Save Money: DIY Hosting Tips

Host tips are the sure proof gateway to better hosting, but here is why (and how) to start it.
If you are travelling to Orlando, Miami, or staying at London or Vienna for your spring holiday, it may play out hard on your budget, but only if you allow it to. Whether you have been thinking about subletting or just coping with what your boss pays you to get by and book that Orlando apartment, it may be a wise thing to do to rent out your room and host travellers instead. For one, it brings you additional cash, and for the other, it is your choice of the frequency. You may enjoy always being around new cultures and people, but if not, limit your hosted nights to your vacation time when you are out of the city!
The best thing? You only need to clean up, check with your local government to keep it on the legal side, and off you go! You can level up your living space in a matter of days with a couple of dollars in the pocket… just to earn back at least triple of that!
So, how exactly do you do that?

Booking Accommodation is All About First Impression

Yes, it is. If you are up for hosting in your own living space and do not target travellers looking for cheap last-minute hostel booking, then your best bet is to spruce up your room with unique and trendy pieces, while still not forgetting about the essentials, to drive your host reviews in long term. To secure a booking and drive your booking rate up, first, you need to focus on great impression and imagery posted on Cuddlynest accommodation booking website. Once you list your room on the website, it is all about the imagery of the listing and a great description to attract your first guest. So make sure your living space is clean, the interior is great, and your photography is on spot. How to make it to there? Here is a suggestion, or two.

Host Tip #1: Play Around with Fabrics

Do you recall those beautiful, white layered blankets n your bed from your Pinterest boards? Well, guests are who plan to book and look for the perfect place to stay often choose the interior styles they have always adored but never had a chance to implement. The trendy bohemian or quirky and clean look is what most travellers go for while booking the flat. It is also something you can achieve for cheap, throwing some additional blankets on the bed, covering your pillows with texturised pillowcases made from vintage sweaters, and making a rug yourself from your old clothes. The added bonus? Make your bedroom into boudoir by throwing an airy canopy over the bed. Choose your character and get into the game!

Host Tip #2: Keep it Alive with Greens

Gardening and indoor palm-tree obsession is luckily over, but there can never be enough greens and fresh air in the house. One of the best ways to differentiate from your competitors (and hide some drawbacks) is to put a plant here and there. You can even hang your plants in air if you wish to give some nature vibes to your space and clean the air naturally. 

Whichever way you choose to green your place, please remember the safety of your guests and choose succulents, as they are unlikely to blossom whilst and cause some allergies to your sensitive travelers.

Host Tip #3: Keep the Home Improvements on the Cheap Side with Cement for Concrete Furniture

You do not need to waste loads of money to cope with the otherwise unappealing home parts, such as the countertop at your kitchen, or the lack of furniture. If you are renting another room which is unfurnished, you can simply skip the large investments and invest a bit of your time and energy instead by carrying a cement bag home and DIY-ing awesome concrete tables, bedstands, and what else not! Get inspired by the concrete clock, concrete table or bathroom sink and even concrete block lamp options!

Host Tip #4: Give a Warm Greeting to Your Guests

We bet one of the best parts of your arrival to a  new country is finally getting into your hotel room, jumping in the bed and popping the welcome chocolates in your mouth to celebrate the favor of travel to the fullest. To ensure your guests with a more unique experience, we advise you get a local and if possible, traditional, sweets or savory snacks in your welcome basket. Better yet, if you can make them on your own and save it in a glass jar! Here are some recipes for cheap, simple, yet adorable welcome-gifts, starting from sugar-coated cranberries in a jar to chocolate bites that will appeal to both lactose-free vegetarians, vegans and omnivores.

Host Tip #5: Up the Essentials Game

Just like Airbnb hosts, booking com hosts, CuddlyNest hosts are advised to greet their guests not only with a place to stay but also the travel essentials, such as soap, towels and other necessities. You may excite your guests by overdelivering with handmade soap leave packages, nicely folded towels and other perks, such as natural DIY bath salt for their stay.

Host Tip #6: It is All About Lighting

Depending on whether you are renting accommodation on booking websites in Australia or France, June, July and August can be either the warmest or the coldest of months with the shortest or longest days in the whole year. Nevertheless, people love daylight, so even in summer, the lighting should be thought of and played around with.

Host Tip #7: Morning Greeting, the Easy Way

While hosting travelers in London and waking up in the morning just to make the popular British breakfast may not be your cup of tea, the easy way to get around it while still greeting them in the morning. Get creative with chalkboard paint and welcome your guests, wishing them a great day by scribbling “Good Morning!” to their cups, and listing some of the best events around the town happening today. This will show up in your CuddlyNest guest review page, we can guarantee that!

Bonus Hosting Tip: Farewell Packages to Bring the Best with Them

We all have been there. We have to leave our accommodation at 5 am in the morning, being at the gate by 9 am and suffering from the long-haul flights all day long. If you want to leave the best impression, go for a farewell package containing a small snack that can appeal to all vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free and lactose-free guests, and is preferably traditional to your region. Some rather inexpensive options, depending on your region, would be sugar-coated berries, buckwheat crackers, rice cakes, nachos or other snacks. A happy tummy will result in a happy review!


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