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Florida Vintage and Historical Festivals to Attend August 2019

Florida with its festivals is the new California, they say. Indeed, there is plenty to do in the Sunshine State, no matter the season. From mussel food festivals to vintage car parades, Florida is a hotspot for family holidays. 

Today, we look at Florida festivals that will bring you at least 20 years back in time.

August 2019 Historical Florida Festivals 


Save the date! August 27 2019

Where? Melbourne Auditorium, Melbourne

Fringed t-shirts, long hair and simple metal music will bring you back to the olden days in the festival in Melbourne FL. Food courts, music video wall, photo booth and after-parties included!

Festivals in Florida in Autumn 2019


Save the date! October 26 2019

Where? McIntosh

Travel in time to Victorian time McIntosh! Vendors will demonstrate candle making, glass blowing, and basket weaving. Antique vendors and live music will entertain adults and children’s corner will allow for parents to rest.   

Florida History Themed Festivals 2020


Save the date! Thursday, June 25 2020

Where? Wickham Pavilion, Melbourne

Dragon Festival in Central Florida is all about boats. It celebrates the ancient Chinese culture and originated from the story of Chinese patriot Qu Yuan who jumped into the river as a silent protest. Legends holds that local fishermen raced the boats to save him, but arrived too late.

The festival as it is today   offers plenty of opportunities for all ages and interests.

ART DECO WEEKEND – The Cream of Florida Festivals

Save the date! January 18 to 20 2019

Where? Ocean Drive in Miami Beach

It is the longest running free community cultural festival in Miami Beach, and for a good reason. The Art Deco festival offers more than 85 free events during the 3 festival days aiming to preserve the history of 20t century Miami.

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Save the date! February 14 to 17 2020

Where? Zephyrhills Festival Park, Zephyrhills

The swap meet, car corral, auto auction and vintage car race – the festival is the perfect weekend getaway for those seeking immersion into vintage world of cars and motor parts.


Save the date! February – March 2020 (dates to be announced)

Where? Quiet Waters Park, Deerfield Beach

The Bay Area Renaissance Festival is walk around the Tampa Bay Area with  a taste of 16th century. From village life to magic, glassblowing and archery, there will be something for every family member to enjoy. 


Save the date! February 22 2020

Where? Fort Zachary Taylor Historic State Park in Key West

Cannon fire will be roaring, and Yankees along Rebel soldiers in uniforms will be all around. Learn the Key West’s pasts while attending Civil War reenactments at the festival. 


Save the date! March 2020 (dates to be announced)

Where? Museum of Science and Industry (MOSI), Tampa

Archery, live armored jousting, dancing, human chess matches and artisans – these are all perfect reasons why to attend the Bay Area Renaissance Festival by themselves! Remember to take out cash, as the vendor will offer old-time refreshments.


Save the date! February 2020 (dates to be announced)

Where? Ponce de Leon Archaeological Park, St. Augustine

Can you fire a crossbow? And wat about cannon? Learn how to do a swordfight and other usual 16th century life skills in this festival.


Save the date! February (dates to be announced)

Where? Ochlockonee River State Park, Sopchoppy

You think sword fights are a lifetime ago? Well, you can travel even further back in time now. Learn basket weaving, early pottery craft and spear throwing, and antler carving. There will be primitive arts auction as well!


Save the date! February 2020 (dates to be announced)

Where? Stephen Foster State Park in White Springs.

Folk musician, craftsmen and artists are gathering annually for more than 60 years to share the heritage via jam sessions and workshops, telling stories and encouraging to learn more. Discover the rich cultural traditions of Florida.

Have you planned to attend any?

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Florida Festivals CuddlyNest

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22 Breakfasts Around the World’s 22 Most Awesome Cities

Breakfast Around World Cuddlynest Travel Blog Rent Vacation and Holiday Rentals Online Good morning!

We know you love brunching. We too. That’ s why we sent our CuddlyNest foodie to review this Barcelona brunch bar. But today, we are taking you around the world – and showing you what the world has on the breakfast table, city by city. Let’ s dive in!

Miami – USA

Desayuno! If you travel to Miami, then do it the traditional way – get yourself a  traditional Cuban breakfast. What’ s on the menu? A warm and sweet latte coffee Cafe con Leche paired up with a Tostada Cubana, a flattened bread frilled on a panini grill. 

Miami Florida – Where to Stay

Luxury Miami apartments



New York – USA

If there is anything that screams New York, then it surely is the Breakfast at Tiffany movie scene. Sounds simple, right? Go out for the amazing music, and start your next day with a  black coffee and croissant, while glazing over the diamond necklaces in a shop window at Tiffany’s.

New York – Where to Stay
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Midtown West Edward Flat



Honolulu – USA

Opposing to other USA cities, Honolulu holds a sweet spot for the morning meal.  Portuguese sausage linguiça, eggs, and white rice will fill you up for the upcoming day.

Honolulu Hawaii – Where to Stay

Direct Oceanfront Hawaii Apartment



Los Angeles – USA

Los Angeles is famous for its doughnuts, and rightly so. From berry to caramel glaze, to chocolate and other varieties, you have all the options you can think of. If doughnuts is not your thing, though, you can get fluffy ricotta blueberry pancakes, topped with maple syrup and served hot to wake you up.  Grab your coffee and get going!

Los Angeles California – Where to Stay

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Oceanfront Walk Venice Apartment Rental



London -UK

British breakfast is world-famous.  Bacon, sausages and eggs, served with English breakfast tea. Are you brave enough? Then try black pudding, a blood sausage made out of pork blood and cereal.

