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Popular Tkon Destinations

About Tkon

Tkon is the largest town on the island of Pasman. It is located in Zadar County and is connected by ferry to the mainland town of Biograd na Moru.


Beach lovers have plenty of options to enjoy the great beaches of Tkon.

Some of the stunning beaches are Vruljica and Juznja. If you are a sports lover, Tkon is your city to visit! It is the original birthplace of Škraping, which is a trekking race including running and orientation. You can also enjoy many other sports activities such as windsurfing, sailing, and diving. If you want to enjoy land sports, you can play soccer, basketball or enjoy a run in the great Mediterranean weather!

Tkon is also originally a small fishing small town where locals go fishing and clam-harvesting in the Pasman Canal. Locals also rely on agriculture and cattle breeding. It is a small haven to enjoy the beautiful weather and escape into a relaxing vocational mood.

Just like it is famous being a great place to enjoy sports, it is also a great place for history explorers! Being the home of many historical sites such as Saint Thomas Parish Church, Kuzma and St. Damian, the Church of Our Lady of Seven Sorrows among any others.

Here are some tips about Tkon:

•    Many interesting festivals are held in Tkon. Enjoy seafood, wine, music, and dancing at the Fishermen Night! Another interesting festival at Tkon is Latinsko Idro!

•     Enjoy a domestic meal in Tkon at Mulo, Maestral, and Sovinje. You will love the authentic Dalmatian food offered!