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About Camaiore

Camaiore is a city and comune of 32,513 inhabitants within the province of Lucca, Tuscany, central-western Italy. It stretches from the Apuan Alps to the east, to the plains and the coast of Versilia to the west.

Located in a wide valley at the foot of the Apuan Alps, Camaiore is a city with ancient foundations and owes its origins to the Romans, who, after establishing Lucca, set up outposts on the slopes of Monte Prana. Among these was Camaiore, whose name comes from the ancient toponym Campus Major, the large plain that linked Lucca to the port in Luni. Later, this territory came under the dominion of the Lombards, followed by the feudal lords in Lucca, who re-established the town’s original blueprint, beginning to transform it into the elegant medieval town that we can still admire today.

Now Camaiore is filled with many artistic treasures which include the Collegiate Church, Saint Peter's which is a Benedectine Abbey and in the village of Piece of Camaiore there is a church which is an excellent example of a Romanic church and dates back to about 817 d.C.



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Among the many paths that climb the summit of the Garfagnana mountains, the Monte Forato ring is certainly one of the most fascinating. Monte Forato (Holed Mountain) is a rocky peak with two summits (1223 and 1209 meters) connected by a large, open natural arch that has always attracted scientists and hikers.

Monte Forato is a mountain (1,230 m) in the Alpi Apuane, in Tuscany, central Italy.

It is formed by two peaks of similar altitude, connected by a natural arch which has given the group its name (meaning "Holed Mountain" in Italian). The hole, nearly circular in shape, has a height of c. 12 m, while the arch itself is some 8 m thick. The arch can be seen from both Versilia and Garfagnana valleys at the two sides of the Monte Forato.

Looking from some spots, the arch creates an effect of double sunset (or dawn, like on 22 June from Volegno), when the sun falls between the arch, soon reappearing for a short while in the hole below.



The Matanna is a mountainous relief of the Apennines of the Apuan Alps , high 1317 m above sea level , in the administrative sector of the Province of Lucca , more precisely in the municipality of Stazzema. The Rifugio Alto Matanna can be reached by car, and is located at 1100 m above sea level at the foot of Mount Matanna, in the southern Apuan Alps.

A pleasant place surrounded by limestone ridges and pasture slopes, where the signs of agricultural work and farming are hidden among the rocks and the paleo. The excursion possibilities from this base are varied: among all the most affordable and satisfying are the summit of Mount Matanna and the ring of Mount Procinto, which give us the most beautiful panoramas and the most bizarre forms of this Apuan portion.



Nestled in the Apuan Alps, between Camaiore and Casoli, it is Candalla waterfall, along the Rio Lombrices valley. A very particular itinerary, rare and fascinating, by the name of “Itinerario turistico/ambientale Opifici del Lombricese”.

Walking on the path, the visitor will have the opportunity not only to immerse in a beautiful nature, but you can admire ruins and remains of those who were the laboratories of the past, born on the river in order to exploit the energy.

The whole course is surrounded by lush greenery and beautiful small waterfalls. The most striking is found next to the old mill. Water depth is deep enough. Water temperature is cold, recommended changes (to the brave generally still just a summer suit). Candalla waterfall is located a few hundred meters from our hotel and is just 5 minutes walk.



The Village of Camaiore is located in a valley surrounded by hills and the northern Apennines Mountains. Camaiore has Roman origins as one of the largest encampments near to the city of Lucca and an important station along the Via Cassia. The origins of its name "Campus Maior" come from this.

In the Middle Ages, the town grew considerably thanks to the old Via Francigena. The city represented the Twenty-seventh stage during the journey of Sigerico Canterbury, and was called Camp maior by the Archbishop of Canterbury. The territory of Camaiore is beautiful and known for its landscape and its small medieval villages like Monteggiori, Casoli, Gombitelli e Montebello. From their hillside positions there is a fantastic view over the sea and surrounding hills, while time seems to have stopped centuries ago.

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