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About Alimos

In South Athens, there is a municipality named Alimos which was formed in 1968. It consists of the suburban seaside town of Kalamaki, two settlements and the inland community of Trachones. According to the census of 2011 it had 41,720 inhabitants.

Vacation rental at Alimos:

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Tourist attractions at Alimos

Visit the Acropolis:

The Acropolis is, without a doubt, the best-known attraction in Athens. A visit to this monument is, therefore, an absolute must during your stay! The Greek word "Acropolis" literally means "the highest point of the city." Although strangely enough, it is not the highest point of Athens, the mountain is certainly not small; the Akropolis mountain has a height of 156 meters. Exchange your slippers for sneakers and climb this mountain to visit the historic temples at the top. Oh, and enjoy the beautiful view en route!

Dream away in the National Archaeological Museum:

Do you want to discover more about Greek archeology? Then go to the National Archaeological Museum, one of the largest museums in the world. View the statues, dream away with the old jewels, and enjoy beautiful paintings.

Stroll through the trendy Psiri district:

Just a fifteen-minute walk from the Acropolis you can see Athens from a completely different side. The Psiri district is one of the hip neighborhoods of the city. Look out for yourself in the streets full of street art, shop stuff made by emerging designers and listen to live music in one of the many taverns. With a large selection of Greek restaurants and bars where you can drink ouzo, you immediately feel like a Greek local.

Relax on the beach:

Did you know that Athens has more than 50 kilometers of coastline? Enough space to lay down your towel! The beaches are in the south of the city, about 10 km from the center. They are easily accessible by public transport. No fewer than 14 beaches have the Blue Flag seal of approval; this indicates that they are safe and hygienic. Prefer a little more action? Various water sports are offered on a large part of the beaches. It will be good if you to go to the coast at the Glyfada neighborhood. Although it is not the closest beach from the center, you will find nice places to go out and have dinner around the beach.

Shopping in Kolonaki:

Do you enjoy (window) shopping, drinking cocktails and people watching? Then visit the Kolonaki district. Here you will find the Greeks after their working day in restaurants and trendy bars. The many boutiques also make this area very popular among shopping enthusiasts, who can wave their credit card here. That will save!

Going out in Gazi:

Feel like dancing after your day in Athens until the early hours of the morning? Then go to the trendy district of Gazi. This is the heart of Athenian nightlife. We recommend Technopolis, a former gas factory that has been transformed into a cultural hotspot. Many events take place here, such as festivals, concerts, exhibitions, and theater performances. Mix with Athenian locals for an unforgettable evening out!

Hit the markets:

Do you love wandering about markets during your vacation? Then, on Sunday, definitely walk into Ifaistou Street, which on this day will be transformed into a large flea market, spread over this street and the side streets. Vintage enthusiasts cannot have fun here! Explore more markets? In Athinas street, you will find a daily market with a wide selection of meat, fish, vegetables, and fruit. Ideal to buy something tasty for during a short walk.

Sample Greek specialties:

For us, one of the nicest things to do on holiday is discovering local dishes. In Athens, for example, eat souvlaki, grilled skewers of chicken, lamb, or pork. Or order gyros, which at first glance reminds you of shawarma, but still taste different. Do you bet you like it? One of the places to sample Greek cuisine is the lively Monastiraki square, right in the center.

Climb the Lycabettus hill:

Although the Acropolis is already high, the highest point of Athens is the Lycabettus hill. This protrudes to 277 meters above sea level! The myth about this hill is that goddess Athens wanted to build the Acropolis even higher, but accidentally dropped a large piece of stone in the middle of the city. That is how the Lycabettus hill was created. So time to see this with your own eyes!

Climb up and enjoy the magnificent view of Athens.

Make your Greek sandals:

Greece is known among fashion lovers for its Greek gladiator sandals. How nice would it be to make your pair? This is possible in the streets Adrianou, Theklas, and Normanou. Fun: a personal souvenir for the home front or new footwear to go through the streets during the Dutch spring/summer!

Visit the Panathenaic Stadium:

A visit to the Panathenaic Stadium is worth it.  Imagine yourself as an Olympic champion and go for a sprint in the stadium where the great athletes once stood! Climb to the upper grandstand, where you can enjoy the view of the Acropolis, the Lycabettus Mountain, and the National Garden.

Relax in the National Garden:

The National Garden city park.  Go here in the heat of the day for the necessary cooling in the hot summer months.

Go to an opera:

Maybe not the cheapest option during your city trip to Athens, but one that you will always remember: visiting a Greek opera. In the middle of the center, you will find the national opera house, where you can attend the ballet, theater, and opera performances in an open-air theater. Immerse yourself in Greek culture and enjoy a beautiful show!

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