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About Skiathos

Hugging the small island of Skiathos in Greece is the northwestern part of the deep blue Aegean Sea that pulls tourists towards this beautiful holiday destination. This is one of the several islands that make up the Northern Sporades and happens to be the island that is located at the western end of this group. These islands are towards the east of the peninsula called Pelion situated in Magnesia in the Greek mainland. If you are arriving to Skiathos from Skopelos Island you will have to travel westwards to reach it. Historical records narrate how the Persian King Xerxes had his fleet trapped in a storm near the Coast of Skiathos Island in 480BC. After this event, the Greeks created a blockade around the seas here so that Persians would not be able to attack the mainland or give supplies the army that was up against the Spartans who were protecting the pass situated in Thermopylae. Once the Persians faced defeat at Artemisium, the island of Skiathos was absorbed into the Delian League. In the year 1207, the island was conquered by the Ghisi brothers who constructed the Bourtzi Fortress quite close to the town of Skiathos in order to defend the capital from frequent attacks by pirates. Unfortunately, this plan failed and the capital was shifted but it was established back on its original place in 1803 where the present day site of the town exists. The Byzantines captured Skiathos Island once again in the 1270s and the developed the town until 1453 when Constantinople fell leading to the transfer of power to the Republic of Venice. Later on the Ottomans seized the entirety of the Northern Sporades in 1538. There are various religious and cultural influences found in the island today due to this constant struggle for power. Monks arrived from Athos in 1704 and ended up establishing the Evangelistria Monastery in Skiathos which served as a hiding place for the rebellious Greeks during the War of Independence in the country. When the flag of Greece was finalized in 1807 this is where it was first flown making it a site of national significance. The shipbuilding industry of the island has been thriving since the 19th century thanks to the lush pine forests which because threatened. While they were saved due to the trend of steamboats, the residents preserved traditions by having a place to build traditional caiques of Greece.            

Vacation rentals in Skiathos

The most popular holiday accommodations in the town are houses in Skiathos that have been designed in the traditional style as well as modern architecture. You may look through the listings on the website of CuddlyNest which will show you a variety of beautiful houses and apartments in Skiathos. Try using the search filter to figure out which places have the appropriate number of rooms and facilities that you have been looking for.  

Tourist attractions in Skiathos

You will love strolling through the streets of the town exploring the traditional food and local crafts which are sold at the markets of Skiathos. The cuisine of the island depends on the seasonal catch, fruits and vegetables available during the year. You will enjoy trying unique delicacies and exotic flavors. There are several places of historical importance on the island which have their own stories that you may learn about through guided tours.  Have fun on the gorgeous beaches of Skiathos with your friends and family. Take a walk along the trails of the lush pine forests lining the coast of this island.

Papadiamantis House Museum

Alexandros Papadiamandis has great influence on Greek literature because of his short stories, novels and poems. His short stories are the most popular among his works and strike a chord with the residents of the island. Many of his stories have Skiathos as the backdrop and they are fantastic reads for people who wish to learn about everyday life on the island in the old days. While he was born in a different house, the Papadiamantis House Museum is the 19th century house where he grew up as a young boy destined to be an amazing author and poet. You may enjoy the exhibitions within the building for an affordable fee.  

Bourtzi Peninsula

While you are having a great holiday on Skiathos Island don’t forget to travel a bit to reach the Bourtzi Peninsula that separates the port of Skiathos into two sections. In the old days, there was a fortress here that was constructed under the orders of the Ghisi brothers who reigned over the islands in 1207. This fortress was built in order to prevent attacks by pirates on the capital but it was not successful in its purpose leading to the capital’s location being shifted around. Standing before the main entrance you will see the two grand towers standing tall on both sides of the large gate. It is speculated that a church might have existed here before giving the fortress the name, the Castle of Saint George.  

Elia Beach

If you are looking for a popular beach to enjoy various recreational activities with your loved ones then head over to Elia Beach on Skiathos Island. This is a sandy beach with some pebbles scattered here and there. Overall, you will love sunbathing or playing outdoor sports on Elia Beach in different seasons. This is an amazing place for swimming or diving in the Northern Sporades. It only takes a pleasant walk lasting 15 to 20 minutes through the lush pine forests to reach this beach. Nearby you will find cool cafés and bars where you may have light snacks or drinks.   

Moni Evaggelistrias

The Moni Evaggelistrias is one of the most famous religious sites in the group of islands known as the Northern Sporades. This present day monastery was actually constructed on the remains of an ancient monastery. Niphon was the head of the monks who came here from Agion Oros and built this magnificent place of worship between the years 1794 to 1806.

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