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About Rabac

Rabac is a resort town in Croatia. Once famous for bauxite ore port, now this place is a famous tourist attraction due to fishing opportunities, electronic music festivals, magic shows, comedy theatres, food, fun and adventurous hot spots for the visitors.

Vacation Rentals in Rabac

If you want to stay in Rabac City near the beach side then the most commonly found vacation rental type is Apartment. At CuddlyNest you can find different number of bedroom apartments along with services provided in reduced fees. It is the only online vacation rental platform that offers a considerable number of rental options with the most unique features. Our search section is user-friendly, just type in the place you want to stay and choose the best options given along the search bar. You will get the list of vacation rentals according to your need. These rentals are mentioned with the prices and additional services like TV, internet, washer, pools or kitchen, so you can select your best leisure spot with ease and convenience. Make your stay more comfortable and memorable with CuddlyNest.


Tourist Attractions in Rabac

Being along the Maslinica Bay, this place is blessed with so many worth visiting places. You can add these places to your wish list and enjoy visiting them while staying in the Rabac City.


Plaža Girandella Rabac Girandella beach is a beautiful pebble beach situated in the South-eastern coast of Istria. This place is famous for the quality of leisure time you can spend by the side of beautiful blue water under the shining sun. You don’t to carry a lot of picnic stuff with you as umbrella and beach chairs are available on rentals. Restaurants and coffee shops are also present along the beach which offers different sort of refreshments and meals.


Calm and soothing environment is relaxing for all. Some people love to sit by the beach enjoying warmth and views around while others love to swim in the fresh blue water and other activities around the beach. Recreational activities found along the beach mostly include banana boat riding, water skiing, volleyball, tennis and other games. If you are visiting this place in July than you can enjoy the most traditional summer festivals organized along the beachside. These festivals are full of colors and music. You can enjoy the music from dusk to dawn.

Teleferika Teleferika is a historical landmark found approximately 2.8 km away from the city. It usually takes 8 to 10 minutes’ drive to reach this area. This place was built in 1925 for the purpose of transporting bauxite. There were two conveyor belts were the ship loaded bauxite. Along with bauxite transporting port there was a chairlift facility for transporting bauxite to the ships. This port was ceased at the end of World War II and now the remains are attractive sites for tourists. Cable car services and donkey rides are available to transport people to this historic icon along the Maslinica Bay. People are attracted to this place for two other reasons as well. First reason is the culinary specialties of the area with original taste and tempting aromas, attracting people to taste the most authentic recipes of the place. Second reason is wine region. People love to see the beautiful wine region along with enjoying the flavors of different type of wines produced by the locals. Wild vegetables and spices are abundantly found grown around the region.

Wasserfall After visiting the beach and a historic landmark, you probably need something different and attractive. Wasserfall is a place famous for its awe-inspiring beauties. Once you reach this place all you can find around is Rocky Mountains covered with natural green plants and beautiful cascading waterfalls. These waterfalls have created natural pools where people can dive in and enjoy the swimming in the fresh water coming down the hills. Spring trails are also found around the place so if you want to walk or hike before diving in, then bring your hiking scandals along with you.


Staying in the city has a lot of fun and adventure. Being along the side of a bay, this place has many beaches, historical collections, waterparks, conserved areas and much more to explore. So Book your vacation rental in the city with CuddlyNest so you can enjoy the vacation to its fullest.

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