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About Vabriga

Vabriga is a small village in the Tar-Vabriga municipality in Istria County, Croatia. Six other villages make up the Tar-Vabriga municipality, which was established in 2006 after separating from Porec. It is a wonderful place with lovely views. It is bordered by Novigrad in the north and Poreč to the south. During clear weather, you can see as far as the Alps while at the same time the Tar church tower offers a lovely view of St. Marco church tower in Venice rising up on the opposite side of the Adriatic. The territory of Tar and Vabriga is intertwined with ancient history. Here several ancient artifacts have been found, such as the sixty million years old dinosaur foot prints, along with the bones and tusks of mammoths as well as the remnants left behind by prehistoric people from the past. In the present day, archeologists are still carrying out excavations, especially organizing them in the area of Cervar and Larun. In these areas, relics of the Roman Empire have been found, including the remains of Roman villas, old oil refineries, country villas of aristocrats and royal families, former amphorae factory and even ports and piers, which were flooded. There is also an inscription on the stone gable of the church of St. Martin and according to the inscription, Tar bay was visited by Pope Pius VII in the 1800s.


Tar-Vabriga is a region famous for its olive growing, and the locals are thought to be the makers of the best olive oils in the Mediterranean. Even in the past roughly two thousand years ago, the famous Roman writer, Marcus Valerius Martial referred to the olive oil of this region in his writings with praise, Uncto Corduba laetior Venafro, Histra nec minus absoluta testa (“You Cordoba, which is more fertile than oily Venafra and perfect as the oil from Istria”).


One of Tar Vabriga’s oldest occupations is fishing. Fishing in the Tarbay at present is still done in the same style as in the past. This has been evidenced by numerous documents which detail the methods used in ancient times. The bay is closed with a fishing net nearly two kilometers long, so that the fish is surrounded unable to escape and then the same fishing net, is pulled toward the end. Ultimately, the fishermen pull the net by its ends and close it. This way, the net  with the fish is pulled onto the boat.

Today there is life in the rustic Roman villas, oil refineries, country villas of Patricians and royal families, “factories” that produced amphoras, flooded ports and piers. Looking back this is an area where life has been going on in harmony with olive groves and vineyards. Almonds and figs wheat and vegetables played an important role as well. The inhabitants of Tar and Vabriga are still engaged in agriculture, and they may often be seen either driving a tractor or sailing a boat. Today they also provide prime catering and tourism facilities, and have established a friendly and hospitable atmosphere for all who visit. Their welcoming ambience offers various recreational activities, while the high quality cooking specialties and fine assortment of wines will satisfy even the most discerning taste buds.

Things to see, things to do in Vabriga

The beach of Tar-Vabriga is rightly amazing, just like majority of coastal sites associated with the Lanterna Peninsula. You definitely will not want here for anything! Visitors have plenty of options for enjoying their summer. These range from boating, swimming and nature trails. Bird watchers will especially find pleasure here in the numerous birds attracted by the convergence of River Mirna into the Adriatic Sea. The village of Vabriga also offers tasty food cooked in the famous olive oil. According to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, Tar valleys produce the best olive oil in Europe. The secret is in the optimal temperature of the region, which boosts the olive plant to make wonderful tasting olives. If you want a little more liveliness, every year in the beautiful church of St. Martin’s there are several notable musical events to attend. These are delightful concerts, which blend the acoustic elements with the visual, which offer a lovely evening the visitors will be hard-pressed to forget.


Near Tar you can see the cheese and dairy factory in the complex of Stancija, Spin. The region is where the secrets of the centuries-old tradition of sheep raising are known. Today's modern cheese and dairy factory is to be found right next to the old-fashioned Istrian farming houses. In The present day farmhouses holds a tavern, and reflects the ideal approach to the production of cheese: modern technology provides an accompaniment to the wisdom of centuries-old cheese dairy making methods and displays the wealth of the Istrian countryside. The factory products include cheese, which can be made from milk from cows and sheep to make a mixed cheese and specialties like cheese in Teran with truffles. Curds are also produced from sheep’s and cow’s milk.

For a fun way to explore the countryside, why not rent a horse and ride it through the beautiful scenery? The horse club in the Lanterna Tourist Resort offers these friendly animals on rent and thus provide a way to explore the charming landscapes of coastal Croatia. You can also go hiking and climbing, or simply explore the water and the beach. There are also cycling routes, go-karts, paintball, sailing, windsurfing, scuba diving and many more activities for the active. The nearest beach is Santa Marina, which is roughly 1.5 kilometers away; while within 200 meters there are various restaurants and shops where you can fulfill your shopping needs.

Vacation Rentals at Vabriga, Croatia

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