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About Montaione

Montaione is an old-fashioned picturesque village in Tuscany, Italy. At 300 meters above sea level, this village offers a rich variety of art, history and culture. The history of the village is rather obscure, however it is known that it was ruled by San Miniato until the 13th century. After a rebellion, the region is nowadays under Florentine rule. Much of the architecture damaged in the clash between Pisa and Florence had to be repaired. This village’s primary industries were agriculture and glassmaking (since 1220), maintaining a rural economy within its walls. Glassmaking was a mainly a production of utilities such as flasks, mugs and bottles but the crafters gained great respect and were appreciated many times by men of culture due to their excellence and exquisiteness. In fact, their proficiency was also officially recognized by various declarations by the Grand Duke of Tuscany during the eighteenth century.

The Grand Duke provided Montaione clear protection to the craftsmen. Although he prohibited them from practicing their craft outside of Tuscany in 1738, many glassmakers still ventured north of Italy and possibly to Murano. True industrialization came through after the Second World War, and its urban design was reconstructed. Montaione is marked by Etruscan and Roman influence, with archaeological discoveries of necropolis and furnaces having been found near Poggio all'Aglione, Bellafonte, Iano and Castelfalfi. The first mentions of Montaione are found in a document from 981 where it is written as Montacunni.

Present day Montaione is a land of gently rolling gentle hills with cypress trees, olive groves, and vineyards in medieval villages full of beautiful architecture where you can sip on deep red wines and feast on delicious dishes. Montaione is all you dream of in a tranquil place and much more. It is an authentic Tuscan experience where you can spend an extraordinary holiday. So pick from dozens of options, book the picture-perfect lodging through CuddlyNest and pack your bags!

Getting there

Montaione is accessible through the twisting mountain roads that traverse through a thick forest by car and train. The town sits upon a high hill and is located between Siena, Florence and Pisa. Montaine has eight localities, namely Castelfalfi, Collegalli, Mura, Alberi, Round, Barbialla, Santo Stefano, Sughera San Vivaldo, and Iano which echo of a glorious past with their ancient castles and fortresses.

To-Dos in Montaione

There’s lots to do and see in Montaione, so break out that planner! If you come by between June to September, you will be welcomed by the Summer Festival, while around October to November the village holds its Produce Market, where you can sample and purchase tasty delicacies as you walk through the streets. The local produce comprises of white truffles, olives, cheese, saffron and wines. Embark on a tasting tour to savor some of these delightful and fresh goods, or have a filling meal at any of the numerous cafes such as the restaurant I'Ciampa La Rocca Di Castelfalfi which offers a 'nouvelle cuisine' menu. Surrounded by marvelous scenery, tuck into the delicious food served by efficient staff such as the lovely Tuscan-hued foie gras as the sun sets. When you are stuffed, go on a horseback ride or hike within the area to view a panoramic view of the region speckled with fields of sunflowers. Animal loving kids will also enjoy a visit to the animal sanctuary at the main base of the Italian Horse Protection Association in the Filicaja parish of Montaione.

Castelfalfi is the nearest district where you can stop to play a round of golf at the Castelfalfi Golf and Country Club. This area specializes in leather goods, so don’t forget to buy something to take home! For those with an adventurous streak, Montaione offers biking and hiking through the charming countryside. Go to a lake for a jam-packed day of fishing and picnics among the woods or go on a bus tour to the other neighboring cities near Montaione. Aside from the lovely green landscape, this village has all a history lover’s heart desires. There are architectural sites like the 12th century San Regolo Church and the Palazzo Pretorio (the Pretorian Palace). In the Palazzo Pretorio within in Via Cresci is the civic museum. The civic museum houses Montaione’s archaeological, mineral and paleontological findings. Arranged in chronological order, you can walk through informative exhibitions spread out between two floors and look at findings such as the remains of a whale fossil millions of years old excavated in 1980 in Castelfalfi, relics of ancient Etruscan settlements and remains of Roman flooring.

Afterwards you can view the Sacro Monte di San Vivaldo (the Sacred Mount of San Vivaldo) which holds special religious significance and is also acknowledged as Tuscany’s Jerusalem. Every year, pilgrims visit churches and temples built on the mount. The well-preserved terracotta interiors of the 16th century chapels of the Sacred Mount of San Vivaldo depict the different phases of life as well as the Passion of Jesus Christ. The village of San Vivaldo is not too far from the Mount and is even mentioned in a text dating back to the 16th century by the Captain of Guelfa Part, which corroborates the presence of the Church and the Convent. To continue the historical tour, Montaione’s Roman Cistern is also worth a visit and you can learn how past inhabitants of the valley stored their water resources. Constructed of three separate but interconnecting water basins, the Cistern dates back to the second century and was discovered in a region called Il Muraccio in the 60s.

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