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About Capranica

The municipality of Capranica is located in the province of Viterbo in Lazio. There are 55km between this commune and the orbital highway known as the GRA. If you are visiting the center of Rome you may travel 66km to the municipality of Capranica. In the old times, this area was known as Tuscia which in turn is the ancient name of Southern Etruria. This was the center of the power of the Etruscans before the Romans seized control of Lazio in Italy. The time of the Etruscan rulers dates back to the 9th to 3rd century B.C. The rich heritage of this culture is evident in several parts of Italy where the remains of their buildings still exist. You will come across many archaeological sites that you may take guided tours of in Lazio. There are several burial grounds and fortifications with intricate architecture reflecting the Etruscan heritage. One of the most interesting archaeological sites is present in Valle Cappellana. The fields here have a pair of decorated tombs with 2 chambers each when you are travelling between Cura and Blera. Those who are staying at the municipality of Capranica you may travel north to reach this place. Capranica was established at a point in the middle of southern and central Etruria. There is a famous story that speaks of the creation of this settlement. It is said that the 8th century A.D. goat herders from the village of Vicus Matrini came here in an attempt to escape the Lombards who had invaded their land. Therefore, it is said that the settlement’s name is derived from the word “capra” which refers to a goat. The commune was mentioned in the journey of King Charlemagne when he was going to for his coronation as Emperor of Rome. The municipality of Capranica did not have a peaceful history and the people always had to be prepared to defend themselves from invaders. The palace built by the noble family of Anquillara is still present in Capranica. This family had great contribution in the promotion of the arts and architecture in Lazio. In fact, the twin sons of this family are buried in San Francesco within the Renaissance section of the commune. While the French Revolution caused some unrest at the borders, Napoleon rule that stretched between the years 1804 to 1815 brought stability to this region. There is much to see and enjoy in the village and its surrounding settlements as a tourist who is travelling through Lazio.                   

Vacation rentals in Capranica

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Tourist attractions in Capranica

The village of Capranica in Lazio is a beautiful tourist destination of Italy where you may go to enjoy a peaceful holiday. Treat yourself to delicacies made from the finest produce as you experience the authentic country life of Italy. There are incredible places in this region which are known for their natural beauty. Visit the lakes, mountains, parks and churches of Capranica.

Lake Vico

If you are visiting the northern area of Lazio in Central Italy, you can enjoy one of the lakes in the country with the highest elevation at 510m. The Lake Vico lays in two municipalities namely Caprarola and Ronciglione. Standing before the lake you will be mesmerized by the sight of Lake Vico sitting at the foot of the Cimini Hills. A trip to this place would not be complete without hiking Mount Fogliano which stands at 965m and Mount Venere which is 851m high. The lake is actually situated in the natural reserve that is named after the lake itself. Legend has it that Lake Vico was created when the hero Hercules swung his huge club onto the earth here. A stream of water shot up from this point resulting in the formation of this lake.     

Monti Cimini

The mountains around the village of Capranica have really fertile soil because it is made of volcanic rock. This made the land ideal for agriculture and has thick forests growing all over this area. You will enjoy hiking through the Cimini Hills that house precious native flora and fauna. You may reach these dense woods travelling 56km northwest of the city of Rome. These hills are included in the Antiapennine Mountain Range in the middle of Tuscia Viterbese. The vast beech forests, lakes and hot springs are very popular amongst the tourists. In Vetralla, there is a famous traditional festival that you may attend called Sposalizio Albero.     

Park of the Ancient City of Sutri

While you are passing through Lazio you should definitely visit the Park of the Ancient City of Sutri is you are a lover of nature. This natural protected area was established in 1988 covering an area of around 7hectares. It is situated in the municipality of Sutri which is located in the province of Viterbo. This small park is present in an ancient area where an old Roman amphitheatre was constructed. There is also a necropolis attributed to the Romans and Etruscans as well as the Mithraeum that dates back to the 3rd century A.D.    

Basilica di Santa Maria Maggiore

The Basilica di Santa Maria Maggiore is famous for being the biggest Catholic Marian church in the city of Rome. While this basilica is not present inside the Vatican City but it is fully owned by the Holy See. This basilica has great significance because some of the oldest depictions of the Virgin Mary in Christian Late Antiquity are found here in the form of mosaics. Beneath the high altar lies the Crypt of the Nativity also known as the Bethlehem Crypt. It also has the crystal reliquary created by Giuseppe Valadier. Saint Jerome was buried here too.       


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