staggered in the mountains of Bali.

For the city lovers, Jakarta is a must, missing out would be a mistake. Underneath the urban facade is a city full of surprises, an exciting nightlife, a great shopping scene and of course friendly locals. Go on, immerse yourself in the melting pot of Indonesian culture and enjoy the cuisine

You should not miss the magical island of Bali, the temples of Prambanan, Borobudur and the Bromo volcano on the island of Java, and if you like to dive you should go to Gili Trawangan to enjoy the magnificent oceanic fauna.

5. Dubai

There is no hotter destination in the world than the Middle East. Of course, when we mention Middle East Dubai comes to the mind. In Dubai, it is possible to literally turn to the sun. during the spring the water is warm and the weather is perfect for a late picnic on the beach. With the high temperatures here you will melt to get to know one of the historical basis of the Arab Emirates, one hour and a half from Dubai, the zoo park Al Ain Zoo. Here you can feed the giraffes and spot white lions. After an intense day of safari climb (by car) the Jebel Hafeet mountain. It will surprise you and you will appreciate how cool it is up there.

Are we missing something? Don’t worry we have all the possible destinations at

Florida History and Special Events & Dates

Orland is a fun place to be and that’s how many remember it. However, do you know any history of the fun getaway, aside from the Walt Disney magic? Orlando’s history goes as far back as 1838, around the time of the Second Seminole War. In a mission to protect settlers from the Indians, the United States Army built Fort Gatlin, which is southeast of the present day downtown Orlando.


Around 1840, Jernigan, a small settlement, grew up nearby the Fort. This name stemmed from the Jernigan family who were early settlers. As 1850 came around, a post office was available in Jernigan. By 1856, this community expanded northward – that’s when the name was changed to “Orlando”.


During 1857, the United States Post Office embraced this new name change. It wasn’t until 1875 that The Town of Orlando had 85 residents and 22 of them who were qualified to vote.


When Orlando Became Center of Florida’s Citrus Industry

Between 1875 and 1895 are known as the glory days of citrus, which is when Orlando became the center of Florida’s citrus industry. During 1894-1895, the “Great Freeze” occured and small owners had given up on groves. Several of the individuals purchased land, then expanded their operations around Lake Wales, which is south of Orlando.


Florida’s largest inland city, Orlando, became quite popular to visit between the years of the Spanish American War and World War I.


The Florida Land Boom

During the 1920’s, Orlando was also affected by The Florida Land Boom. In result, land prices reached peak points. Several tourist facilities including San Juan Hotel were constructed during those years. During the same time period, development of neighborhoods near downtown Orlando began. There are small bungalows still existing today and they are part of Orlando’s history and city charm.


How World War II Changed Orlando

Before, during, and after World War II, there was an immense amount of military activity in Orlando. The municipal airport, located north of Lake Underhill formed into the Orlando Army Air Base. A newer airport was constructed just 10 miles south of Orlando with a mission to use it in place of the municipal airport; it was then formed into Pinecastle Air Force Base, and finally formed to McCoy Air Force Base. Now, it’s the site of Orlando International Airport.


Here Comes The Jobs

During 1956, Martin Marietta, now known as Lockheed Martin, constructed a major, well-known aerospace defense plant just south of Orlando. This place provided many jobs for Orlando. Aside from the jobs, this place was nearby Kennedy Space Center, Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, and Patrick Air Force Base, making it easy to commute from the Orlando eastern suburbs to work.


Due to the proximity to Space Coast, nearby Kennedy Space Center, several high-tech companies made a shift to the Orlando area.



The Walt Disney You Know About

Most people are aware of Walt Disney World; It’s the most dynamic thing that has ever happened in Orlando. Walt Disney revealed in 1965 that a Walt Disney World near Orlando was going to be built. He began working on this magical place in 1968 and it finally opened in October of 1971. The population has increased since then, there have been more jobs, and tourism is continuous.



Now that you know the history behind one of the world’s most known getaways, let’s get into some special events and dates you should know when visiting Orlando from now through the end of spring. Although Walt Disney World has made a major positive impact on Orlando, there are several events that are just as fun.



2018 Lake Apopka Wildlife Festival and Birdapalooza – January 18 in Magnolia Park

Nature Connects – Art with Lego Bricks – January 18 at Leu Garden

Porcelain Art Show – January 18 at Rosen Event Center, JCC

World Quilt Florida – January 18 at Orange County Convention Center

5th Annual MLK Jazz/Blues Cookout – January 20 at John H. Jackson Neighborhood Center

