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About Hong Kong

Hong Kong (HK) is a special administrative region in China. Though Hong Kong was transferred to China back in 1997, the system of government of this territory is still separate from China and the people of this Hong Kong are more called as Hongkongers than Chinese. Hong Kong is famous all over the world for its one of the most significant commercial ports. 

When it comes to most skyscrapers, Hong Kong leads from the front. It has the largest number of skyscrapers that surround the famous Victoria Harbor. Most people from this territory live a longer life than other parts of the world. The city has also got vacation rentals in huge quality to welcomes millions of tourist who come here every year from different countries. 

What Hong Kong Offers You

Tourism plays a notable role in the economy of this territory. A huge number of Chinese and other nationals visit Hong Kong for different purposes. Some people come here for business meetings while many others choose this territory to spend their holidays. The number of visitors happens to be in millions and most people come from mainland China, Taiwan, South Korea, Japan, United States, Philippines, and many other countries. 

Whether the skyscraper skyline, the Ocean Park, the Ping Shan Heritage Trail, Mongkok Markets, or the Venice of Hong Kong, you have endless attractions to pay a visit to. The territory has got many islands including the Victoria Peak, Victoria Harbor, Repulse Bay, Lan Kwai Fong, and others. The international Chinese New Year Parade also attracts thousands of foreign tourists from all over the world. To accommodate tourists, Hong Kong has got many luxury and affordable vacation rentals with adequate modern facilities.

CuddlyNest Provides Vacation Rentals in Hong Kong

 Having links with the local rental owners in the territory, CuddlyNest comes to offer highly-facilitated vacation rentals in Hong Kong at affordable rates. Through our platform, you can go through a wide range of big and small rental properties and can book any of them prior to your arrival here. We also cover all the cities in mainland China.

CuddlyNest is a platform with global existence and it allows you to book vacation rentals online in many countries including China, France, Italy, Greece, Croatia, Spain, Switzerland, Mexico, and wherever there is tourism. We have a professional team of travel experts who make sure that each of our clients is provided maximum facilities at affordable rates. The best thing about our vacation rentals in Hong Kong is that they are located near the best attractions of the territory. 

Top Attractions in and around Hong Kong

  • Victoria Peak

Also known as Mount Aunt, Victoria Peak is the highest hill located on Hong Kong Island. The peak is one of the top tourist attractions in Hong Kong and many people visit it to experience the spectacular views of Central, Lamma Island, Victoria Harbor, and many other islands in the surroundings. In the surrounding area of the peak, there are many parks and vast residential land. Providing a stunning view of the city, the Peak welcomes more than 7 million tourists every year. The Peak Tram, the Peak Tower, the Peak Galleria, the Peak Lookout, and there are many other attractions you will hear about from people who come here to spend holidays from different countries.

On your visit to the Peak, you won't forget the beautiful day and night views of Victoria Harbor. The Peak Tram also provides you a great opportunity to gather some unforgettable moments with your beloved ones. The selfies taken at the peak or a restaurant will always be there in your phone to recall you a fantabulous trip to this place. 

  • Hong Kong Disneyland

Hong Kong Disneyland is one of the wow-factors of this territory. It’s a unique and special attraction of the city that allows you to come close to the Chinese culture. In case you are visiting it for the first time, it’ll surely be a wonderful experience for you. This wonderland has got many scenic spots and theme attractions that’ll take you into another world. 

People overwhelmingly come here with their kids to meet Mickey Mouse and lots of other Disney friends. Chinese and Asian restaurants offer a variety of local and international items. ‘Main Street, USA' is the first theme park here. While wandering here, you'll feel that you have come in the early 20th century America. 

In case you love adventures, you must visit its ‘Adventureland’, where you will be guided by a brave captain into some hidden regions. Many animals including elephants, cobras, hippos, and others will welcome you in this ‘Adventureland’. CuddlyNest can provide your vacation rentals at affordable rates near Disneyland.  

Ocean Park Hong Kong 

Ocean Park is a famous theme park in Hong Kong that was opened in 1977. Since its opening, the park has successfully attracted millions of tourists every year. The park features animals, exciting shows, and many thrill rides. The area of this huge park is more than 900,000 square meters, so you can easily spend a full day here with your friends or family. 

The two most famous attractions in the park include ‘the Summit' and ‘the Waterfront'. Both these attractions are connected with Ocean Express train and a cable car. Inside the park, there is a Marriott Hotel also that you can book at discounted rates through CuddlyNest. You can enjoy a comfortable night in this hotel after spending a whole day exploring the wonders of the park and taking selfies with your beloved ones.  CuddlyNest can also provide you affordable vacation rentals near this park. 


Central is the most important part of this territory. It is actually Hong Kong’s central business district where business never stops. Located across the Victoria Harbor, central is also the heart of the city of Victoria in Hong Kong. 

Central is famous for its huge skyscrapers, squares, important government and historical buildings, places of worship, parks, hotels, and adequate entertainment areas. On your visit to central, you must visit the Victoria Peak, Lan Kwai Fong, and Star Ferry. 

Ready to spend holidays in Hong Kong? Book vacation rentals prior to your arrival via CuddlyNest to spend comfortable nights!

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