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About Fondi

Fondi is a town in the region of Lazio in Italy which is renowned for its contribution to the culture and history of the country. Many significant cities are present in this region along with picturesque villages that are ideal tourist destinations for those who love rural areas. Before the Romans established an empire in this territory it was settled by the Aurunci and later on, the Volsci gained control. There is not a lot of evidence from these ancient people’s lives but there are fortifications in Pianara around the settlement there. In the 4th century BC, Fondi along with Formia was granted the right to vote without actually possessing Roman citizenship. This was an important event in the political history of the Lazio region in Italy. In 330BC, Vitruvius Vacco rebelled against the government of that time but failed to achieve the desired results. In 188BC, full citizenship was bestowed on Fondi by the Romans. The wide of Emperor Augustus who was born in Fondi caused some parts of the land to come under the imperial domain. In 312 BC, the Via Appia’s construction was started and it is right next to Fondi due to its strategic importance to the Romans. During the Middle Ages, this territory became important from a military point of view and a number of garrisons were established for defense purposes. Today, you may visit the remains of the old fortifications especially near the coastal settlements. The region of Lazio is famous for its beautiful vineyards and wineries where you may take guided tours and enjoy tastings of the local brews. In particular, Fondi is known for a special red wine called Cecubo which is popular because of its superior quality. As you may have guessed, this region is blessed with fertile soil that is wonderful for growing different varieties of grapes that are used in winemaking. Moreover, a number of profitable crops are cultivated on this land to support the local economy. There are lovely orchards laden with ripe fruit in the Italian countryside which you will see while travelling through it. The soil around Fondi is especially beneficial for growing many kinds of citrus fruits including oranges. You will be able to find fresh vegetables in the markets of the villages and towns of Lazio which are also grown in Fondi’s fields. In fact, Fondi is the second biggest center of agricultural products distribution in all of Europe the number one spot being occupied by Paris.          


Vacation rentals in Fondi

Enjoy living in the traditional houses in Fondi which are available for rent on the website of CuddlyNest at reasonable rates. They are scattered around the town in various sizes to accommodate big families and small groups of people. Couples may wish to stay at the apartments in Fondi which may be found using our convenient search filter.

Tourist attractions in Fondi

Regardless of your personal interests, you will be spoilt for choice while exploring the cultural delights of Fondi. The town square and markets are ideal for shopping and you will discover amazing restaurants nearby to try the local cuisine. Visit the vast parks with lovely lakes in the region of Lazio where you may go hiking or biking while enjoying the native wildlife. There are grand residences and ruins of fortifications that you may check out as well as archaeological sites.

Lake Fondi

People who love natural parks will enjoy spending hours at Lake Fondi which is part of the Natural Monument of Lake Fondi in Lazio. It is particularly known for its shape which resembles a lunar arch. It spans nearly 3.8 km² with an average depth of 9.1m and is situated quite close to the coast. Moreover, the lake has both salt water and fresh water owing to the channels linking it to the sea namely Sant'Anastasia and Canneto. Also located in the plain of Fondi are the Lakes Lungo and San Puoto. There are significant wetlands surrounding these lakes.

Prince’s Palace

The Prince’s Palace was the seat of power of the Village that was run by the Gaetani family during the Middle Age. In 1466, the Count of Fondi was granted the right to use the Aragonese emblem and the surname by King Ferrante. The exterior of the Prince’s Palace was designed in the Angevin-Durazzesco style that is generally associated with Gaeta in the medieval times. The beautiful mullioned windows are a noteworthy feature which can also be seen in the inner courtyard. The courtyard has a staircase that takes you to the ogival loggia and there is another lodge on the second floor.     

Monti Aurunci Natural Park

Among the protected areas of Lazio is the Monti Aurunci Natural Park which was founded in October, 1997. It is situated in the middle of the Frosinone Province and Latina Province. The main feature of the landscape here are the mountains which consist of clear limestone. There is sparse vegetation on this terrain and the Central-southern Apennines mountain range. It is a great place to hike and explore the landscape while getting amazing views. Take your camera along for sure to snap incredible clicks among the high peaks.    

Mola della Corte-Settecannelle-Capodacqua

Those who are fascinated by the biodiversity in the region of Lazio should head over to the Mola della Corte-Settecannelle-Capodacqua. You will be delighted by the landscape, flora and fauna in this area. This is a protected area meant for conservation and recreational activities. It was founded in 2001 and since then researchers visit this park to conduct studies on the various native species living here. Covering a territory of 4hectares, there is a wetland here which important to the bird population.

Archaeological sites

Dive into the historical treasures of the Lazio region by visiting the incredible archaeological sites in the municipality of Fondi. Especially check out the Roman baths which may be seen in part in the Piazza dell'Unità d'Italia. Learn more about the culture in the old days through guided tours of these fascinating places.  



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