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About Šišan

Šišan is a very small city, actually a village in the Northern side of the Istrian county of Croatia. Despite being a small region, it still contains things of interest for a tourist to spend his or her vacation herein. Being an ancient city, its foundations date back to the beginning of the Roman conquest. The village is known for its and its nearby traditional fairs, churches, historic landmarks, nature parks, eateries, beaches and much more, all very pleasant for the tourists, making them feel good about their choice to tour this city for their vacations. Thus. If you want to escape from city noise and traffic to a quiet, relaxing place, Šišan is the place for you.

What more does the little peaceful town contain in its territory or surroundings, here it is.


Scenic Beaches

It is a delight for a tourist to know that there are a number of lovely beaches not so away from this region. Bojcic Beach only 35 miles to the Southeast is one of these with its pine wood and Lungomare walking path, while, Bijeca Beach only 4 miles out of Šišan being the most popular beach in whole Istria, extending over one kilometer along the Medulin coast. Sunbathing and excellent water sports are the star mentions of this rocky coastline with waters clearly tidy and blue. Close to the beach, bars and restaurants with Istrian specialties can be spotted, too.


Natural Spaces

Especially, the natural spaces in and nearby Šišan are what attract tourists. Vransko Jezero Lake which is the largest in Croatia is only 20 miles away from the village and is a designated nature park. There is also a wooden walkway on the lake where you can sightsee the lake and island beyond, and on the western bank, you also find a bird observatory. You can also enjoy swimming in this quiet peaceful spot.


Also, basically, an island, this exceptional Brijuni National Park 10 is miles away from the village itself is a real magical tourist destination, an architectural masterpiece with views and smell so fascinating that make you sing with joy. Preserved Roman Ruins, floral beauty, hiking landscapes, restaurant, swimming opportunities, sceneries, and less crowdedness and quietness are what make the visiting charges worth of.


Churches and Parishes

Roam only five miles away from Susan to Loborika and mark an attendance at the Istrian Museum of Contemporary Art and Orthodox Church of St. Nicholas. The Istrian Museum displays a collection of artworks created in the second half of last century until the latest artworks of recent artisans. While the Orthodox Church is an ancient worship place with its interiors amazingly painted with scenes from the St. Nicholas legend.


Venture out 10 miles from Šišan to Orbanići to spot Church of Annunciation, and Church of St. Catherine. The Church of Annunciation is significantly closer to one’s heart as it stands over the cave that is reported to be the home of the Virgin Mary. The old Church of St. Catherine dating back to 15th Century in uniquely picturesque with its front added portico and the back star-like rosetta.


Historic Landmarks

Grimani Castle and Cistern in Orbanići and Loggia in Grožnjan are few of the finest landmarks found in the whole of Croatia. There are other confirmed points of interests waiting for your arrival. Near the Bijeca beach place, you can also spot Gate of Hercules, a fascinating historic landmark located between two medieval towers.


Or you can move only 0.7 miles Northwest to Liznjan to spot Temple of Augustus, dedicated to the first Roman Emperor. Pula Arena, a very ancient Amphitheatre monument and one of the six largest surviving Roman arenas in the world is another key spot. Pula Fortress is another one from 16th Century, situated on a hill and giving a 360-degree view of the Pula town.


Fun Activities

4 miles from Šišan, near Bijeca Beach, in Dubrovnik, you are to spot this fun place, Golden Sun Casino, a small and quiet one to spend your evening at trying out your dear luck. Featuring around sixty-three gaming machines and thirteen table and poker games, its gaming space is too lit.


The Tempting Food Culture

Food is the best thing to win hearts and this is exactly what this absolutely vibrant culinary culture of this region is doing so to promote tourism there. Once you are there, do not forget trying there two top dishes, lamb and squid. Burek (savoury pasty) and brodet (fish stew) are no less. Lover of desserts? You will not be truly one if you don’t taste on their Baklava. A beer enthusiast? Karlovacko is the best preferred among locals. Or have the rich wine Malvazija that makes any complimentary chunk of food fit heavenly. Prosek from Dalmatia is another big shot, but if you contrarily a non-alcoholic one, you will love their herbal tea. Also, if you desire a drink stronger in effect than these all, Pelinkovac (juniper spirit) is for you.


A Wide Network of Vacation Rentals

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