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About Belarus

The Republic of Belarus has a long history of conquest and struggle resulting in the merging of cultures and producing rich historical heritage making it an attractive tourist destination in Europe. This is a landlocked country with neighbors including Russia, Ukraine, Poland and Lithuania and Latvia. The nation shares complicated relationships with others in the region since the greater powers always sought to control it until the Republic of Belarus was officially established in 1991. Following the Russian Revolution of 1917, the independent Belarusian People’s Republic became the Byelorussian Soviet Socialist Republic in 1922. Meanwhile, the Polish–Soviet War of 1919–1921 resulted in the Belarusians losing half their territory to Poland. Ironically, the year 1939 saw several lands of Poland being added to it after the Soviet Union grasped control of the Second Polish Republic. In 1945, the United Nations was formed with Belarus being a founding member. When the Soviet Union came to an end in 1990, the Belarusians finally gained true freedom the next year. Previously called Byelorussia or Belorussia due to its close affiliation with Russia, the capital city is Minsk. There is a large variety of festivals taking place here making it interesting for local and foreign tourists in certain seasons. Blessed with abundant precious natural resources, 40% of the land in the Republic of Belarus comprises of forests. This is a huge asset which the government seeks to preserve for future generations. It also pulls in tourists who wish to pursue recreational activities such as hiking or biking in these areas. From an economic point of view, the majority of the country’s population is invested in common service industries. There are several hi-tech manufacturing units in the Republic of Belarus producing export quality items of different types that increase the national revenue.  

Vacation rentals in Belarus

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Tourist attractions in Belarus

The urban centers of the country have also possessed great importance in the politics of the region. Therefore, there are grand castles and palaces in Belarus from various eras of history constructed for one ruler or another. There are majestic monasteries that look graceful from the outside and inside where you may find spiritual guidance. Explore the abundant beauty of nature among the forests, rivers, lakes and rock formations.

Chalk Pits

Situated near the charming town of Krasnoselsky, the hauntingly beautiful Chalk Pits of Belarus are sometimes called the Belarusian Maldives due to the similarity in their appearances. The white chalk against the rich blue waters produces a striking contrast that you will want to stare at for hours and still not get enough. Don’t forget to bring your best camera to take stunning shots to share with the rest of the world. Until now there has been no estimate as to the depth of these chalk quarries leaving people to speculate over this mystery. Here and there you will see wild vegetation sprouting from the rocks adding to the allure of this unique place. Surrounding this incredible tourist attraction are dense green forests where you may go hiking or seek shelter from the sun on hot sweaty days.     

Nesvizh Radziwill Castle

Located in the Niasviž, the Nesvizh Radziwill Castle rises 600ft above sea level and is considered a rare beauty in this region. During the years 1919 to 1945, this glorious castle was situated in the Kresy area of Poland. Lovers of art and architecture are fascinated by the mixture of styles the structure flaunts including Renaissance and Baroque designs. The exterior is magnificent with all the grand elements you would find in an elite residence. The castle’s interior presents ornate furnishings and fittings of that era. This was inhabited by the well known Radziwiłł family and built by the most skilled engineers of that time. Locals speak of a mysterious legend connected to the Nesvizh Radziwill Castle in Belarus. They say that the Black Lady of Nesvizh has been living there for four centuries walking around in her mourning gown grieving her ruined love.  

Zhyrovichy Monastery

In the quaint village of Zhyrovichy stands the 16th century Zhyrovichy Monastery with a unique background story. Over a thousand years ago, herders were passing through these parts when they saw a wild pear tree emitting light from a jasper oval as big as a child’s hand. The jasper oval had a carving of a woman and child along with an inscription about Mary, mother of Jesus. This ancient Orthodox monastery was preceded by a church that was built where an icon of the Virgin Mary was discovered. However, both the original church and icon were lost in a fire. Much later, the icon was found with mysterious holy imprints. This occupies a place of great honor in local Christian tradition and was turned into a section of the altar. People come from faraway places to visit this miraculous icon.  

Ruzhany Palace

Among the magnificent royal residences is the Ruzhany Palace in the village of Ruzhany in the district of Pruzhany Raion in the west of Belarus. The noble family known as Sapieha used to live here when this village was called Różany. It was the base of their political power and today you are able to see well preserved ruins. The construction began in the 16th century and was finished early in the 17th century. Unfortunately, only a century later there were battles that led to its destruction and nowadays, reconstruction is underway. The Neoclassical architecture of the Ruzhany Palace is an absolute treat and the gate in particular catches the eye instantly. The rebuilding that took place in 1770s helped give it a new looks and a lovely park.    

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