Consider Cleanliness Before Booking That Hotel

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Finding a home away from home should be as simple as booking a hotel online, but you should slow down first and do your research. Often, many hotels are harbingers of disease. Most of us can count many times we’ve returned home with a bad cold or Norovirus after a vacation. Not exactly a great welcome home is it?

It’s essential to consider cleanliness before booking that hotel. One hotel room could have up to 365 different people staying in it over the course of one year. That’s a lot of bacteria, fungi, and germs that can be left on surfaces. While most is harmless, a lot of it can lead to illness.

Have you ever stayed at a hotel and peeked through the keyhole to see the maids at work cleaning the rooms? Have you ever seen any spend more than ten minutes in each room? Most of us cannot clean one side of the room in our homes in ten minutes, let alone two or more rooms!

Chambermaids must not only clean one room, but likely are entrusted to cleaning entire floors over the course of one day. They simply don’t have time to care. That same rag that was used to scrub down the toilet is the same one used to clean the faucets and the sink.

They’ll also use the same rag to wipe down counters, tables, and even the microwave. Worse, the glasses in the room will also be cleaned with that rag. Not only is the thought alarming, but bacteria can be spread all over the room, defeating the purpose of cleanliness. And spreading around Norovirus, or Norwalk virus, is not fun, which is just one of the horrible diseases you can contract on your vacation.

Another practice that is often done in hotel rooms is that the only linens changed are the towels and sheets before a new guest moves in. This means that blankets, bedspreads, and even curtains and drapes are only cleaned every few months. It’s disgusting to think that someone else may have spread their germs on linens that you’ll be touching.

How often do you think a hotel room carpet is shampooed? Probably not very often, being simply vacuumed once a day. And you think that the insides of drawers may not be an issue, but remember that it may be where people have stored their dirty laundry.

There are also parts of the hotel room that likely are never cleaned, such as doorknobs, the TV stand, and even the remote control itself. Studies have even been done and found amazing colonies of bacteria living on a hotel room TV remote control.

Another major concern, worse than picking up a nasty disease from a hotel, is bed bugs. They love to hide in the tiny corners and mattresses of the hotel. They come out only at night, while you sleep, to bite you. While their bites aren’t as harmful as the tick or flea bite—fleas can also infest a hotel—they can breed and expand their colonies over time, causing serious skin discomfort. Plus, it’s like something out of a nightmare.

Bed bugs can be carried home in your luggage, and can cause some serious problems at home. Bed bugs love to feast on people, and in some instances even pets. They cause horrible itchy rashes and bites that are disfiguring.

Have you ever had friends who have battled bed bugs? It will truly seem like the world has ended. Expensive exterminators will have to come in and spray your home. Upholstered furniture and beds may have to be tossed out and burned. Your entire home will be taken apart. What is waterproof will be washed and stored in plastic bins, while everything else will be discarded. It’s truly heart breaking, and all because you wanted to save money on your vacation.

That hotel room will never be as clean as you hope. Many people choose to bring their own cleaning supplies and clean it themselves, but will never be able to address a dirty carpet, bedding, draperies, or a bed bug issue.

So, what are the alternatives to booking a hotel room for that great vacation you’re planning? You can visit to find great vacation rentals. Here you’ll find versatile options of apartment, condominium, and villa rentals where you rent directly from the property owner.

If you have a family or group, a CuddlyNest rental will have the extra rooms you’re seeking. And since you’re renting a condo or villa, you’ll also have full access to kitchen, dining room, and living room.

Best of all, choosing CuddlyNest will enable you to deal directly with homeowners who take great care in cleaning and disinfecting their homes. You’ll be confident in knowing that you’re staying somewhere that will be meticulously cleaned and sanitized before you move in for your stay. They are concerned about cleanliness and ratings of their listings, so they put more effort into assuring the cleanliness and comfort of their guests.

Doors, hardware, cabinets, sinks, counters, and all surfaces will be really cleaned. All bedding will be fresh and clean, and there will be no worries about bedbugs. It’s like an additional peace of mind, and you’ll be relieved that you won’t have to clean anything again yourself.

Skip past those hotel bookings and check out what CuddlyNest has to offer. It’s a great vacation home rental website with varied options. Chances are you’ll find some great bookings in amazingly attractive cities that you most want to visit. Now you can focus on a truly fantastic vacation, instead of worrying about what nasty parasites you may bring home with you.

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