Where to stay in London England

Modern Private City Apartment 



Berlin – Germany

Berlin is a city of alternative culture, be it music or living, but when it comes to breakfast, Germans like to get it right. Starting with warm tea, coffee, or hot cocoa, you will get a bread (Brot), bread rolls (Brötchen) and a buffet for layerings. Have an orange juice on the side!

Where to stay in Berlin Germany

Bright and Natural Berlin Apartment



Barcelona – Spain

Have an espresso, a glass of orange juice, and breakfast bikini, a toasted cheese and ham sandwich.

Where to Stay in Barcelona Spain

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Stylish Wooden Apartment 



Paris – France

Bonjour! Do you find yourself in Paris? You are probably holding a piece of baguette, spreading a jam on it, and drinking a  cup of black coffee. Oh, and grapefruit juice, of course. 

Paris France – Where to stay?

Charming Duplex in Montmarte



Rome – Italy

Buongiorno! Get a cornetto – a plain one (semplice),  with jam (marmellata) or cream (crema), and start your day on a cheerful note before heading to Colloseum!

Where to stay in Rome, Italy

Traditional Luxury Rome Apartment



Lisbon – Portugal

There is Portugal, and there is Pastéis de Nata. The two are inseparable. Bom apetite!

Where to stay in Lisbon, Portugal

Bright Modern Lisbon Apartment 



Vienna – Austria

Brothen, cheese and ham. Some orange juice, and beautiful ceramic pottery. Here you go, Wiener Frühstück.

Where to stay in Austria

Warsaw – Poland

Keep it simple and balanced with a hard-boiled egg and croissant on the side. Black tea in bonus!

Where to stay in Warsaw Poland



Athens – Greece

Καλημέρα! The typical greek breakfast is staka (thick butter from goat’s milk, from Crete) with eggs. 

Where to stay in Athens Greece



Copenhagen – Denmark

God morgen! Contrary to what you may dream of, the Danish puff pastry is not all over the table in breakfast buffets. Have a healthier option instead – get yourself a youghurt and oatmeal, and eat like a Dane.

Where to stay in Denmark

Cosy Minimalist Flat 



Dubrovnik – Croatia

Dobro jutro! Eat polenta and cornbread with lard. Sprinkle over some paprika, get a cup of strong coffee and feel yourself Dalmatian.

Where to Stay in Dubrovnik Croatia
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Neoclassical Dubrovnik Apartment



Seoul – South Korea

There is no defined breakfast – Koreans typically have rice, soup, meat, and side dishes of all can think of.



Shanghai – China

早上好 Shanghai breakfast has it all – from soybean milk to steamed buns. You can have tofu pudding for dessert! Any excited vegans there?



Dubai – UAE

Found yourself in Dubai? You are likely to get Balaleet. This breakfast dish consists of sweetened vermicelli mixed with eggs, raisins, cardamon and saffron. شهية طيبة

Where to stay in Dubai حجز السكن

Spacious Apartment with Lake View



Delhi – India

A bowl of idli, anyone? These steamed black lentil and rice cakes will make your mouth water.



Sydney – Australia

Fried smokey bacon, grilled tomato and mushrooms. Or, hash brown. The choice is yours, but we can say that everything tastes Aussie-good!

Where to Stay in Australia



Riga – Latvia

Are you on a  run to grab breakfast! Get yourself a  traditional black bread sandwich!

Where to stay in Latvia



Lviv – Ukraine

Ukraine is well known for its pancakes, and you should definitely not skip those!

Where to stay in Ukraine



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gelato ice cream month 2019 cuddlynest

Ice Cream Month July 2019: Where to Go for Best Ice Around the World

To celebrate the smooth, creamy, refreshing treat of the summer, the National Today announced July as the month of ice cream. Could not get better, you think? On the 3rd Sunday of July, the whole world will celebrate – and we are taking you by the hand to taste all possible varieties of ice cream.

To many of us, ice cream is something we crave for in hot summer day. Even more, it is essential when you consider a beach family vacation in Croatia or a stroll around Sevilla in Spain in search of the best Instagram spot for Game of Thrones shooting location. But how the sweet treat tastes all around the world?

How Ice Cream Came to Be

The Origin of Ice Cream

The First Ice Cream, just like paper and porcelain, comes from China.

In 618-97AD the King Tang of Shang had a good take on ice-cream. There were 94 ice men working to make buffalo milk, flour and camphor into a tasty treat. Later, in 200 BC Chinese mixed milk and rice. Then, they packed the mixture in the snow to freeze, thus resembling the ice cream we know today.

Europe Takes Over

When Roman Emperors discovered the refreshing dessert, they sent slaves high into the mountains to bring the ice back. Then Romans flavoured the ice and served to the high blood families in Rome, Ephesus, Carthage, Alexandria and elsewhere.

Marco Polo Bring the Recipe to Medieval Europe in the Golden Age

Only at the end of the 13th century, Marco Polo brought the recipe back from his trips to China. In the far-away land,  ice-cream was a popular dish. He introduced ice cream to Italy. It spread over the high castes of Europe fairly soon, later being brought to the Americas.

Types of Ice Cream Around the World

Ice Cream Month July 2019: Where to Go

gelato ice cream month 2019 cuddlynest

Gelato – Italy

When you visit Verona where Romeo and Juliet are told to write letters, or Sicily, where the famous glass crafts are blown, there is no excuse but to try Italian gelato.

