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About Corchiano

Situated in the province of Viterbo in Italy, the town of Corchiano is one of the lovely tourist destinations that the region of Lazio is known for. It is also a commune that was formerly settled by the Faliscans during ancient times. Starting from the Renaissance era, it turned into a fief of the Farnese family who had great influence in this area. The Italian countryside in the region of Lazio provides the ideal opportunity to discover the cultural delights of the province of Viterbo. You will be amazed at the variety in the local cuisine with its mouth watering savory delicacies and melt-in-your-mouth desserts. There are a number of interesting places for tourists to visit in the province which are located pretty close to Corchiano. This is why this town is such a good place to stay during your holiday. Many people like to stay in the crowded cities to save money on transport costs but they end up paying higher rents. Living in the town of Corchiano is the perfect decision for those who prefer quieter arrangements and wish to remain close to the popular urban centers of Viterbo. One of the most charming features of the Italian countryside is the landscape that has acres of green fields and pastures where livestock is raised by the residents. The most common crop in the commune of Corchiano is hazelnut which is frequently used in Italian cuisine. In addition, you will be filled with wonder by the sprawling vineyards in the province of Viterbo. Winemaking is an ancient tradition in this region with special techniques that have been passed down from one generation to the next. This allows the locals to brew varieties of wines that are not found elsewhere in the country. One of the reasons for the unique flavors of these wines is the farming methods that yield grapes for brewing these wines. You may take guided tours of the vineyards and wineries in Viterbo. They have wine tasting sessions and show you the cellars where different wines are stored. People who are visiting with their families may wish to spend more time outdoors at the park in Corchiano. You will love playing games with your loved ones in the fresh country air and may even pack a delicious picnic. During Advent each year, the devout residents arrange a live re-enactment of the time when Jesus was born. You may visit the churches in the area that retain their old charm with beautiful architecture and precious artwork by the masters of Italy. The tale of Saint Rosa has made her house in Vitorchiano a tourist attraction. In 1250, she was forced to go into exile and leave the province of Viterbo. In her small cottage in the hamlet of Vitorchiano she is said to have performed incredible miracles.     

Vacation rentals in Corchiano

While you are planning your stay in the province of Viterbo, you may look for houses in Corchiano that can accommodate couples, families and small groups. If you are travelling alone perhaps you would like to locate a comfortable apartment in Corchiano. There are a number of listings on the website of CuddlyNest that can help you make the final decision.  

Tourist attractions in Corchiano

Tourists will be delighted by the range of peculiar attractions in and around Corchiano that showcase the region’s history and the rich culture of Viterbo. There are several parks both with natural themes and those related to creative art. Visit the museums here to learn more about the historical events that shaped this territory. Enjoy the architecture of the grand residences and fortifications in the province.  

Farnese Palace

People who are fans of the architecture of the Mannerist era will love to visit the Farnese Palace of Caprarola. The Farnese nobles constructed many extravagant residences including this to flaunt their luxurious lifestyle. Originally, there were some fortifications during the 15th and 16th centuries. The foundation for the Farnese Palace of Caprarola was initially laid in 1530 and completed years later by the Vignola who took the design in a different direction.  

Opera Bosco Museum

When you are visiting Lazio there is an abundance of spectacular art to look forward to. Although this region is renowned for its creations from the Renaissance period, lovers of contemporary art will not be disappointed. Head over to the Opera Bosco Museum which takes an experimental approach to this category. This lovely outdoor museum caters to patrons of contemporary art by the most popular past and emerging Italian artists.

Cinque Sensi Park

While the area around Corchiano has its fair share of historic buildings, those who crave natural surroundings may visit the Cinque Sensi Park. The most sought after offering at this natural park is the barefoot walk inspired by famous European parks. The nature experts here are called the Artisans of the Senses and they guide you on absorbing the environmental stimuli to enhance your experience. Finally, you will get to make fresh breadsticks on the brazier and may stay overnight in a tent.   

Monsters Park

Perhaps the most peculiar tourist attraction in this region is the Monsters Park which is also known as the Holy Wood. This is a natural park that is most well known for its strange art work. Aptly nicknamed the Villa of Wonders, it contains several noteworthy basalt sculptures that boost your imagination and hint at the creative genius of the artist. Pirro Ligoro is responsible for these fantastic creations on the orders of Prince Pier Francesco Orsini.   

Mother Church of Bomarzo

Allow yourself quiet minutes of contemplation at the Mother Church of Bomarzo which showcases the artistic preferences of Filippo Brunelleschi. The structure that we see today is as old as the 15th century. There were a number of important renovations carried out in the 17th century. This was when the final touches were added to the façade of the church. You will be able to view some beautiful sculptures inside the building especially close to the altar.     




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