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About Estonia

Estonia, known officially as the Republic of Estonia or Eesti Vabariik in Estonian, is a country in the north of Europe. Estonia is known among travelers for its fascinating mixture of Slavic, Russian, Scandinavian and overall unique cultures. It is a land of beauty, with landscapes ranging from the lovely coastlines of the Baltic Sea and the Finnish Gulf to the lush forests around Tartu in the south. The region of Estonia has been inhabited since 9000 B.C. at least. The areas of Northern and Western Estonia belonged in the Scandinavian cultural sphere during the Viking Age.[34] Estonia was not a unified country during the Viking Age, and the area of Ancient Estonia was divided among loosely allied regions. The Viking Age in Estonia, from 400 AD to 1200 AD, is often considered part of the Iron Age period. After centuries of rule by Germans, Danes, Swedes, Poles and ultimately the Russians, a distinct Estonian national identity began to develop in the 19th and early 20th centuries that concluded in independence from Russia in 1920 after a war at the end of World War I. The present day Estonia is like a fairytale with its castles, forts, medieval architecture, and twisting alleyways and paths that take visitors on an unforgettable adventure. With CuddlyNest, you can find that perfect holiday destination to make your stay even more comfortable and tranquil.

Things to do, things to see


Estonia’s magnificent capital is defined by the mighty peaks of Toompea Hill; rising amidst a medley of medieval bulwarks and Orthodox onion domes right in the heart of the town. Below this stretches out a walled city, where stone-paved streets and narrow alleyways lead to a market square and interestingly named keeps like ‘Fat Margaret’ overshadow the crenulated fortifications. The city glitters with historical monuments and the lively collection of shops, beer halls and Estonian eateries. Despite its small size, this medieval capital has a lot to show and in fact has quite a few places worth seeing, such as the labyrinth of 17th-century tunnels with hundreds of secret passageways under Tallinn’s old town.

NUKU Theatre and Museum

NUKU Theatre and Museum is one of the more entertaining attractions in Tallinn, Estonia. No matter what age you are, you will love the many things to see and do at the museum including trying on different get-ups in the Costume Room, passing through the Cellar of Horrors, or exploring the fascinating Tunnel of Masks. There is also a puppetry museum, where visitors interact with puppets for understanding this old Estonian art form. The museum and theatre organize many shows throughout the year as well.

Lahemaa National Park

The name Lahemaa originates from the North Estonian coast, where four large peninsulas are separated from each other by four bays, leading to its name Lahemaa roughly translated as "Land of Bays". The national park with its many trails is located on the northern coast of Estonia and besides nature is home to a variety of activities like water sports, hiking, and more. The area is rich in flora and fauna, while the landscape features many raised bogs, along with the 7000-year-old Laukasoo Reserve. The park teems with wildlife like red deer, boars, wolves, bears and lynxes, and cranes stop here on their way to the Bosphorus and Egypt. There are beautiful pine and cliff forests, rivers, seashores full of sand and stones. The national park is quite flat with its highest point rising to around 115m above sea level. If you are visiting the park in summer, rent a camping pod and enjoy the park for few days.


If you want that relaxing beach holiday, Pärnu is the perfect place with lovely white sandy beaches, along with restaurants, cocktail bars, and relaxing spas. Pärnu is especially famous since it is known for ‘the best sun in Estonia’. Besides being a summer destination, it is also a beautiful medieval city famous for old bathhouses usable even in winter as the city specializes in historical mud baths. The history of the mud bathhouses can be traced back to 1836, and was even popular during the Soviet occupation. This part of Estonia is ideal for a relaxing romantic getaway for sure!


Tartu is one of the largest cities in Estonia, famous for being home to student that attend one of the oldest universities in Northern Europe. With its youthful spirit and intellectual nightlife, Tartu is a unique place. Tartu has heaps of museums, cafes, theatres and concert halls, including an imposing museum of well-preserved KGB cells in the basement of the ‘Grey House’. All in all, it is a paradise and the landmark of scientific and creative culture.

The Jagala Waterfall

The Jagala Waterfall holds the record for as the highest and broadest natural waterfall in Estonia, rising to a height of eight meters and a width of fifty meters. The waterfall originates from the Jagala River and ultimately flows into the Gulf of Finland. Whether you visit during the summer or winter – no problem, the views are great at any time! During the summer the waterfall flows into the lush greenery that surrounds it, while if you visit the winter season you will be able to see the breathtaking sight of this immense waterfall frozen solid and packed with large icicles glittering in the sun. A spectacular sight for sure! One of the more exciting features of the waterfall in winter is that the icicles from the waterfall and the frozen water on the wall of the waterfall lead to the formation of a unique tunnel of ice that is absolutely magnificent to behold.

Vacation rentals at Estonia

One of Europe’s best-kept enigmas, Estonia is a small country with a lot of heart and worth a visit. CuddlyNest offers a wide selection of budget-friendly rental properties for your stay, and with the powerful search engine, you can make sure your basic amenities are covered as well. So make the most of your stay with CuddlyNest!

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