Made from custard base just as the regular as ice cream, it is higher in milk and lower in cream and eggs, sometimes having no eggs added at all.

gelato ice cream month 2019 cuddlynest

Ice Cream, the Real – Germany

In Germany, the UK, Netherlands and US, and other countries, the regular ice cream is in wide assort. To be called ice cream, the frozen dessert must be at least 10% in milk fat, and the base must not increase in volume by over 100% in the churning process.

In Germany walking the streets in Munich or the pathway by Lake Garda, you will find the ice cream commonly topped with whipped cream, jam or strawberry sauce – Germans prefer it this way.

gelato ice cream month 2019 cuddlynestCream Anmitsu – Japan

A dessert bowl of mochi, fresh fruit, anko, cubes of agar and chestnuts is a traditional Japanese treat. When topped with a scoop of ice cream, you can find it in the streets of Tokyo as Cream Anmitsu.

gelato ice cream month 2019 cuddlynestDondurma – Turkey

Battered Ice Cream, also known as Maraş ice cream, is a type of mistic ice cream distinctive to the Middle East region. Close to Syrian booza dessert, it is made out of cream, whipped cream, salep, mastic, and sugar.

gelato ice cream month 2019 cuddlynestFaloodeh – Iran

When tasting faloodeh (or paloodeh) for the first time, you will find it similar to a sorbet. It consists of thin starch noodles in a semi-frozen syrup containing sugar and rose water. When served, faloodeh is spritzed over with lime juice and sprinkled with ground pistachios.

gelato ice cream month 2019 cuddlynestI Tim Pad- Thailand

The thin rolled ice cream, also stir-fried ice cream, originates in South East Asia and is made on streets of Chiang Mai, Bangkok and Phuket. The ingredient list consists of liquid base, usually cow’s or soy milk and comes in generic flavours, such as vanilla, chocolate, coffee, and strawberry.

gelato ice cream month 2019 cuddlynestSorbetes – Philipines

Distinct from sorbet, the Philippino frozen dessert is made from coconut or ordinary milk, peddled by street hawkers. You will be served it in a small wafer or a bread bun.

gelato ice cream month 2019 cuddlynestAis Kacang – Malaysia

Traditionally made from only shaved ice and red beans, the frozen dessert now comes with different ingredients, like attap chee (palm seed), red beans, sweet corn, grass jelly, roasted peanuts and cubes of agar agar.


Now when you are ready to taste all the different flavours and types of ice creams around the world, make sure you book your trip and share the sweet treat to inspire your Pinterest friends!gelato ice cream month 2019 cuddlynest

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10 Short Daytrips from Naples in Florida

Naples Florida Vaction Homes CuddlyNest Beach Houses Holidays Rentals CondosBest Day trips from Naples Florida

Naples Florida travel guide cannot be included in a single blog post. But you can go on a short day trip from Naples in just any direction. No matter your interests, the surrounding area is rich in history. Diverse leisure activities cater to both adventure junkies, foodies as well as art enthusiasts.

Day trips for Shopping near Naples Florida

If you want to bring back of visiting a real store having a chit chat with sales assistant while looking for the perfect scarf instead of chatting with a bot on Amazon or eBay, shopping can be a cure for the soul. There are several small shops located in  Naples you can visit for a heart-warming second-hand shopping experience, like Audrey’s, or True Fashionistas, but if you are looking for all-in-one shopping mall, your best bet is to go to Bonita Springs, or straight to the outlet in outskirts of the Naples city to Estero.

Bonita Springs

Gulf Coast beaches and parks, Little Hickory Island Beach Park and Bonita Beach Park, with its sand dunes, and the Northern Lovers Key State Park mare popular visitor hotspots in Bonita Springs, and rightly so. But this is not all; Bonita Springs, located 15 minutes ride away from Naples, also features one of the best shopping malls in the area.

Where to go? Springs Plaza has it all;  Promenade Store is for a unique shopping experience.


If you seek sales and want to get a new shirt in some of the best Naples outlets, Estero is a place to visit. From Coconut Shopping Mall Naples to Miromar Outlets with more than 140 designer and brand name outlet stores under roof, to smaller shopping malls, like Corkscrew Village Naples FL, Estero has it all.

Florida Naples Best Beaches for Family with Kinds Shelling Snorkelling Travel FL Naples Everglade Marco ISland Budget Luxury Vacation Homes CondosBeach Family Day Trips from Naples Florida

Naples Florida is famous for its The Naples Pier, stretching 1,000 feet into the Gulf of Mexico. While you shall not miss watching sunset there, also try to spot a dolphin in the morning! Visit the infamous Naples beaches with calm waters and fine white sand. In Clam Pass Park and Delnor-Wiggins Pass State Park, there are several Naples getaways for family day trips near Naples FL.

Fort Myers

30 minute ride away, Fort Mayers is a fairly large town. It offers beautiful beaches and family leisure activities. Make sure to go to Fort Myers Beach which has both educational centres, The Ostego Bay Marine Science Center, showcasing local marine life, as well as leisure activities for both adults and kids, like parasailing in Estero Island and hiking in wildlife in Bowditch Point Park.

Sanibel Island and Captiva Island

Located a bit further, 45-minute drive away, the islands is a great place to go if your kids are of school age, as the sand is shell-strawn, and it takes a bridge to cross.

To get to Sanibel Island, you must go by Sanibel Causeway, which is a 3-mile long wooden bridge (toll: $6 for motor vehicles ($3 per additional axle), free for bicycles). When on the island, go and explore the wildlife and see the Sanibel Lighthouse.

As for Captiva Island, shelling is one of the most popular leisure activities for families. To relax, apart from collecting shells while watching the picturesque sunsets you can also go on a cruise to watch dolphins on the South Seas Resort, or learn to sail on Offshore Sailing School.

