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About Tar

Tar-Vabriga is a municipality in the Istria County, Croatia, approximately 7 km north of Porec. The municipality has been established in 2006.

The ancestors of the Tar and Vabriga inhabitants have chosen the place for their settlement with great success. It is a fertile upland (112 m above sea level), gently inclining towards the sun and sea in the South-West, and at the same time arising towards the Mirna estuary in the North. It is a wonderful lookout to the North – Novigrad, to the South Porec. During clear weather the Alps may be seen, and at the same time the Tar church tower offers a view of St. Marco church tower in Venice, located on the opposite side of the Adriatic. Looking back this is an area where life has been going on in harmony with olive groves and vineyards. Almonds and figs wheat and vegetables played an important role as well. The inhabitants of Tar and Vabriga may often be seen either driving a tractor or sailing a boat as two is their plough fields land and sea. Today they are also engaged in catering and tourism facilities.


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Take a guided tour of Jama Grotta Baredine, an underground cave filled with sculptures, lakes, and odd little creatures called "human fish," found only in this part of the world. Due to millennia of complete darkness and seclusion, this cave has developed a world of its own. The temperature inside is constantly around 14 C (57 F), the walls are moist, and the ornaments otherworldly. The "human fish" are actually aquatic salamanders that are white to pinkish in color and blind. Walk the 300 m (1,000 ft) long pathway, visit five chambers, and hear facts about the cave. Choose to start, finish, or center your holiday on a trip to Jama Grotta Baredine by using our Porec trip builder.


Located in a beautiful oak forest, near the city of Porec, it’s one of the largest Adventure parks in Croatia! Exceptional safety standards for children and adults enable you to enjoy a diverse offer Birthday parties, Colour tracks based on your age, the Giant swing which will take you to forest heights, free-fall will trigger an adrenaline rush alongside the Bike track for riding fans. Additionally, with the Human table football and the Footpool, you can enter the world of the biggest table football and billiard you have ever seen!

· 4 tracks
Starting with the children’s tracks, White and Yellow, which are designed for youngest users, professional guides will make sure that they have the time of their life! Orange and Red tracks, for adult users, you can expect flying cycling, rides on a zip line, testing your own strength and much more & no experience needed!

Would you like to know how it feels to swing on a height of 7 meters? Giant swing will make the best possible experience! lift you up and you will enjoy swinging on forest heights, with an extraordinary view and incomparable journey of adrenaline and excitement! You can even bring your friends and have a group swing with lots of laughter and fun!

· Quick Jump
If you’re looking for an extra thrill and stimulation of your adrenaline, then Quick Jump is the activity to try! While crossing selected tracks, you must try free-fall system which will raise your adrenaline levels and electrify your body; the best part of it, you don’t need any special physical preparation - eagerness to bungee jump is just enough!

· Zip line
Do you want to slide across our beautiful oak tree forest and park? With over 300 meters of pure fun, our zip line, with 5 tracks, will make an extraordinary adventure for family and friends! While special guides will prepare you for this exciting activity, you can freely shout while you go beyond the tracks and feel the sensation of flying!


The Marina Porec is a small marina situated in the centre of the town, i.e. in the southern part of the town port of Porec. In the immediate vicinity of the marina are various catering establishments and shops. Marina is rich history and cultural heritage, situated on the western coast of the Istrian peninsula. Porec is often regarded as one of the most visited tourist destinations in Croatia. So, expect bustling crowds. Marina Porec also gets crowded, especially in the high season. The town centre is just a 5-minute walk from the marina. The marina is well protected from winds and waves by the small island of Sveti Nikola (Saint Nicholas), as well as by the 160m long breakwater and 60m long pier, where the gas station and 5t crane are positioned. Although being mostly safe and well protected, swells are possible due to a strong north wind. The marina is open all year round.


Treat your family to a holiday in the stunning natural surroundings of Lanterna Premium Camping Resort, which stretches along 3 km of coast halfway between Novigrad and Porec. You'll love the spacious pitches, wide range of modern camping home themed villages, and exclusive glamping tents for families. Whichever accommodation option you choose, you'll enjoy peace and privacy surrounded by the shade of fragrant pines and oaks. While your kids have a great time in Aquamar Lanterna the family aquapark or children's Maro Club, you can relax on the sandy beach, have a refreshing cocktail in the bar, or enjoy an energising massage.

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