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About Thessaloniki

 The second-largest city in Greece and the capital of Greek Macedonia, Thessaloniki is famous across the world for endless reasons. Also known as Salonika, the city has given many poets, musicians, and thinkers to the world. The city is said to be first established back in 316 B.C. Thessaloniki was the wife of Kassandros who created this city after the name of her wife. Thessaloniki was also the half-sister of Alexander the Great. If you read history, you'll find the city an important one at the time of the Byzantine Empire. 

It was 1913 when Thessaloniki became a part of today’s Greece. To this day, many famous Greek personalities like Dionysus, Stelios Kazantzides, Marinella, and Nikos Papazoglou have come from this city. Today’s Thessaloniki is a modern bustling city that is full of squares, avenues, parks, and various tourist spots. There are many old houses and neoclassical buildings that can take you back to history. To accommodate both local and foreign tourists, the city has also got many big and small vacation rentals.

What Thessaloniki Offers You

When it comes to tourism, Thessaloniki is indeed a perfect city for you. The modern dwellings, old taverns, stylish restaurants, luxury bars, theatres, sidewalk cafes, and street pavements attract thousands of tourists from different countries. There are various Macedonian specialties that you can find at the old taverns and plenty of basement pastry shops. 

If you go near the water, the White Tower is one of the wow-factors to see. Near this tower, there are many other interesting names to explore: the International Trade fairgrounds, bars, clubs, are few of them. If you go inside the White Tower, it’s a symbol of Greek history that it portrays as a museum of art. The two main squares in Thessaloniki are Platia Aristotelous and Platia Elefterias. Both these squares are waterfront, and the chain of restaurants and cafes along with them add more beauty to them. With all these things to explore, the city welcomes tourists in its highly-facilitated vacation rentals that you can book at affordable rates via CuddlyNest. 

CuddlyNest Provides Vacation Rentals in Thessaloniki

 CuddlyNest is a reliable platform to book your favorite vacation rentals in Thessaloniki prior to arrival in the city. Having a team of travel experts, we make sure that each of our guests is provided better facilities at lower rates. We come to offer lower rates than others because we have direct links with the local rental property owners in Thessaloniki and all other cities of Greece. 

We provide vacation rentals in Greece, Italy, France, Croatia, Spain, Florida, Switzerland, Argentina, and many other countries. In case you own a property in Thessaloniki and looking forward to receiving guests, you can list it on our site to make consistent money through us. The best about our rental properties in and around Thessaloniki is that they all are located near some of the best tourist attractions in the city.  

Top Attractions in and around Thessaloniki

  • White Tower of Thessaloniki

The White Tower is one of the most-visited tourist spots in Thessaloniki, a beautiful waterfront city. Replaced by the old Byzantine fortification, this tower is both a museum and monument. The tower became famous when it was used as a prison and place for mass executions in the rule of Ottoman. After Greece gained control of Thessaloniki back in 1912, the tower was remodeled and whitewashed. 

The two looks like a cylindrical drum of around 34 m in height and 23 m in diameter. There is also a turret on the top of the tower. On each of the six floors, there is a central room inside the tower. Today's tower also houses a museum that is dedicated to the history and cultures of the city of Thessaloniki. You can book a luxury vacation rental near this White House at affordable rates from CuddlyNest.

  • The Arch of Galerius

Also known as ‘Kamara', the Arch of Galerius is one of the most famous Roman monuments of the city. After the White Tower, this particular place is the most visited attraction. Both locals and foreigners overwhelmingly visit Kamara with their friends and families. You will be amazed to see the distinguished Roman monuments across the city. 

The buildings from the 4th century AD portray a strong decorative and narrative character of the history of Thessaloniki. The sculptured decoration particularly attracts tourists and archeology lovers. This triumphal arch of Galerius is also one of the top meetings places where the city people and foreign visitors meet. We can provide you vacation rentals with adequate modern facilities near Kamara.

  • Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki

The archeological museum holds many artifacts from the prehistoric, classical, and Roman periods. You can find this museum in ‘Manoli Andronikou’ that is located in the center of the city. It’s easy to find it from every part of the city. The museum is famous for its excellent exhibits and quite rare collections. There are a variety of Greek and Roman exhibits that’ll impress you here. 

The museum was completely re-organized in 2003. Today, there are six different thematic units that are permanent, and many temporary exhibitions are held annually in which some rare piece of art and culture are brought from different countries. You don't need to worry if you have disables with you as the museum has a feasible passage for them. CuddlyNest can provide your vacation rentals with all kinds of facilities near this museum.

  • Alexander the Great Monument

Your trip to Thessaloniki will remain incomplete if you don’t see the great monument of Alexander the Great. You can find this monument right by the sea in Nea Paralia that is a famous tourist area of the city, next to the Royal Theatre and White Tower. The monument represents Alexander the Great on his famous horse ‘Voukefalas’.

Even if you have seen the monument in the past, you must come to see again as the whole area has been reconstructed. There is enough area near the monument to walk, jog, and for biking also. The newly constructed thematic park near the monument is also worth watching. 

So, book your favorite vacation rentals in Thessaloniki from CuddlyNest and explore this famous city of thick history and vibrant cultures!

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