Florida Naples Best Beaches for Family with Kinds Travel FL Naples Everglade Marco ISland Budget Luxury Vacation Homes CondosWhat Historical UNESCO Places to Visit near Naples Florida


Meaning “my home” in the Seminole language, spoken by the ancient Calusa tribe who were the early occupants of the area, Immokalee Florida is a small town, filled with migrant workers from all over Latin America, and as such, a great place to visit to learn and explore the history of Florida. Fun and with great flair, the city offers authentic Mexican food, traditional farmer’s market and you can visit the Immokalee Pioneer Museum to learn about the history of Florida.
Want to go wild? Visit Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary to walk marshlands, birdwatch and see alligators in the swamp.

Florida Naples: Culture and Art Scene

Matlacha and Pine Island

An hour ride from Naples lies Matlacha and Pine Island. Just imagine a hippie dream of painted camper life, art all around and sun and beach to swim less than a few feet away. Sounds like a plan? Then go and visit Leoma Lovegrove Gallery & Gardens,  and Wild Child Art Gallery. Matlacha has its own nature reserve, and nature and art still rule the lifestyle here, Visit while you can!

Everglades City and the Florida Everglades

No wonder the city is enlisted as a UNESCO World Heritage site; the

Located 45 minutes to an hour south outside of Naples, The Florida Everglades is one of the great natural treasures of not only the United States but of the world, with its listing as a UNESCO World Heritage site. Founded in 1920s as the Collier County seat, Everglades City offers you kayaking, canoeing, experimenting with paddle boarding, or go fishing, but that is not all.

Florida Naples Fine Dining REstauurants Where to Eats Daytrips FL Naples Everglade Marco ISland Budget Luxury Vacation Homes CondosGourmet Travel Guide and Fine Dining in Naples Area Florida

Naples is one of the wealthiest cities in the US. It sports the second place just after New York in millionaires per capita. And naturally, where money flows, good food follows. Fine dining near Naples is not a problem, but there are some must-visits. Especially, if you are going on a gourmet journey!

Marco Island

Located 30-minute ride away, Marco Island can be a life-changing experience. Watching the sun collide with the waves and the blood orange sky. Nevertheless, after spending a day in Tiger Tail Beach or walking the Lagoon, you will enjoy the taste of good wine. Coupled with wine, freshly cooked vegetable dishes are the speciality in Sale e Pepe or Marek’s Restaurant.   

Cape Coral

Located about 31 miles north of Naples, Cape Coral offers it all. From Northern Italian restaurant Ariani Ristorante serving pasta (and steaks for its American audience) to Roadhouse Cafe offering private dining rooms and great service, to fondue place The Melting Pot,  you can allow yourself to go on a journey of taste.

Naples Florida: How to Get Around

To get around Naples, a car is a necessity. This is the only way to get to natural attractions, like  Everglades National Park’s Gulf Coast entrance in Everglades City. Drive the Interstate I-75 north-south known as Alligator Alley going between Naples Florida and Fort Lauderdale. U.S. 41, known as the Tamiami Trail, links Naples and Miami. REcommended for ones seeking a beautiful scenery is the Tamiami Trail, especially when driving through Everglades.

If you do not Have a Car, we recommend renting a car. You can also get around Naples taking the tourist two-hour tour trolley to get a feel of the city. Running daily from 9:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., it will not, however, be a budget option, with tickets priced at $27 for adults and $13 for kids.

Where to Stay in Naples

Stay in vacation condo just like Bret Baier’s from FOX News Channel in Naples! Look up the best deals HERE.


And now, count again, Was it 10, or 9 places to visit?
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Feminist Tourism, Debunked

Women travel, and day by day there are many more brave solo travelers. More and more female students take a gap year on their own, and more spiritual travelers go on mindfullness journeys.

This month we celebrate womanhood, just like women, men and transgender people do all around the world. While it seems like people are aware of issues, it is not a solution. Globalization is converging the standards, misconceptions and empowering women to raise for their rights and celebrate freedom all around the world. However, individual travel experiences, especially when traveling to patriarchal regions, may show another scene. CuddlyNest follows and empowers women to travel.

Here we explore the most common trends.

From the Roots of Education Trips

The travel as we know it today finds its roots in journeys by young men around Europe starting the 18th century. On great tours, nobles used to learn about science, culture, and get to know art all around the world. Travel used to be an essential part of young men’s education. Back in the day, however, only the wealthy could go on a discovery trip and culture travel.

But as recognized by UK tourism and hospitality scientists Seow and Brown, gender differences in leisure activities are changing over time. Cultural norms hold major influence. Since the nineteenth century, the golden age of travel, woman have been traveling more and more. Moreover, since the upraise of feminism and change in the social role of women in 1970s travel for women was gaining popularity. Soon after, marketers started to recognize women as independent and capable of traveling solo.

Women Who Travel: Scandalous and Immoral

Leisure travel, however, is not without its burdens. Women are still more restricted than men to travel around the world. It is, in terms of society’ s perception of their family responsibilities and the otherwise strict social norms. When going abroad and exploring other cultures, it becomes even more evident.
Today, women in India are still restricted to family responsibilities and social prejudices; women from the developing world are not usually unable to travel because of those prescribed gender roles. Asian women, for example, are considered to risk their family’s reputation by going on a public leisure trip alone. Those who step up and travel, are constrained in their travels and do not fully indulge in their leisure activities.

