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Popular Split Destinations

About Split

Split is a city in the center of Dalmatia. It is a city enriched with a combination of historic Roman ruins, fine arts, exquisite Dalmatian food and wine, and natural beauty. You will have a blast touring around its cathedrals, shops, bars, and cafes.

One of the most prominent historical Roman spots in the city is Diocletian's Palace. The palace embraces the Temple of Jupiter, one of the most famous temples in the palace as well. There are plenty of restaurants, bars and cafes in the area to enjoy a Mediterranean, Roman inspired atmosphere, taste great food and sip delicious wine.


The city is popular for its amazing museums. Split City Museum is a great tourist stop in the city. It is restored in the Papalić Palace which represents a great example of the Gothic style. The inside of the museum has been completely renovated. Meštrović Gallery is also a must-visit attraction in Split. The museum itself was the home of Ivan Meštrović. You will enjoy the art Ivan in every sculpture in the museum as you tour around. Near the Meštrović Gallery is a great summer house converted into a museum. Kaštelet represents a series of 28 reliefs carved out of wood loosely illustrating the life of Christ.

The Museum of Fine Arts is also a famous art gallery in the city. It exhibits contemporary paintings, a wide collection of modern times art, as well as art dating far back to the Renaissance era.

If you want to enjoy a pure-Dalmatian meal, Split is your place to go! The city is famous for its amazing restaurants, cafes, and bars. Become a local and pamper yourself to a Dalmatian meal and wine in the stunning Roman-inspired Mediterranean atmosphere.

The beaches in Split are spectacular; you can enjoy water sports, bathe under the shining Croatian sun, and drift yourself away from the world.

•    Grab a glass of beer, enjoy music and the beautiful Mediterranean weather in the starry sky of the Royal Square in Split. Nothing like beautiful music, a cold beer, and a great company!

•    If you want to cook your fresh seafood meal, head to the  Fish and Seafood Market. Buy your fresh fish, squid, calamari or any of the great options of seafood offered, take it back to your vacation rental, and cook it to your taste! Cheers!