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About Krnica

Krnica is a picturesque village in southeastern Istria, Croatia. Istria, this miniature and wonderful world and the largest peninsula of the Adriatic, lies below the Alps, in the heart of a deep blue sea. Over the last 40 years, Krnica has become one of the main tourist areas of Croatia with many hotels, resorts, and apartments in and around the famous resorts of Umag, Novigrad, Porec, Vrsar, Rovinj, Pula, Medulin, and Rabac. If you look at the map of Croatia, you will quickly discover Istria: in the west, in the middle of the sea and heart-shaped. To the west, the small islets, the fertile fields that lead to the sea and the beautiful sunsets where the red sun plunges into the sea inspire everyone. In the eastern part of the fascinating rocky coast steep, often inaccessible. But above all, the sun is rising. The intense green colors of spring and summer turn into yellow, red and flames in autumn ... This place is much more than just a beach. There is also a lot to see and experience for cultural enthusiasts. From monuments from the Roman, Byzantine, Venetian and Austro-Hungarian times to seven UNESCO world heritage sites. The countryside offers vast, unspoiled landscapes, rugged mountains, and beautiful parks. The capital Zagreb is a pearl that has not yet been discovered by mass tourism.

Vacation rental at Krnica:

For those who expect sun, sea, beach, and pleasure on vacation, this is offered in the many resorts and holiday resorts of Krnica. Although Krnica is one of the most famous and popular holiday destinations in the Mediterranean, the hinterland is still almost unknown. We are talking about "Green Krnica." It means extraordinary landscapes - green hills, small towns, villages, rocks, forests, Merune dunes, small churches, old ivy-covered castles and much more ... Cuddlynest brings you the most budget-friendly packages with which you can book an entire apartment, house, villa, cabin or condo of 4-10 beds at $74-$332. This online vacation rental service is very facilitating as you will feel at home with all the amenities and facilities at your expense during your trip with your family to the beautiful Krnica. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get onboard for making unforgettable memories at this scenic destination!

Tourist attractions at Krnica:

Exquisite wines:

Roman writers have not only extolled the merits of Istrian olive oil, but they have also praised the wine of the Istrian peninsula. True miracles are attributed to the Vinum Pucinum, to which the Roman Empress Julia Augusta owed her vitality and her great age. Even the great adventurer and lover Giacomo Casanova wrote in his famous memoirs about the excellent Istrian REFOSCO. The Austro-Hungarian monarchy also appreciated the high quality of Istrian wine. The mighty empire opened in Porec in 1875 one of the three largest agricultural wine schools of the time. The small narrow gauge railway built in 1902 between Trieste and Porec was called in vernacular language with love - vineyard. The most famous wines are MALVASIA, TERAN, MERLOT, HRVATICA, BORGONJA, and MUSKAT yellow and red semi-dry. You can taste them and taste them in the various restaurants and konobas as well as along the marked wine routes directly from the many winegrowers.


Krnica is the largest green oasis in the north of the Adriatic. Along the coast and on the islands are mainly pine forests and the typical green macchia. The most important plant species of the Maquis are green oak and mulberry. 35% of the area of ​​Istria consists of forests.


The diversity of Krnica's cuisine lies in the richness of its history and especially in the influence of foreign lords, still recognizable in many dishes. (especially Venetian), Central European (Austria and Hungary) and Slavic cuisine are represented. The north-western coast of Istria is full of gastronomic delights: delicious mussels, the best sole of Tarska vala, delicious oysters from Lim Fjord and Kvarner prawns. The center of Istria offers traditional Galizana snails, olive oil from Vodnjan and Tar, Mirnatal truffles and wild asparagus which, as their name suggests, grow wild in any Istria.


Party in a palace in Split:

If you visit Croatia's second largest city, there is a chance that you will spend the most time in Diocletian's palace. Built at the time by the Roman emperor Diocletian at the transition to the 4th century, this palace now forms the heart of modern Split. Within the walls of this overwhelming fortress, you will find a range of cafés, restaurants, and shops.

Walking through Zagreb:

The capital of Croatia is often overshadowed by other, perhaps somewhat livelier Eastern European cities, but a visit to Zagreb is highly recommended! Because it is a well-organized city where you can move around easily, you will experience Zagreb best with a walk. Admire the Austro-Hungarian architecture, its beautiful parks, and busy squares. Do not miss Crkva Svetog Marka, an elegant little church whose tiled roof represents the coat of arms of Croatia.

Glue a broken heart

Zagreb has a great selection of great galleries and museums, but the Museum of Broken Relationships is undisputed number one. The museum aims to help people overcome their relationship problems by having them contribute to the museum collection. You see a wonderful combination of various objects such as toys, clothes and ... an ax! Along with the stories that people tell about how they overcome their problems and what they did with them. The museum is perhaps a little less suitable if you are traveling together for the first time as a couple.

Get a great view

Dubrovnik looks fantastic from all perspectives, but a ride up to the top of Mount Srd with the funicular (kind of tram) gives you a view of the unparalleled old city. You can see very far and also see the nearby islands in the turquoise blue water of the Adriatic Sea. On the terrace of the pleasant coffee café, you will be treated to an iconic view.