If you step out from Denmark, Sweden or Estonia, where gender equality is largely not problematic anymore, and enter the world of strongly religious, traditional cultures, where gender roles are highly patriarchal, as a woman born and raised in a free, equal world, then no wonder, problems arise. Violence is constraining both adult women and adolescent girls; women are objectified in the form of sexual harassment, and therefore commonly refrain from traveling to maintain harmony at home, accepting male subordination. This is to be changing, however, as more and more Islamic women are traveling, of all levels of education, income and family states. Halal tourism is on the rise, and millennial women are one of the main segments.

Transformation or Shopping?

Women travel to attractions. Women buy more souvenirs. And women trust word-of-mouth more than their male counterparts. Yet, women are not alike.
While Japanese women travelers prioritize lifelong learning, relaxation, and escape, Chinese women love to shop. Asian tourist motivations and experiences are different from each other, and even more different from women of Western origin. Dependability versus independence, group, and family versus individuals are just some of the things that matter.

For example, women from France, Italy, UK, and the US are searching self-identity, self-empowerment. They also reported an increase in self-confidence and self-esteem. Think Eat Pray Love here. Just like in the iconic German movie, women in the West are willing to escape the routine. They want to put themselves out of their comfort zone.

Women and their travel motivations are diverse depending on region and strongly correlate with their social and economic statuses.


What’s Next?

We see women running solo marathons in Islamic states like Iraq. We see hijab travellers discovering the world beyond their cultural space.

What does the future hold? One can expect women to travel more frequently, go further away. We can expect them to step out of their comfort zone even in environments that are not traditionally feminist. Traditional countries as Turkey, Georgia and Azerbaijan are expected to experience more midi-skirted travellers and accept women without a headscarf to be as equally treated as women in hijabs.

It is not to say that every woman must jump into the adventure. Women will go on wellness getaways, luxurious ocean and river cruises. Apart from leisure, women travel for learning, history and to visit national parks. Culinary adventures and art classes’ getaways are on the edge of the traditional view of women. Therefore, these may appeal to travelers seeking meaningful and calm travel experiences.

We share the excitement with all of you women around the world. Comment below on your best travel experiences so far!


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Cuddlynest female travel trends in tourism 2019 - gender specific stereotypes and trends Feminist tursim

A Practical Guide to US Rental Income Taxation: Expense Claims for Rental Properties

Although tax refund claim filing system has been open for filing via mail from January 1, 2019, you as a rental property owner are most likely to not to delay your refunds for 8 weeks just by filing it earlier via postal mail. We, along with IRS, suggest you to e-file all income and loss statements on April 15 instead. As every year, there are tax deductions available for you, no matter if you are a rental property owner claiming your rental income, or you are filing an income report on your income from your own personal residence.

To help you out with filing the tax deduction forms, we are going to explain just what can be deducted, from which income, and what are the limitations and forms to be filled in by the Tax Day 2019.

Rental Properties: What Is Taxed and What’s Not

To shine a light on what exactly classifies as a rental property, we are going to remind you of both classifications, as well as statuses of rental activity.

A personal residence is one which is rented out for no more than 14 days or 10% of the total time of your time in the property, whichever is greater. Rental property, on the other hand, has exceeded the previously mentioned rental cut-off and classifies as a property mainly used for further renting. Both are taxed, and you shall claim your rental income using Tax form. You only have to report your income and loss on the previously mentioned property types via Schedule E from Form 1040. The tax-free rental, which is rented out or booked for 14 days or less, does not require an income claim.

What Income is Taxed

Income of the rental property is most likely to be the total booking price your guests pay to you. Rent income need to be reported, as well as any other payments, such as advance payments. Advance payments may include pre-payment or security deposits which are kept after the guests are already checked out. In any case, all the income shall be reported and accounted for.

What Losses Can Be Deducted

As for tax deductions, it is in your advantage to deduct rental expenses and losses from your rental income. These expenses may include mortgage interest, property tax, operating expenses, depreciation, and repairs, both ordinary and necessary expenses.. You are not entitled to deduct expenses associated with improvements, such as construction works, but you can recover some of those using the tax form No. 4562.

What Form Shall I Use

All income and losses are reported on Form 1040, Schedule E, Part I.  However, in a case with 3 or more rental properties, you must fill in as many E schedules as needed, only skipping the Total part on parts after the first filled form. In case your properties qualifying for residential rental property, you may have a look at Publication No. 527 for tax deductions instead, whereas to gain more information on rental property in use in general, you may consult Publication No. 415.

Conditions and Limitations

You must note that the limitations for tax deductions are subjected to the status of the rental business activity. You can consult the limitations in detail on Form 8582, Passive Activity Loss Limitations, and Form 6198, At-Risk Limitations, or alternatively skim through the main points in the following paragraph.

If your rental activity can be described as an actively participating in business, namely making decisions on whom to allow to book your property, taking care of maintenance and terms of a lease, then the loss from your rental properties can be netted over losses and incomes of your other properties.

If you, just like most CuddlyNest hosts are taking the passive route, then your losses can be deducted in a maximum of $25.000. However, if the loss exceeds the limit, it can be carried over to the next year.

All in all, there are some points you need to consider before filing the Form 1040, Schedule E and reporting your rental income and loss for the tax year 2018. First of all, you must know in which class your property falls into to know if you need to claim your income at all. Secondly, you shall determine the status of your business activity, account for all income, and them for all losses, according to Schedule E, and limitations imposed by active or passive participation in a rental business activity.

