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About Montefiascone

Montefiascone is a beautiful town in Italy that is located in the province of Viterbo. The geographical location of the town makes it a worth-seeing place in Italy. It is situated on a hill that is located on the southeast side of Bolsena Lake. You would love to see the breathtaking views of Lake Bolsena. The height of the town is around 590m from the sea level.

Montefiascone has got a rich history that dates back to the High Middle Ages. During the 7th century, the town was an important Christian center and many people would come to visit the church. The whole Tuscia region in which Montefiascone is present provides spectacular views to its tourists who come from different cities and countries to spend their holidays.

There are many monuments in the town that you must pay a visit to. The Rocca dei Papi, the Church of St Flaviano, Duomo di Santa Margherita, and there are many other attractions that you can see in and around the town.

Top Attractions in and around Montefiascone

  • Lake Bolsena

It would be quite unfair if you visit Montefiascone but doesn’t spend time on Lake Bolsena. With its breathtaking views from all directions, the lake is considered one of the most beautiful lakes in Italy. It has a long and interesting history in the region of Tuscia. It has been a famous tourist spot since the time of the Romans.

Today, you can find numerous tourist establishments around the lake. People come here from different cities and countries to spend holidays with their friends and family. Camping and agrotourism are largely famous near the lake. It has also got many small and big islands and one of the most famous is ‘Isola Bisentina’. The large island can be accessed via a local ferry service from neighboring towns, particularly from Capodimonte.

On your visit to the island of Isola Bisentina, you’ll be seeing Italian gardens, evergreen oaks, and plenty other monuments including the church of Saint Christopher and Saint James. CuddlyNest can provide you vacation rentals with adequate modern facilities near Lake Bolsena.

  • Rocca Dei Papi 

Located on the village of Montefiascone, Rocca Dei Papi is a famous fortress that was built at the end of the 12th century by Innocenzo. Standing at the top of the hill, the fortress provides fantabulous views of the surroundings, attracting you to come and take some unforgettable selfies with your beloved ones.

Over the centuries, various cultures have alternated in the human settlements near the fortress. The history of the place dates back to centuries and, there are even traces of the Eneolithic period. Inside the fortress, you can also find a museum that was initiated by Antonio da Sangallo the Younger.

You need to buy a ticket of around € 4.00 that’ll allow you to visit the entrance to the Sangallo il Giovane Architecture Museum. However, children under 12 can visit for free. You can spend a day at the fortress and can book our nearby vacation rental to have a peaceful sleep.

  • San Flaviano

It’s a famous Roman Catholic Church built in a Romanesque style. Being one of the main tourist attractions in Montefiascone, the church is widely visited by both local and foreign tourists. The building of the church dates back to the 11th century. Its roofed balcony and the stone façade are worth to capture. The church is divided into a lower and upper portion.

While exploring the lower church, you can find columns with capitals that have been carved with vegetable and animal motifs. The chapels and walls of the church have got numerous frescoes narrating interesting past stories. You must take a photo of the fresco of Christ Pantocrator.

You can also find the grave of Giovanni Fugger in the crypt of the church. Fugger was a famous pilgrim who died in the town of Montefiascone. The upper portion of the church that was refurbished in the 18th century also has many worthy things to see. CuddlyNest can provide you a perfect vacation rental near the church.

  • Montefiascone Cathedral

It is one of the most important churches in the region. With is a large dome of around 27m of diameter, the church can be seen from the most part of Montefiascone and other nearby towns. The church is also famous with another name ‘the Basilica of Santa Margherita’. It has been a tourist attraction for more than 600 years.

The church has been renovated many times in history. Its roof and interior were repaired after the destruction of a fire during Good Friday in 1670. The bell towers designed by Paul Gazola were added in around 1840s. In 1943, a basilica was also created in the cathedral. The church, however, had to cease its Episcopal seat after getting amalgamated with Diocese of Viterbo, Montefiascone, and others.

  • Turona Park

Turona Park is one of the most beautiful tourist stops near Montefiascone. Your trip to the town cannot be ended unless you have a mesmerizing walk inside this beautiful natural park in Italy. On your visit to the park, streams and woods will surround you and will compel you to say some praising words for the beauty of the place.

The park is rich in lush shrubby cultivations and lush hills. The fish fauna is also worth mentioning here. Thanks to some watercourse, you can also see gray heron, green frog, and dipper. In the area of the park, you can find the remains of some ancient human settlements. CuddlyNest can provide you a vacation rental near the Turona Park.


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