Cuisine Crawl 3 MINS READ

Vacationing in Orlando? Try These 5 Famous Local Eateries

Vacationing in Orlando? Try These 5 Famous Local Eateries

Cuisine Crawl 3 MINS READ

One of the best parts of staying in a CuddlyNest vacation rental is you get to make your own food. Some feel like this is a chore — isn’t the great thing about a hotel the room service? However, operating within your own kitchen (even if you’re only renting it) means the world is your oyster.

Besides, why limit yourself to the room service options in a hotel in Orlando when the food the city has to offer you is so amazing? A hotel might be able to offer you delicious shrimp, but can they give you Asian street food or cheesecake that’s to die for?

If you’re vacationing in Orlando, make sure to check out these five incredible eateries.

Hawkers Asian Street Fare

Let’s start with something eclectic. Hawkers Asian Street Fare combines different types of Asian cuisine into one restaurant with a focus on fast eating, street styles and extreme flavor. They carry foods that are sure to satisfy any palate, from typical Chinese dishes to more obscure Malaysian samplings. Hawkers Asian Street Fare is a great restaurant for vegetarians and vegans because of their expansive options — unlike many restaurants that only have one or two choices, a vegetarian or vegan can eat like a king here!

Better Than Sex

Due to this bar’s lewd name, it’s definitely not a place for children. However, don’t mistake it for a nightclub or adult entertainment — it’s a bar dedicated entirely to desserts. Most menu items feature tongue-in-cheek names that aren’t kid-friendly, but anyone with a sweet tooth can appreciate their decadent quality. Alcoholic drinks are also available and this is a great spot for couples looking for a fun vacation getaway.

Hot Krust Panini Kitchen

Treat yourself to something fresh and original. Hot Krust Panini Kitchen serves up the titular sandwich in inventive ways that are as fresh as their ingredient quality. This may not be the most health conscious eatery, with sandwiches containing fatty steaks and BBQ sauces, but it’s certainly one worth visiting anyway. You’ll also be treated to fresh juices, baked fries and flavourful dressings and sauces.

Chatham’s Place

Time to get pricey. Many vacation-goers want food that’s a little more luxurious than what they’re used to, and Chatham’s Place delivers exactly that. Their menu features a variety of cuisine (French, American and Italian) while also providing vegetarian and gluten-free options. Chatham’s Place is famous for one dish — their rack of lamb. The atmosphere is also posh, with an extensive wine list and singers featured most evenings.

Victoria & Albert’s

Finally, an even more upscale dining establishment is the well-known Victoria & Albert’s. This French-American restaurant costs quite the pretty penny, but the atmosphere and quality more than make up for the cost. The menu includes obvious luxurious like Kobe beef, caviar and quail. A harpist compliments your meal and don’t forget the amazing bread!

The only catch? This restaurant is exclusively part of the Walt Disney World Resort, so if you’re going for Disney World, make sure you stop in here!

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