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About Gaeta

Gaeta is one of the most neglected cities in the Lazio region in Italy. Located just two hours from Rome, it is known as a traditional seaside town with an active fishing trade, Gaeta has many natural and cultural attractions that make it a worthwhile destination to reach.

Vacation rental at Gaeta:

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Tourist attractions at Gaeta

Visit the historic places:

It is practically impossible to visit Gaeta and not to see the magnificent historical architecture that permeates the city. The old town of Gaeta has the highest concentration of historical sites, including the imposing Aragonese-Angevin castle, the Capella d'Oro, and the Romanesque bell tower, which was built in the year 915. The Aragonese-Angevin castle is not visit-able because it is used by the Italian army, but its most impressive feature is its large outer wall, which is visible from many points of the city. Although the old town of Gaeta is weak compared to other cities in Italy, most buildings date back to before the 18th century and some even date back to Roman times.

Discover the beach and countryside:

Gaeta's popularity with holidaymakers is due almost entirely to its beautiful beaches. Although most visitors to Gaeta's head for the nearest Serapo beach, there are six other beaches nearby. Most beaches offer free access, but there are several lidos, or pay-to-use beaches, in the area. For surfers, the Sant'Agostino beach is the most popular for its waves. Rising above the beaches is Monte Orlando, which is a big hill between the new and old parts of Gaeta. The mountain is best known for the Sanctuary of the Holy Trinity, but the whole region is a natural park with hiking trails, Roman ruins, and a spectacular sea view. While on the Monte Orlando,


There are many religious and secular festivals in Gaeta throughout the year. The most famous, the city begins its festival season with Pasquetta, which is Easter Monday. Although it is a solemn pilgrimage religious, the activity of the envelopes of the city as thousands of pilgrims visit the shrine of the Holy Trinity on Mount Orlando. Pasquetta is a very popular festival for many people in the surrounding area and for pilgrims from around the world for experiencing an interesting sight. Also celebrated in Gaeta is the feast day of Sant'Erasmo, who is the patron saint of the city. Fireworks, processions, and musicians gather to mark the occasion on June 2. During the summer, a Gaeta offers several non-religious festivals.

Excellent Split Mountain:

Situated on the shores of the Naples's Gulf, discover the split mountain when you arrive on the small platform, a huge gap will face you and plunge into the sea, the waters slip in the middle and give the impression that the water resumes his rights. You will be able to observe the beautiful color of the water to several tens of meters of heights. The best way to realize the illusion that characterizes it is still to get there!

Cave of Turco :

The Turkish Cave is one of Gaeta's most famous natural attractions. It is outside the village but unfortunately, it is about paying a visit, but still worth it. It is called the cave of Turkey because in this isolated corner in hiding at the time of the duchy of Saracen Gaeta boats who were waiting for the ships en route to attack and steal the goods. Apart from the singularity of the cave, the visit is made more beautiful by the blue of the sea, which is not easy to find a hundred kilometers from Rome.

Tempio di San Francesco:

Domina houses and the spectacular Gulf of Gaeta, the temple of St. Francis is one of the most impressive churches in the city. The is as old as the thirteenth century; it seems that the same St. Francis had erected a small church in this place The temple in the form of a Latin cross is divided into three naves, and its vaults are supported by twenty pillars with statues of the apostles. Spectacular is the figure of the church that stands on the port and the roofs of Gaeta, superb but the view from the forecourt of the temple can be seen with the naked eye towards the sea

Salita al Castello:

The medieval heart of Gaeta has remained virtually equal to itself over the centuries. So, the rise of the cathedral and the climbing (it is!) Because Rosmini and Ascent Chiaromonte, to name just two names of the labyrinth paths met, is a bit like reliving or at least imagining these times, including columns and antique friezes by "special" effects between the casing built practically above the other, until the castle's rise, from where it dominates the Gulf From time to time, including measures that seem having never finished, you open a certain enlargement of different sizes, also all created with stones, giving to all a certain rusticity that continues to enjoy thoroughly today still.

Statue of Leone:

A lion statue out of marble, with all the ferocity of open jaws, to fear (and scare) any enemy is at Gaeta, Piazza Edibles, but here all know as "square lion." Nearby, there is also the Salita Lion, leading to the Aragonese-Angevin castle, in a complex mosaic of narrow streets and alleys that almost "adorn" the hill where they are built. Like the lion, derived from the first urban imprint of the city, from the tenth century, beyond the ducal palace and its walls that remain today some remains. Near the statue, a porch with arches, an ancient medieval memory when here, just behind the walls of ducal, there were butchers' shops, a large presence in a seaside town.

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