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About Colle Delle Rose

The picturesque village of Colle delle Rose is situated in the province of Roma which is part of the region of Lazio in Italy. This region is famous for its tourist destinations that range from historic urban centers to charming small towns and fairytale villages. The beautiful countryside in the province of Roma provides sweet relief from the hustle and bustle of the cities in the nearby provinces. Owing to the easy access visitors have to the most popular tourist attractions from Colle delle Rose, it is the ideal place to relax between your busy travels all over Italy. The region of Lazio is filled with cultural wonders that showcase the best offerings for visitors from around the world. You may enjoy the unmatched culinary skills of the chefs at the top urban restaurants as well as delicacies served with their authentic taste at the village cafés. Moreover, lovers of seafood will be delighted by the array of delicious recipes made from the fresh seafood that you may have near the beach. There are tons of fun activities to do with your friends and family at the beaches here. Take a boating tour to the best tourist attractions in the region of Lazio. Dive deep to meet the diverse marine life and engage in exciting water sports. Moreover, Colle delle Rose is situated at a height of 143 presenting fantastic natural scenery and charming agricultural lands. The province of Roma is home to several culturally significant areas that have evolved with time to become fascinating for tourists. It was founded in 1870 when this territory was still counted among the Papal States and the 1920s saw its boundaries shrinking as new provinces came into being around it. The province formerly had 5 districts that were formed on the mapping of the old Papal delegazioni. Take a trip to Colle delle Rose if you desire peace while travelling through the crowded urban centers of the Lazio region. There are beautiful sights that will fill your mind with wonder and serenity. You may go walking among the parks in the province of Roma that are home to precious wildlife. There are many species of flora and fauna which are native to the region of Lazio. You will be able to go bird watching and enjoy some glorious sunsets over the ocean at the beach. Colle delle Rose is a very romantic village for couples who want to share quality time while participating in fun-filled activities. The colorful orchards and vast vineyards in the region of Lazio are breathtaking in the countryside.   

Vacation rentals in Colle delle Rose

Stay at the most comfortable houses in Colle delle Rose that provide all the facilities that you are used to in your own home. Try the authentic experience of living in the charming Italian countryside by visiting the website of CuddlyNest. Use our search filter to locate affordable apartments in Colle delle Rose for an unforgettable trip to the province of Roma.

Tourist attractions in Colle delle Rose

There is an abundance of fantastic places to visit while you are travelling through the province of Roma in Lazio, Italy. You will want to live here forever because the list of historical places to check out during your holiday seems endless. Spend happy hours at the beaches and try a different kind of delicacy at every meal. Visit the vineyards and wineries for an amazing guided tour where you will learn all their winemaking secrets.


Those who are fans of delicious Italian seafood, gorgeous sunsets and the fresh sea breeze should definitely take a trip to the lovely coastal town of Gaeta. In the old days, this was an important settlement that still has the remains of the fortifications that were built to protect it from invasions. Many battles were fought in this area to seize control of this strategically significant town.


Another incredible place for those who cannot get enough of the coastal life is Tarrachina. There is always something exciting to do here from water sports to walking the marvelous promenade along the coast. It is perfect for an amazing summer holiday with several eateries scattered around the magnificent beach. There is a cool water park where families may spend hours of pure enjoyment. There is a diving center as well for those who want to go scuba diving.  

Basilica of Santa Maria in Trastevere

Take some time to reflect on spiritual matters at the Basilica of Santa Maria in Trastevere which happens to be one of the oldest churches in Rome. Therefore, you will find its old architecture fascinating with walls that date back the 340s. The renovated areas were constructed as early as 1140 to 1143. There are beautiful mosaics inside along with priceless artwork including the Madonna enthroned and suckling the Child.   

Pontine Islands

Everyone wants to visit the lovely Pontine Islands situated in the Tyrrhenian Sea on the country’s western coast. These volcanic islands are blessed with incredible natural beauty that will take your breath away. They have been settled by different nations for thousands of years including the Etruscans. The Pontine Islands were used as holiday resorts and even exile destinations for political opponents.

Orange Garden

The Savello Park in Rome is also known as the Orange Garden because of its wonderful orange groves on Aventine Hill. This amazing park stretches almost 7800m2 and provides incredible views of the rest of the city. It was designed by Raffaele De Vico in the year 1932 and is a popular view point in Rome. It includes the ruins of an ancient fortress.  

Arch of Titus

The Arch of Titus dates back to the 1st century AD and is situated on the historic Via Sacra in Rome. The Emperor Domitian commissioned it to honor his brother who had led successful war campaigns. Since then it has been used as the main inspiration for similar arches around the world and also a symbol for the Jewsih diaspora.



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