Lego Ninjago Days – January 20 at Legoland Florida Resort



Orlando Museum of Art – February 1 at Orlando Museum of Art

Orlando Magic vs. Washington Wizards – February 3 at Amway Center

Praise Wave – February 3 at SeaWorld Orlando

Orlando Magic vs. Cleveland Cavaliers – February 6 at Amway Center

Orlando Magic vs. Atlanta Hawks – February 8 at Amway Center

Orlando Magic vs. Milwaukee Bucks – February 10 at Amway Center




Art with Lego Bricks – March 1 at Leu Gardens

The Art of Fashion – March 1 at Orlando Museum of Art

The Lion King – March 1 at Dr. Phillips Center for the Performing Arts

Orlando Magic vs Detroit Pistons – March 2 at Amway Center

Orlando Magic vs. Memphis Grizzlies – March 3 at Amway Center

Seven Seas Food Festival – March 3 at SeaWorld Orlando


Art with Lego Bricks – April 2 at Leu Gardens

Orlando Magic vs. Dallas Mavericks – April 4 at Amway Center

Seven Seas Food Festival – April 8 at SeaWorld Orlando

Orlando Magic vs. Washington Wizards – April 11 at Amway Center

Brick Dash 5K – April 14 at Legoland Florida Resort




Museum of Art’s Healing Arts – May 3 at Orlando Museum of Art

Just for Kids – May 5 at SeaWorld Orlando

Lego Star Wars Days – May 5 at Legoland Florida Resort

The Orlando Philharmonic 25th Anniversary Gala Concert – May 8 at Bob Carr Theatre


What are you looking forward to attending? Drop us a line and let us know!

Embrace the Ski Season With These Tips Plus New, Exciting Inventory

Are you taking advantage of this snowy season? CuddlyNest has exciting, new inventory of places to ski. Here are some tips to take with you next time you embrace the slopes.


  1. Avoid Borrowing

Think twice before borrowing someone’s snowboard or skis. This equipment is usually designed based on someone’s weight and height. To avoid ever needing to borrow, get yourself some equipment that is appropriate for you and your needs. How? Think about where you spend most of your time. What type of terrain do you ski and how often? These are important questions to ask yourself and to discuss with the store clerk when choosing the perfect set of skis for yourself.

  1. Dress Code is Critical

Sure, you know it’s cold – snow equals wintery cold weather, right? But do you know the appropriate dress code besides just ski pants, boots, and a hat? Here are some pointers to remember:

  • Bring goggles for the shade and cloudy weather and sunglasses for sunny weather.
  • Layer up those clothes, in addition to ski pants.
  • In fact, make sure one of those layers is cotton and the layer closest to your skin is thermal.
  • Ensure that all outside layers are waterproof.
  • While some people think multiple socks is best, one pair is actually warmer.
  • Pockets are a bonus so you can take off layers if you get too hot.


Now that the basics are covered, let’s jump into the fun tips.



  1. Are you properly turning on your skis?

While turning sends you into the direction you wish to go, you also control your speed with turning. Many new skiers will begin to make turns in either a gliding wedge or snowplow, which works on flat, gentle surfaces. However, to advance for steeper terrain, it’s important to learn the right form of turning – The proper form is more effective, even at speed, than the well-known wedge turn.


The proper way to turn is called a parallel turn – this means the skis are parallel to one another among the end of every turn. This position is ideal for edging, which is known as the basic action of scraping the edge of the skis amongst the snow. What can slow you down is edging. The goal is to get your skis as perpendicular as possible to the slope as it allows them to edge and gives you more control over your speed.


You can get the hang of edging paired with a parallel turn by practicing making “hockey stop moves” and make sharp turns to the left or right, whichever way provides more comfort for you. Start by positioning your skis so they are parallel to one another – They shouldn’t touch and definitely shouldn’t touch while turning – Now, edge them forcefully into the snow until you completely stop moving. This is basically a similar action you will notice at the end of each turn.



  1. How to Get Up in Deep or Soft Snow

While you can learn all the tips in the world to prevent a fall, you should know what to do in case you find yourself laying down in the snow, whether it’s soft or deep. To get up after a fall on the slopes:

  • Sit up sideways across the hill, positioning your skis together.
  • Make sure your pole tips are in the snow, just above your uphill knee.
  • Now, with one hand, grip the other just above the snow.
  • In just one fluid movement, push yourself up with your bottom hand as you push down on the pole grips.



  1. Transfer Weight to One Ski

Intermediate skilled skiers should learn to balance on one ski. To practice, you should transfer your weight from your downhill ski to your uphill ski while traversing. The end result with this is to parallel turn without any stemming. Start a traverse across the slope, with all of your weight carried by the big-toe-edge of your downhill ski. Your weight will then be transferred from your dowhillsi to your uphill ski by flexing your downhill leg, while you’re extending your uphill leg – While doing this, your uphill ski should be tilted onto your big-toe-edge.

During this practice, you may notice slight lifting of the tail of the downhill ski.


  1. Turning Shoulders With Skis

Several intermediate skiers may find that their shoulders follow the position of their hips, only to end each turn facing the same side of the piste. For the correct way, pick up your poles and turn them upside down to form a cross. Now, find a spot towards the bottom of the pitch in which you are skiing – Try to ensure that the crosshairs of your poles stay pointed in the exact same spot as you make careful and low speed turns around the area. If you’re doing this correctly, you will feel your hips working to keep your upper body pointed downhill as your legs go left and right across the snow. Make sure you are still aware of your surroundings while you practice this.

Do you have any other skiing tips to share? We would love to hear them. Stay safe this ski season and don’t forget to check out some our new inventory.