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About Nova Vas

Nova Vas is one of the oldest and largest villages of Brtonigla in the interior of Istria, Croatia. It is located 6 kilometer inland from the tourist center Porec and is therefore a great place for a quiet holiday away from the hustle and bustle of packed beaches. Istria, formerly known as Histria in Latin, is the biggest peninsula in the Adriatic Sea. The peninsula is positioned at the crown of the Adriatic between the Kvarner Gulf and the Gulf of Trieste and is shared between Croatia, Slovenia, and Italy. The name is taken from the Histri tribes, which are accredited as being the makers of the hillfort settlements known as castellieri. The Histri are classified in some sources as a "Venetic" Illyrian tribe, with certain linguistic differences from other Illyrians. The Romans styled the Histri as a ferocious tribe of pirates, sheltered by the tough navigation of their rocky coasts. It took two military operations by the Romans to finally moderate them in 177 BC. Its roots are further shrouded in folklore, as some scholars guess that the names Histri and Istria are connected to the Latin name Hister, or Danube (especially its lower course). Ancient folktales reported erroneously that the Danube forked into two streams that came to the sea nearby Trieste and at the Black Sea. The relics of a Roman building laid with mosaic-covered floors were found in the plowfields of Zidovišće, which is not very far from Brtonigla. Archeological sites of Roman mausoleums and more have been discovered at Turini and Balbije, while parts of earthenware were unearthed in a field known as Njiva close to the Fiorini village. Brtonigla is first stated in in 1234, written down as documents as Ortoneglo or “Black Garden”. It gained this name from the dark soil that covers this region. The present-day Istria's hillside is perfect for a fun filled active holiday – it is particularly recommended to those folks who like hiking, mountain biking and exploring caves. Here, you can explore the winding paths of the village and enjoy local dishes in Istria's konobas, or local restaurants, where you can experience friendly service, home-grown wine and wonderful food. For a bit of festivity, every village in Istria has its own traditions and the inhabitants of Nova Vas celebrate the holiday of Saint Lawrence. Every August, this religious festivity brings cheerfulness to the local population, accompanied with music and dancing, along with a hike across the adjacent hills overlooking the Mirna River. With CuddlyNest, you can find the best accommodation to rent and have a peaceful holiday.

Things to see, things to do

Nature Park Škarline

You can kick off your stay with a stop at Nature Park Škarline. A part of the local identity, the Nature Park Škarline holds a special place in the hearts of local residents. This perfectly preserved nature park can be found only two kilometers from Brtonigla. It is named after Škarline, the stream that is present in the park. As it courses along to the Mirna River numerous kilometers to the south, the stream has urned the land over the years into a green lush canyon, which you will not find anywhere else in Istria. From the village of Nova Vas you can treat on a two-kilometer macadam trail that passes by vineyards to the nature park. The nature park can be reached by car in dry weather, and the local tourist office can help you find out how to reach the park directly from Brtonigla. So pack your hiking shoes and supplies and embark on an adventure to the canyon. There are varying landscapes, such as meadows with a bridge and two small lakes. Several benches and a tap for drinkable water make this picture-perfect area a good spot for a picnic. Once in the canyon, you can admire the cascade of the pristine water meandering for several kilometers towards the Mirna River through thick, shaded forest and breathe in the fresh air.

Sveti Juraj fortress

Sveti Juraj fortress, similarly known as Santi Quaranta, is a protected national monument in of Brtonigla, located overhead the Mirna river valley near Nova Vas. The fortress is separated by an interior wall into northern and southern parts. In the present day, its trapezoidal floor design and well-maintained walls are still evident. The northern plateau was at one time the center of a Mediaeval town, and nowadays it is home to an archaeological site with the remains of the Church of St George. Sveti Juraj fortress was constructed on a strategic position above the mouth of the river Mirna and its harbour. There may have been a prehistoric fortification and ancient settlement in the same place, followed by an ancient and early-Mediaeval fortified military camp. According to some sources, goods were delivered to Pišine harbour on the river Mirna until 1906, after which the pier was blocked with silt. A fire was lit on one of the fortress towers to help keep sailors on a safe course towards the harbour.

Špilja Mramornica

This stalactite cave is very beautiful with a lovely mysterious atmosphere on the inside. If you like natural formations, this is for you. Here you will be given a tour by a friendly guide, and you can even catch glimpses of the little cave dwelling animals such as a blind cave grasshopper and bats, who roost in the dark recesses. With a short tour about thirty minutes long with a small playground on the site, it is ideal for kids. Remember to wear a warm layer of clothing, as the temperature inside the cave averages about 14 degrees Celsius even in the summer.

Vacation rentals at Nova Vas, Croatia

This pristine village is the ideal vacation destination for someone who like a mix of the old and new in a place off the usual tourist path. With CuddlyNest, you can find the ideal vacation rental – choose from a selection of houses and apartments for that comfy experience like no other!

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