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About Grassina

In the heart of the province of Florence lies the beautiful village of Grassina which is also called Tegolaia by locals. It is quite close to the cities of Florence and Bagno a Ripoli. This village is situated near the River Ema and grew from a small old settlement in this area. Every year in December, Grassina celebrates Christmas with a grand Christmas Parade which is famous throughout the world. Tourists flock to join in the spirit of the holidays and enjoy the local culture surrounding the birth of Christ. When half of the 19th century had passed there was a rise in the number of artisans and skilled kiln workers coming into Grassina which helped the local economy. The nobles of Florence were known to send their expensive laundry for washing to the villagers here increasing the trend of this business in Grassina. The village gained a reputation for having the best laundresses in the region so the nobles of Piedmont also began to send their laundry to this village. Noble homes gave way to hotels as modern facilities were developed along with the growth of the tourism industry here.   

Vacation rentals in Grassina

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Tourist attractions in Grassina

While the changing times transformed the economical and cultural landscape of this village, there is plenty of natural beauty and history for you to explore in Grassina. The local guides are happy to point out promising tourist spots, share the significance of various parts of the village and show you where you will find the best food and drink.

Golf Club Ugolino

There is a long history of traditions surrounding the Golf Club Ugolino because it is the oldest golf course established in Italy where the elite used to gather to make connections and play golf. It was known as a gentleman’s game and the British who were living in Florence in the 1800s started this trend in the province. The Golf Club Ugolino was initially created in 1889 and the main course was completed in 1934. As you may have guessed, this course was where the first national golfing competitions in Italy were held. It has the biggest contribution in the history of golf in the country which is why it never lacked investment for development. English architects Blanford and Grannon were responsible for expanding the course and building lavish clubhouses for the rich and famous of Italy. Golfing enthusiasts love the natural challenges that this course presents and love the luxurious vibe of the Golf Club Ugolino. The ground floor houses the shop for professionals and locker rooms while the first floor has a lounge, fancy bar and fine dining restaurant complete with a lovely terrace. There is a swimming pool for those who want to cool off on a hot day.  

Church of San Martino a Strada

A small but elegant building, the Church of San Martino a Strada comprises of a nave that has a trestle roof. Expansions were carried out in the 14th century and beautiful frescos were added to the walls in the 15th century. During the Baroque Period, it underwent significant changes but most of the structure was ruined in the terrible earthquake that shook Florence in 1895. Around the year 1920, it was restored by Castellucci who envisioned its medieval design and incorporated a Neo-Gothic portico in the church. There are marvelous frescos depicting various holy scenes all around the interior which will leave you stunned. If you are a fan of Lorenzo Lippi, you must see his painting of Madonna del Rosario created in 1658 which is displayed in the sacristy. There are many amazing religious works of art that will be much appreciated by those who love or study art of this kind.    

Leaning Tower of Pisa

Since you are already quite close to Florence, you must visit the Leaning Tower of Pisa which is located around an hour’s drive from the village of Grassina. Being one of the Wonders of the World, it is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This bell tower is tilted at an angle of 3.97° which makes it unique and fascinating to everyone. It has become a prominent symbol of the country appearing whenever Italy is mentioned. There is some confusion about who the original architect of this bell tower is but its construction began in 1172. No one could have imagined at the time that its construction would continue for a staggering 3 centuries mostly due to wars. What is amusing to us today was not so funny in 1178 when the foundation of this tower started to sink on one side. When it was finished in 1372, the tower’s faulty foundation had turned it into a quirky spectacle of white marble.      

Walls of Lucca

Close to the Leaning Tower of Pisa, the Walls of Lucca have their own tale to tell curious tourists in Italy. The walls have been preserved in excellent condition due to their durability and the fact that the city did not have to defend itself from invaders as such. Standing proud at 12m and extending 4km around the city, the Walls of Lucca were built in the 16th and 17th centuries. The lovely walk that the path here provides has amazing views of the Alps and surrounding landscape. It is filled with locals and tourists in the evening who walk or ride their bikes here. Some young people even enjoy skating along this path and feeling the evening breeze. There are great picnic spots where you may eat a delicious spread and playgrounds for children. Baluardo San Donato has stunning green lawns where people are encouraged to play games, football being one of the favorites.

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