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Sea World Parks & Resorts Orlando: An Ocean of Fun Awaits for the Entire Family

Sea World Parks & Resorts Orlando: An Ocean of Fun Awaits for the Entire Family

Activities & Adventure 4 MINS READ

sea-world-orlando Sea World Parks & Resorts Orlando, including three theme parks – Sea World Orlando, Aquatica, Sea World’s Waterpark, and Discovery Cove – and seven official hotel partners, is a full vacation experience offering money-saving travel values, exclusive benefits, a convenient location and unique sea-themed adventures found only at Sea World and its parks.

There’s a reason that Orlando, Florida is the world’s most loved excursion destination. Every step of the way, there are encounters for families to take in and long lasting memories to be made. Yet no experience is more staggering than strolling among a settlement of about 250 penguins in their 32-degree world at Sea World Orlando; floating in a lethargic stream past a cave of beautiful fish at Aquatica-Sea World’s Waterpark, or imparting a swim to an Atlantic bottlenose dolphin at Discovery Cove. These three astonishing parks mix mind-blowing creature experiences with world-class amusement, coupled with close-by lodgings, for an extraordinary vacation.

Sea World Orlando

 sea-world-orlando-with-dolphinsInundate yourself in awe at Sea World Orlando, where the marine world comes alive like no spot else. Move on board and ride the relentless Manta, a facedown, headfirst exciting ride. Experience the force and effortlessness of executioner whales in the spectacular Shamu show – One Ocean. Offer an epic voyage with ocean turtles on the 3D 360 o TurtleTrek. A sea of fun is holding up to be investigated at one of the world’s most famous marine-life parks. Leap in and dive under.

What’s more, there’s nothing cooler than the all-new exciting, chilling experience, Antarctica: Empire of the Penguin. Set out on the single greatest attraction lure ever and experience the secret and miracle of Antarctica life on the ice, through the eyes of a penguin, sensing the magnificence and show of their occasionally unsafe territory. Antarctica: Empire of the Penguin is a family ride that joins up-close creature associations with best in class intuitive ride advancements for thrill seekers that are distinctive every time. Investigate an enormous penguin province of about 250 penguins in a spread that conceals you in cool extremes, both above and beneath the penguins’ frigid world. It’s an absolute joy to see, exceptional amusement park encounter just at SeaWorld in Orlando.

Aquatica, Sea World’s Waterpark

From rapid water slides and thrilling wave pools, to quiet shorelines and surprising creature natural surroundings, Aquatica, Sea World’s waterpark, charms all ages and diversions. This stand-out waterpark is home to a portion of the world’s most exciting water rides, offering 42 slides, streams and tidal ponds and 84,000 square feet of shining white, sandy shorelines. New is Ihu’s Breakaway Falls – Brave a watery free-fall on the all-new Ihu’s Breakway Falls, Orlando’s tallest, steepest and just multi-drop tower slide of its kind. At almost 80 feet tall, Ihu’s Breakaway Falls is the place you’ll confront your terror for yourself and one another.

Offering four exceptional slide ways, you’ll venture into one of three “breakaway boxes” and watch one another fall one-by-one or test your dauntlessness on a fourth open slide for an alternate yet generally as exciting thrill. You’ll never know who’s going to go first – and the anticipation of who drops next is a piece of the wild ride. Aquatica Orlando’s select attractions guarantee boundless fun, sending visitors on astonishing undersea experiences and through amazing creature displays. Showcasing the recreation center’s most unmistakable creatures, Dolphin Plunge brings riders down 250 feet of clear tubes, submerged, and through Aquatica Orlando’s lovely Commerson’s dolphin natural surroundings. Get a wave in Big Surf Shores or Cutback Cove, the world’s just one next to the other wave pools equipped for working together or autonomously. Alternately for those adrenaline junkies, Omaka Rocka gives a taste of half-pipe, close vertical excites beforehand experienced just by professional snowboarders.

Discovery Cove

For the second back-to-back year, Discovery Cove was voted the No. 1 event congregation on the planet in 2014 TripAdvisor Travelers’ Choice Awards. The Discovery Cove is a complete day resort in where visitors appreciate a unique chance to swim with dolphins, snorkel among shark rays and tropical fish and hand-sustain fledglings birds in a free-flight aviary. Freshwater Oasis highlights wading experiences and head on experiences with lively otters and inquisitive marmosets. A day at Discovery Cove incorporates a newly arranged breakfast and lunch, snacks and drinks for the duration of the day in addition to first-class conveniences – swim vest or wetsuit, towels and swim apparatus, including a gift snorkel and eco-accommodating sunscreen. Also included is unrestrained admittance for fourteen consecutive days to Sea World Orlando and Aquatica. Busch Gardens Tampa can be added for a supplementary price, including conveyance.

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