A Practical Guide to US Rental Income Taxation: Property Classification and Rental Status

With April 15, the Tax Day for US citizens (except Maine and Massachusetts Residents who got lucky this year and are filing on April 17) approaching, the tax talk is ever so popular now. Are you renting out an apartment, a beach house or listing a shared room on CuddlyNest? Here is a short guide to keeping the confusion about IRS requirements at bay.

First things first, you need to know exactly what tax form to submit. Although most Americans submit the standard income tax return form 1040, there is a bit more complicated story in case you rent out a property.

As a host or property owner, you must first understand in which IRS classification – of rental property or personal residence – your property falls into. As for personal residences, these can be tax-free eligible under certain circumstances. Read on for details.

Tax-Free Rental

If your property is rented out or booked for 14 days or less, then you are eligible to take a break and relax. You heard it correct – IRS does not require you to account for income from properties that are booked for 14 days or less, but with certain conditions fulfilled. First, you have to live in the property for more than 15 days a year. Secondly, the property must be rented out at a market rate. What does it mean? You do not rent out your serviced apartment for 10 days with an income of $100.000.000. No tax fraud, please.

Personal Residence

As for personal residencies, the cutoff between tax-free rentals and personal residency is clear. It is either renting out the property 10% of the total time you use it or using it for more than 14 days, whichever is greater.  

For example, you have a family vacation house in Florida which you rent for 3 summer months, counting for 180 days a year in total. Now, if you live in that house for less than, or equal to 10% of the time you are renting it out, hence 18 days a year, it will not be classified as a personal residence.  To classify it as a personal residence, you must live in the property for more than 18 days (>10%).

On the other hand, if you rent out a ski resort apartment in Arapahoe Basin for only 83 days a year, you can live there for less than or equal to 14 days, and have your property classified as a personal residence.

Rental Property

If you rent the property out for more than 15 days or use it less than 15 days, or for 10% or the total time you are an owner of the property, then it shall be accounted for as a rental property. Rental properties shall report all rental income, but the owners are also eligible for benefits, such as rental expense deductions. In case you lose money from your rental property, you can carry the losses over to not only your rental property income but also personal income.


Another important classification to understand before filing your tax form on April 15, is the rental status. There are only two statuses, namely passive business activity and non-passive real estate rental activity.

Passive Business Activity

Passive business is the category in which most rental property owners will fall into. Active business activity, on the other hand, means you as a rental owner make an active decision in whom to allow to book your property, you take care of maintenance and terms of a lease.

As for passive participation, the difference tax-wise lies into tax deductions. For passive business activity, you can only deduct a passive loss from passive income, not personal income.

Non-Passive Business Activity

As for non-passive business activity, it translates into active engagement in property development, construction, acquisition, and leasing. Another condition for which your rental status may fall under non-passive activity is that of active management and renting making up the majority of your income.

Under the conditions of non-passive rental status hence active participation, IRS allows for tax deduction not only from rental income but also from personal income in the amount of 25.000, which if exceeded will carry over to be deducted in the next year.


All in all, it always better to double-check before reporting on your rental income. Be sure to visit IRS.com site and allow some time for developing a deep understanding of how the tax system works – and can work in your benefit. In the end, we agree with Herman Wouk saying

Income tax returns are the most imaginative fiction being written today.

You must keep up with fiction!

CuddlyNest Team Travel Bucket List 2019

The week after the New Years has already passed, and resolutions have already either started to divert into routines. To celebrate new beginnings, it is the time to reward yourself and to explore new places, learn new customs and relax whilst going on a trip.

We at Cuddlynest put our own small travel buck lists together to inspire you and give afresh view on your possible travel destinations for 2019. From exotic Africa and South America to Jordan and picturesque Iceland, our destinations are as diverse as we are. But no more talking, let’ s jump right into!



If there is any technical issue, Ahmer has the answer. Being our expert in travel technology, he is the Chief  Technology Officer. Travel-wise, Ahmer’s best travel experiences included Dubai and Fujairah in UAE with his family in the first half of 2018. In 2019, there are Iceland and Petra in Jordan on his bucket list. If you also wish to go to the Golden Circle Route in Iceland and visit Jordan, click here for the best places to stay.



Ritesh is our Chief Operating Officer. While keeping things running smoothly and connecting teams from all over the world, his last year was quite an experience when he went to Bali with family. According to him, there is something about Bali that keeps bringing him back, not to mention the unbearable European winters.

In the next year, Ritesh is planning to go to Greece for the family summer trip and explore the Middle East joining Ahmer for Petra, climbing the Great Wall of China and discovering other great wonders of the world.



Andrei is responsible for our Croatian team in Europe. In the previous year, he enjoyed business trips to Belgrade in Serbia and Como in Italy. For this year, he plans to visit two of the most diverse yet most exciting cities in the States – New York and Chicago. If staying in SOHO and enjoying your free time in Central Park sounds good, New York is a way to go, too.



Tena is our customer relations specialist. No wonder she connects with people on a different level and can solve their problems in a matter of minutes. In the last year, she met new, inspiring people and learned new things every single day. Is that your goal for 2019 as well? Learning is the key, no matter if you learn by travel and discovery or books.

In 2019, Tena is going to visit Paris, the city of lights, as well as London and Istanbul. If you enjoy museums and theatres, London is the place to go this year, too. From National gallery to Tate Modern and National Portrait Gallery, London cultural scene is filled with vibrant vibes for any taste. Look for a place to stay? Click here to browse and book affordable options.



Mate is our listing management specialist. No matter if you list your vacation home,  hostel bed or private room in an apartment with us, Mate will be the one reviewing and managing the listings to drive your bookings. His previous year was adventurous, as he traveled throughout Croatia, which is famous for its white sand beaches, mountains, and nature. More than that, he met numerous interesting people from all around the world. Envy him? We too!

