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Entire Apartment4 Beds

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About Griante

Griante is a municipality, commonly known as Commune in Italy,


Attractions in Griante

Italy is a beautiful part of the world here you can find multiple astounding towns and villages. And among these beautiful towns, you will find the attractive and attention-worthy places that are worth visiting. If you are in Italy and want to explore more, you should definitely list down all the beautiful and visit-worthy places in Italy. Different parts of Italy have different attractions. In some parts, you will find places with strong historical backgrounds. Some places will have amazing food options. While the other places might be closer to nature. Beaches can also impact a certain place while you are in Italy, make sure you explore every bit of it. If you plan to visit Griante, you can have a list of places that are the best to visit. Griante is a great place to visit and have an amazing vacation. It is one of those places that are the best to make memories. You can visit the parks and the places that are close to nature, here in Griante. There are many attractions in the Griante which will stick you there. You will not be able to move without exploring the place fully. This vacation at Griante will prove to be the best for you, for sure.


To make your vacation even better, here is a list of places where you can go to Griante and enjoy your vacations.


The attractions of Griante are as follows.

·         Villa Carlotta

·         Monte Grona

·         Jungle Raider Park

·         Percorso salute Parco Val Sanagra

·         Chiesa di San Martino, Griante

·         Lago di Piano

·         Monte Galbiga

·         Villa Margherita Ricordi

·         Parco Val Sanagra

·         La Crocetta


·         Il Rogolone

·         Villa Mainona - Museo del Territorio

·         Ecomuseodella Val Sanagra

·         Cascata di Tobi

·         Agueglio Pass (1173m)

·         Passo di Agueglio

·         Sorgente del Fiume Lambro

·         San Domenico, Breglia

Appetite options in Griante

Are you worried about the food options in a new place? Are you worried that you will not be able to find good quality food? Do you feel that you do not have proper knowledge about the food at Griante? Are you not willing to try new food at Griante? Well, all these problems of yours will be solved once you taste the delicious food of Griante in Italy. You will love it there and the new flavours that you had tried will make you like the place even more. You might be wondering where to find the best food places in Griante. Well, for that we will help you. Well, help you have the best food options at the Griante and enjoy the new taste and traditional Italian flavours. You will also find fusion food here and some street food.


All the best places that are famous food in Griante are as follows.


Restaurant La Cucina Della Marianna

Restaurant La Cucina Della Marianna is a Restaurant with the Outdoor seating area. It also has a Cosy and Casual ambience and some great options.

Ristorante Belle Isole

Ristorante Belle Isole is an Italian restaurant. It offers late night food options. It also has a plus that it has an Outdoor seating area and a Cosy ambience.

Rodrigo Ristorante Pizzeria

Rodrigo Ristorante Pizzeria is an Italian restaurant. It offers Late-night food and Outdoor seating area. It is a Cosy place.

The Cove Brazilian Grill

The Cove Brazilian Grill is a Brazilian restaurant with the Outdoor seating area and Casual food options. It is Good for kids.

La Fagurida

La Fagurida is a Down Home Cooking.

La Fagurida offers Late-night food and Cosy ambience with Casual food.


BstyleBellagio is a Restaurant with an Outdoor seating area. It has great Cosy and Casual ambiance.



Bilacus is a Seafood restaurant. It offers Late-night food and the Outdoor seating area. It also has a Cosy ambiance.

Hosteria Magnolia

Hosteria Magnolia is a Restaurant in Griante

It offers Late-night food and the Outdoor seating area. It has Cosy surrounding.

Ristorante La Terrazza Belvedere

Ristorante La Terrazza Belvedere is a Restaurant that offers Breakfast and the Outdoor seating area. It also has a Cosy ambiance.

La Lanterna Bellagio

La Lanterna Bellagio is a Restaurant that offers Late-night food. La Lanterna Bellagio has Cosy and Casual food options.


Some of the other food options in Griante are as under.

·         Trattoria Rana

·         Company Vecchia Maiolica

·         Antica Trattoria del Risorgimento

·         Casa Aquadulza

·         Ristorante Alle Darsene di Loppia

·         Al Veluu Ristorante Suites

·         Bellagio deiF.lliPatroni

·         Barchetta

·         Lido di Cadenabbia

·         Ittiturismo Ristorante Mella


Places to live in Griante

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