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About Egypt

Egypt, an African country between the Red Sea and the Mediterranean offers a unique face of the continent. Land of pyramids and mummies, the Nile, Egypt offers a huge choice of trips. The discovery of the pyramids is certainly the most common, the most economical too. However, a romantic cruise on the Nile allows you to discover Egypt in a new light and offers breathtaking views. Trekking in the desert, for the more athletic, allows nature and authentic discovery. The Red Sea is one of the world's diving Mecca as well. Funds clear and rich in fish and corals, waters with changing colors, turquoise to emerald green, many clubs that offer baptisms and dives for confirmed ...Egypt makes you discover the wonderful sights: the Pyramids of Giza, Memphis, Valley of Kings, Cairo, Luxor, Sphynx, Alexandria, Aswan, Red Sea, Quoseir, Hurghada, Sinai, Sharm el-Sheikh ...

Vacation rental at Egypt:

Egypt discovered through a journey on the Nile, a mythical river, over which one gradually discovers Pharaonic temples. These constitute the Egyptian cultural heritage, one of the richest in the world, and one of the best preserved. Egypt is also the Pyramids Gyseh, the desert, the capital of Cairo, the northern coastal resorts, and those overlooking the Red Sea. The latter has some of the most beautiful and famous seabeds in the world. A trip to Egypt will be ideal for those who love history coupled with breathtaking tours in the footsteps of antiquity. During your cruise on the Nile or to discover the Red Sea, you will enjoy strolling in the souks, drinking tea and talking with locals who are very welcoming. It is unfortunate that the country is under tension gave the beauty and the treasures it contains. Cuddlynest brings you budget-friendly and hassle-free vacation rental packages for booking an entire house, apartment, villa, condo or cabin of 3-11 beds at $32-$319 for your stay with your family at the stunning Egypt.

The monuments:

  • Abu Simbel:

Surely the most impressive and famous temples, the two temples of Abu Simbel are famous for the four huge statues posted at the entrance, in honor of Ramses II. The second temple is dedicated to the goddess Hathor, who was the wife of Ramses II.

  • Philae:

South of Aswan, the temple of Philae has incredible beauty. Submerged by the waters until the 70s, it shines today. It was Isis who was venerated there. On the island, you can discover the Kiosque Trajan, a beautiful building, better preserved because it was not under the water before.

  • The Lac Nasser sites:

Other sites exist in the Lac Nasser region, but are less important than those mentioned above, not without being less beautiful. You can find the three temples of Wadi-es-Seboua (or Wadi-es-Seboua): that of the same name, Dakka, and Maharraqa. Then follow those of Kalabsha , Amada , and Derr . They are part of the fourteen temples saved by Unesco.

  • Surroundings of Aswan:

The mausoleum of Aga Khan overlooks the city of Aswan and the Nile Valley. It is here that lies the body of Aga Khan III who was a leader of a sect in the past. Behind this mausoleum, You can discover the monastery of St. Simeon, the largest and oldest Romanesque church in Egypt.

  • Luxor and its environs:

In the present-day city, the temple of Luxor dedicated to the god Amon, was built at the request of Amenhotep III, then its construction evolved under Tutankhamun and Ramses II. It is recognizable by its sphinx alley and its two obelisks. Three kilometers north of Luxor, the temples of Karnak still represent today the largest religious group in the world.

  • Pyramids of Giza:

This is the oldest tourist site in the world, and it attracts crowds. The Pyramid of Cheops is the only one of the seven wonders of the world that still exists. On-site, the whole is conducive to snapshots with camels and sand dunes. There is no shortage of the Giza Sphinx which is the largest monolithic monumental sculpture in the world.

  • Pyramids of Saqqara:

15km from Giza, the site of Saqqara is a funerary complex that extends from the Old Kingdom (2700 BC) to the Ptolemaic period (10th century CE), on which is located the pyramid Step by step to Djeser, the oldest stone monument in the world. The whole site is very well restored, which allows taking full advantage of it.

  • Beni Hassan:

South of Al-Minya, the Beni Hassan necropolis has about 40 tombs, some of which have been decorated with exceptional frescoes. The view from the cliffs is superb.

  • Abydos:

The sacred city of Abydos is also interesting for its mural frescoes in the temple which was the center of worship of Osiris.

  • Kharga:

In the middle of the Lybian desert, 330km west of Luxor, the oasis of Kharga comes out of nowhere. If you visit, visit the Hibis Temple and the Bagawat Necropolis.

Mediterranean coast:

The north coast of Egypt, overlooking the Mediterranean is unfortunately devoid of interest, the violent history has made the beaches ugly. However, the city of Alexandria stands out, and its visit is remarkable. Having nothing to envy in the big city of Cairo, Alexandria is cosmopolitan and has a very Mediterranean style. World famous for its famous lighthouse, the city is visited in a few key points: the

Red Sea:

The Red Sea region is in the middle of a tourist explosion, and the seaside resorts that have emerged since the 90s are constantly growing and coming out of the ground. Tourists flock from all over the world for its magnificent seabed. They are among the most beautiful on earth, and it is not anything to say it: fishes, corals, wrecks, and many colors! The choice snorkeling (just mask and snorkel) or real scuba diving with a bottle will delight all the followers of the diving of the beginner to the expert. Those who are not comfortable in the water will not mind as the beaches are beautiful in the area.

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