The next year, Mate wants to visit one of the largest music festivals in Europe the Boom festival in Portugal. We also like European festivals, like Szeged in Hungary and Hideout in Croatia. Want to join?


Zlatka is our account management team member in Croatia. She visited Paris the last year and started to work at Cuddlynest the previous year. The next year, there are New York and Los Angeles on her bucket list, and we cannot but value her choice. New York is often referred to as the center of the World, never sleeping, always buzzing, while Los Angeles must be on a list for those who would enjoy one of the best beaches in the US, as well as hiking and biking around the Beverley Hills.



Kristina is our inventory acquisition specialist from Croatia, exploring and expanding our list of hotels, vacation rentals and resorts to widen our guests’ choice. Kristina’s best experiences in the last year were visiting Paris and Belgrade with her team, while her bucket list for 2019 includes major European cities and extreme sports. Indeed, sports travel and going to marathons do not have to stop there. While going hiking or on other extreme trips, one can visit cities and see its cafes, museums, architecture and try out different foods.


Anna is our social media guru. She knows how to connect with people and enjoys exploring new cultures. In 2018, it was the first time Anna could travel and work at the same time. She says that “it has been quite a journey and a lot of learning” and we cannot help but agree.

For the upcoming year, Anna’s bucket list of travel experiences includes going to South America and Africa. Are you, too? Take a flight to Morocco or South Africa and stay in the most amazing places you could imagine!




Rahul is chatty not only to our channel managers but also to people around. In the previous year, it was the first time Rahul was backpacking in Thailand meeting many new people and making friends. Indeed, backpacking and solo travel is one of the most adventurous and social trips one could choose. Staying in hostels or sharing a vacation rental with others allow to connect with locals and discover the culture on a whole different level.

The next year Rahul is going to explore Canada, the country of nature and amazing sceneries. If you also appreciate wild forests, miles-long grasslands, and snow-covered mountains, it has to be on your bucket list as well.


Anna is the content person of our international team. Working closely together with other teams, she started her way on Cuddlynest last year, moved from Portugal to Hungary to Estonia and visited cities she has never been to. For her, this year has started with the very first visit outside of Europe, and the year is promising to be one of the most interesting ones, continuing relocating from place to place.

No matter type of trip is on your bucket list this year, we always have an option to choose from – the one of the lowest price and the largest choice.

Greetings from CuddlyNest. Keep planning!

Pet-Friendly Holidays in Florida

There is a question arising every year when planning a trip with a family, what about your paw friends? If there is anything besides the cost of bringing your four-legged friend with you on a trip, it’s bureaucracy and restrictions. Most of us do not even want to imagine the 2-week-long quarantine when entering South East Asian countries like Indonesia or Thailand, so many choose to go on a domestic trip by car. And where else is it better to enjoy summer than in Florida? Read on to get to know about the best ways to go around with your pet around Florida.

Entering Florida with Pets

There are several requirements to enter Florida with pets. First, you need to take with you an official certificate of veterinary inspection, so-called health certificate. The certificate at the date of the arrival must be issued less than 30 days back. It means that for your Christmas and New year holidays, it is wise not to wait for too long and start preparing now, while everyone is not going on vacation yet and the lines are not too long. You can obtain the health certificate in any vet office within a few hours. Another document you need to enter Florida is the documentation of current rabies vaccine. According to state laws, the vaccine must be renewed every 3 months, although the rules vary state by state. If you need your dog to be vaccinated, do not waste any time and get it done as soon as possible. Regarding rabies tag, it is not necessary for your pet to wear it, although there are some counties in Florida that do require pets to wear a rabies tag.

Flying with Pets

If you are coming a long way to Florida or just prefer to not waste your time in the car, then there are some additional things you should check before going on a holiday. If you are flying in Florida, then please contact the airlines to make appropriate reservations for your pet. Some companies require a certificate of acclimation or health certificate, but it depends on the airline and type of flight. In both cases, these can be provided by the veterinarian. Some airlines only accept health certificates within 10 days of examination, make sure to check it before. 

Transport Your Pet with Shipping Company

If there is a sudden need to ship your pet to another country, there is no much choice other than using shipping service. To meet the requirements of import, you should get the application for import approved by the country of destination’ s  consulate, an international health certificate from Florida and accredited veterinarian, as well as international possible testing and vaccinations. Another requirement is an endorsement of papers by a USDA APHIS Veterinary Services veterinarian. But note that some countries, like UK, require very early applications, having them submitted 6 months ago, and on top of that, also require microchipping, rabies testing and special import application.

Beaches with Dogs

If you are traveling and sunbathing with your whole family, you don’t want to leave your dog locked at the rental. Florida is quite welcoming in that sense. Having both off-leash beaches and beaches your dog need to be leashed up, there is a lot to choose from. In Fort De Soto Park, for example, dog owners are allowed to swim together with their pets, and the beaches are adapted to enjoy picnics, play with your dogs, let your dog socialize with others and have fun. For an added bonus, it was named America’s #1 beach in 2008 and 2009, pushing all records. If you are in Venice, FL, then Brohard Paw Park may be a good choice. Situated in Sarasota, it is the only pet-friendly beach in the county. Other beaches you should definitely consider are Bonita Beach Dog Park and Panama City Park, both very dog-friendly.

