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About Ubud

 Ubud is a town in the Bali province of Indonesia and the regency of Gianyar. Bali is an island which is known for its nature preservation, excursions, sights, and culture. It is often known as the arts and culture center of Indonesia or Asia as a whole. With a total population of 74,320 inhabitants, the town welcomes up to 3 million tourists each year. The area surrounding the town consists of rice paddles, small farms, tourist accommodations, and agroforestry plantations. In 2018, the town received more guests than Denpasar as well. The town is guarded by villages named Campuhan, Penestanan, Peliatan, and Batuan.

Legend says that the famous Javanese priest named "Rsi Markendya" meditated at the convergence of the two rivers at Ubud when he found a temple which is now a pilgrim site for many. The town got its name from a word in Balinese which means "medicine" as the town is a source of many important plants and herbs for medicines. In the 19th century, feudal lords settled in Ubud and sworn allegiance to the king of Gianyar. They became important members of the town and were a fan of the city's increasing artistic qualities. Tourism started in the town after the arrival of Walter Spies, a famous Russian-born German who taught the Balinese the art of painting, music, and dance.

What The Town Offers Today

Ubud is a place where numbered days are never enough to get over the calmness and beauty of the place. No matter how much you explore or enjoy the town, you will never get enough of it and will certainly never want to leave. The town has been the setting to many novels and movies proving to this fact. Famous due to the seductive nature of this most cultured of all Balinese town, the town is a dream for millions of youngsters and many romantically married couples. The colorful offerings decorate the streets, gamelan is continuously singing in the background to relax your mind to make you memorize each and every sensation that you feel about Balinese culture.

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Traveling To Ubud
Ubud is a beautiful town in the Bali province of Indonesia and the regency of Gianyar. Ubud does not have any personal airport and there is only 1 airport on the island that is of Ngurah Rai International Airport which is officially known as "I Gusti Ngurah Rai International Airport". The airport is at a distance of 30 kilometers from the town of Ubud. Otherwise, you can take a cruise or a ferry to the Benoa Port which is at a distance of 32 kilometers from the beautiful city.  

Museums of Ubud

Ubud has invested too much on its enhancement of several elements that can increase tourism within the area. Building museums was one of the various forms of investment. The majority being the art museums are the main reasons why more and more people call Ubud as the art and culture hub of Bali or Indonesia. These museums are mind-blowingly beautiful with art pieces which will simply leave you dazzled and you will want to look at these, again and again, to understand their true meaning, soak in their true essence and to memorize them in your head. Some of these museums of Ubud are mentioned below:

  • Blanco Renaissance Museum
  • Puri Lukisan Museum
  • Neka Art Museum
  • Agung Rai Museum of Art
  • Museum Rudana 

Temples of Ubud
Considering the fact that Hinduism is the major and official religion of the province of Bali, there are several temples in the region of Ubud that are definitely worth a visit. These temples are magnificent and visiting them might result in observing several Hindu traditions which are a visual treat. Their way of praying, the deities and the architecture of the temples make them some of the most visited ones in Asia. Some of these famous and beautiful temples of Ubud are mentioned below

  • Pura Tamam Saraswati
  • Pura Penataran Sasih 

Natural Preserves of Ubud
Including eye-opening journeys of getting amused and astonished with the mixture of sights, landmarks, and experiences, locations that this city of the island of Bali have to offer are mesmerizing. If you are a fan of nature or the wilds, Ubud is definitely the place you want to visit. You can stop by the Monkey Forest and get acquainted with the aggressive grey-haired and long-tailed Balinese macaques or you can make your way to the famous bird sanctuary of the area are behold the lovely rare species. Some of these nature preserves are listed below

  • Petulu
  • Mandala Wisata Wanara Wana (a.k.a. Ubud Monkey Forest)

Ubud Palace
Ubud is one of the most important cities of the province of Bali as it is home to the royal families of Bali and even Indonesia. Most of the Royal Palace of Ubud was built after the earthquake of 1917. You can roam in the compound and appreciate the traditional buildings. You can stop by and praise the stone carving by many noted local artists. The palace has a private temple for the royal family as well. The temple is called "Pura Marajan Agung".

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