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About Molise

One of the most beautiful regions of Southern Italy, Molise used to be counted as one region with Abruzzo until 1970. Despite being settled for centuries, this region of the country is the most recent one to be established not to mention the smallest after the Aosta Valley. The charming region of Molise consists of two provinces that have been named after their capital cities namely Campobasso and Isernia. The province of Campobasso is also the capital of the region of Molise. In addition to the region of Abruzzo, Molise shares borders with Lazio and Campania. This means that the region of Molise is surrounded by rich cultural and natural diversity making it an exciting tourist destination. Lying on the splendid Adriatic Coast of Southern Italy that stretches 35km, Molise has a lot to offer to tourists. This region faces the beautiful Tremiti Islands so the views from its coast are absolutely breathtaking. While the inviting sandy beaches dominate the coast of Molise the countryside is filled with tall mountains filled with green forests and amazing natural diversity.

Moving towards the ocean the height of the mountains decreases giving way to rolling green hills and finally golden sand that welcomes gentle blue waves. Most of the population is involved in agricultural activities and agricultural products from this sector. There are acres of beautiful vineyards next to wineries that have been by generation after generation of locals. This tradition has existed for centuries and winemaking is a huge part of the cuisine and culture of Molise in Southern Italy. Other than grapes, olives are also cultivated in these parts of the country which are used to produce virgin olive oil. In addition, cereals, vegetables, grass pea and farro are widely grown here for local consumption and export. There are lovely orchards that you pass while travelling across the country. The people in Molise raise livestock and make dairy products all year long. Related to farming, food processing creates wonderful job opportunities for the local population. Thanks to the growth of the tourism industry in recent years, the service industry is thriving with a major focus on hotels, transport, etc. Moreover, international flights linking Pescara Airport in Southern Italy to other parts of the world have increased tourism in these parts of the country.

Make sure you take the time to properly savor the unforgettable cuisine of Molise that is based on the aromatic herbs that are commonly found here. Spicy salami is pretty popular and many kinds of locally produced cheeses. There are several famous recipes made with lamb or goat meat and pasta dishes with richly flavored sauces. Sausages and ham is also used in many types of dishes in Molise just lie other places in Italy. The restaurants lining the Adriatic Coast have an amazing variety of seafood recipes that are freshly cooked for you when you visit the beach. Remember to have meals by the ocean during your holiday for a wonderful experience exploring the charming region of Molise.                

Vacation rentals in Molise

Spend a terrific time in the south of Italy by booking your favorite apartments in Molise at the website of CuddlyNest. There is a great range of houses in Molise for people who are visiting with their families or large groups of people. We have listings of fully furnished accommodations that have all the bets facilities that you want for your vacation.  

Tourist attractions in Molise

Anyone who is visiting the region of Molise for the first time or has returned for another amazing experience is in for a real treat. This is a dynamic area of Southern Italy where the culture is always evolving to make room for more exciting recreational opportunities. Which tourist attractions you select depends on your personal taste but there is a long list of things that will peak your curiosity. The amazing beaches of Molise open up a whole new world of fun while the cuisine never disappoints. There are a number of historical places and natural sights that will captivate you during your stay in this region.  


Stretching across the south of Italy, the Matese Mountain Range is known for its incredible natural diversity and incomparable beauty. Since ancient times, these mountains have been inhabited by people who have been making their living off the land. Many types of evergreen trees thrive in these forests including fir, beech, oak, chestnut and juniper. Come meet the native wildlife flourishing in these parts including the European wolf and eagle.  

Castello Monforte

In the 14th century, a writer mentioned a grand castle in the town which means that Castello Monforte already existed during this time. It rises up high at around 790m above sea level as a protector of the town. This place is commonly known as Monte Croce as an elevated point in the landscape. It is said to date back to the Samnite period and was destroyed during the earthquake in 1456. Lord Nicola II Monforte saw to its reconstruction.  


There are several water bodies in the region of Molise which provide water for daily purposes as well as recreational opportunities. The Biferno River runs through this part of Southern Italy and receives water from streams flowing down from the Matese Mountain Range. Before it meets the Adriatic Sea at the coast this river forms the Lake of Guardialfiera. The rich soil along the banks of the Biferno River is ideal for cultivating grapes for winemaking.   

Monte Miletto

As the tallest peak in the Matese Mountain Range at 2050m above sea level, Monte Miletto is a popular tourist attraction. It is situated in the middle of the Massif that marks the border between Molise and Campania. The summit that has a lack of arboreal vegetation is present in the Isernia Province in Roccamandolfi. You can see this majestic peak standing anywhere in the valley and reach the top through a chairlift. The views from this height are truly breathtaking and you should not forget to bring your camera along for this terrific ride. 

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