Get Around in the Public Transport

Thanks to a bill requiring Amtrak to accept dogs and cats as passengers in the trains, now you can travel around Florida without any problem. Your pet will be welcomed and given a ticket to, and you can carry your best friend as carry-on baggage. However, any dog that is too large to be carried in a bag will not be allowed to ride. To get around by taxi in cities, you can use Uber. There is a special pet taxi service in Florida, in all major cities from Miami to Fort Lauderdale to Orlando, but check properly before booking Uber.

Eat Out with Your Dog or Cat

Although getting around and going swimming with your dogs is not hard anymore, you could also start doing other activities, such as tackling hunger not only in parks or outdoor establishments, but also a high-end restaurant, such as especially price-friendly Voodoo Dog in Tallahassee, or Mad Dogs and Englishmen in Tampa. The best bet, however, if the hunger strikes when you are out with your pet and have not checked the restaurant selection in advance, is to go for beer gardens that are usually outdoor pubs where you can catch some sun, have a sandwich or burger, and have your dog well-rested right beside you. You should mind, though, that restaurants are still more welcoming to small and medium-sized dogs, and so it may be a good idea to always take the leash with you, in case you go for a run with your large four-legged friend.

All in all, Florida is truly pet-friendly and you can find shops, vacation rentals, and restaurants catering not only for your family but also for your pets. Getting into Florida state should not be a problem if you manage your travels well ahead and try to obtain your pets’ health statements and travel cards on time. You should also check out the best places to eat out before going on a vacation with a pet, just you do not miss any of the awesomeness whilst on holiday.

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How to Budget for Your Next Travel so You Can Splurge for Real

If you have ever wondered how your colleagues, cousins or Instagram-famous students get to travel the world without breaking the bank, here is the answer. They do not starve themselves, they do not always go for Couchsurfing, and in most cases, they also do not hitchhike around. They travel just like anyone would, and they splurge a little.

But where is the secret, you would ask? Just like with most things we do, it is hidden behind the scenes. No miracles, no large parent funding, just simple calculations, and modest saving before going on your longed-for holiday getaway.

Here we are sharing the best tips on how to save without a pain, not compromising on tickets to Louvre or Italian handstitched bag on your Europe trip. A little consideration, strategy, and planning can go great lengths when it comes to saving. So here you go, our experienced travelers’ best tips traveling on a little more that shoestring budget. Going for the lowest expense may not be what you want on your few weeks out of the office.

To Save Money For the Trip, Know Your Expenses

Travel budget calculator, app or even ready-made template may be tempting to start with, but to truly save, you must first identify your expenses. It may sound like a citation from an old finance textbook, but for a good reason. According to Forbes finance expert Rob Berger, to start out, you must first evaluate your net worth. How much do you spend on travel? How much do you save for retirement? All those metrics come into play when budgeting and saving for your next trip.  The better you assess the cost distribution, the easier it will be to identify and cut down on those areas. So, get your paper, an old-school calculator and put it all down there for a scrutinization.

Now, Get your Budget together

When you have a clear picture where does your money go, you are all set to see how much you can save on a yearly basis. By how much you are likely to cut your spendings? Starting from this, set your new budget for every area of your current spending. If you are running out of ideas, we are here to help – just read further and save for the next upcoming trip.

Pay Yourself First

If you are like us, then you always have a million things in your head and even more on your to-do list.  As in many cases, you are unlikely to make effort on monthly basis to pay yourself first and set part of your salary aside – it simply will be forgotten, postponed or ignored till another time. To save money without any additional effort, just go to your online bank and set up a savings fund to automatically transfer from your checking account. For one, it will save your time. For two, you will save much more when automating your financial operations.

Necessities versus Social Spending

You know that some spending is a necessity. Generally speaking, one must pay the rent, buy some groceries and in some cases, also cover necessary transportation expenses. You can still find ways to spend less on all those necessary items or services, but for most of us, the actual black sheep is the social occasions. Those drinks add up, as well as those dinners out with your friends every Friday. There are some expenses you would still like to account for,  such as friends’ birthday gifts and other social spending, but much of that you can limit by mindful spending or cost-cutting with fun home parties, potluck dinners or free events.

Waste zero – travel more

Newspapers, magazines, and the trendy zines are killing trees, and you know it. Even more, they are considerably slashing your vacation budget. If you still want to be updated on the industry trends, or gain some intellectual stimuli, consider going digital. Put aside an hour and research the most interesting online blogs, writers or online magazines to subscribe to. If you do miss the content you are accustomed to, check for your beloved magazines’ digital versions. A great publishing platform is Issu – here you can find a magazine, zines, and other stuff for free. And do not forget the oh-so-well-known Kindle store with low prices. However, if all the options are lacking the real, analog grip of the book, the touch of the paper and the repetitive motion of turning pages – if you too are missing those, along the smell of freshly printed magazines, make a trip to your local library or spend your lazy Sunday afternoons in a cafe that is known for its updated newspaper and zine supply.

Make every coffee count

Make less garbage and save more for your travels by adopting small changes in your daily routines.  For starters, buy a thermos and quit your coffees for good. The same goes for packed store-bought lunches, snacks, prepared vegetables, smoothies, you name it. Do it yourself, pack your lunches and enjoy the financial freedom on your travels!  


If you already do all those things, yet the budget is not sufficient for your next travel, switch your mindset!  


As you have probably heard already, you can live below your means, but you can also expand your means. The choice is yours.

You may not have enough financial resources, but maybe you are not short on time. Chances are, your current income can be increased if you take up a freelancer role, set up an online business or get cash flowing into your bank account in another way. Look at those options – some of them even allows you to travel full time and make your home base in Bali or other exotic digital nomad locations!