CuddlyNest’s COVID-19 response

Since the end of 2019, COVID-19 has spread rapidly and is now considered a pandemic. As such, much travel has been restricted and there is a high chance that if you have booked/are looking to book accommodation, you will be affected.

As travellers and hosts, remember to stay abreast of local and international travel advice regarding COVID-19. Here at CuddlyNest, we are doing everything we can to ensure that both travellers and hosts are safe and secure during this difficult time.

What happens if you need to cancel your trip?

If you are cancelling a trip, there are several types of cancellation policy on CuddlyNest, and which one the accommodation uses is up to the individual property owner or operator. The cancellation policy is stated on the listing just below the description.

 These are as follows:

  • The Flexible cancellation policy allows the guest to get a refund in full (except for service fees) up to 24 hours prior to arrival.

  • The Moderate policy allows for a refund of 50% in the case of cancellation up to 5 days prior to the reservation.

  • The Strict policy listing reservation must be canceled at least 7 full days before the official local check-in time to get a full refund.

  • The Super strict policies refund the reservation 30 and 60 days before accordingly.

  • Custom cancellation policy.

Guests can cancel the reservation by going to Dashboard, clicking “Your Trips” and “Cancel.”

What happens if you need to cancel your trip because of COVID-19?

CuddlyNest is in the business of supporting travellers, and this hasn’t changed with the outbreak of COVID-19. We are working with property owners and operators to ensure that if you have to cancel your trip due to these extenuating circumstances, then you will be refunded with credit valid for CuddlyNest bookings until the 31 Dec 2020, including any fees. However, make sure to check the individual listing for their policy, since it is the decision of each property owner or operator. 

Guests can cancel the reservation by going to Dashboard, clicking “Your Trips” and “Cancel.”

What should you do if you’ve already booked a trip?

Follow the advice of your home and destination countries as well as world bodies such as WHO. If these means cancelling your trip, then please read “What happens if I need to cancel my trip because of COVID-19?”. 

Remember that even if the official advice is not yet to cancel, this is a fast-changing situation and everyone should consider how their actions impact national and international health. 

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