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About Sughera

Sughera is a town nestled away in the region of Tuscany, Italy. It is at a distance of some 229 kilometers to the northwest of Rome, which is the capital of Italy. A small, rustic town, Sughera can be accessed from Montaione via car by driving on the provincial road to San Miniato and crossing over the bridge on the Egola stream. From the bridge, it is not far to Sughera. A few left turns, through the village of Alberi and up and over rolling hills to the crossroads, then it is a hop, skip and jump away to Sughera!

This little known town is also known as Suvera. Both the words Sughera and Suvera are derived from the Italian word for cork, which is a perennial plant found growing all over the Mediterranean region and has been used for making wine bottle stoppers.

What we know so far about Sughera is that it has a castle that was given by the German emperor Arrigo VI in 1186 to Ildebrando Pannocchieschi, the then-appointed bishop of Volterra. There is more information to be found about the Church of San Pietro Apostolo alla Sughera, devoted to Saint Peter and Saint Cerbone, in a text from the year 1261. At that time period, the parish was a part of the church of Castelfalfi. In a document from the year 1338, there are mentions of the Church of San Cerbone. In 1528 the church was allotted by Pope Clemente VII to Benedetto Baldovinetti, the bishop of Lucca in those times. The old church used to be located between the soccer field and the present-day church. Since its condition had become precarious due to deterioration over time, it was systematically left behind and rebuilt in the 1970s according to an octagonal design. The church was devoted to the Saints Peter and Cerbone.

At present day, Sughera maintains its old-world charm and Tuscan appeal blended with the new. You can enjoy gorgeous views of the countryside from the village, stroll through the old narrow alleys and streets between timeworn brick houses and visit the main square to see the well and admire the remnants of the ancient chapel. For the tourist who likes a place off the beaten track, Sughera is a great destination – so book your rental with CuddlyNest!

How to get to Sughera

Sughera is easily accessible by car, train and bus from the nearby cities. There are trains from the surrounding cities like Florence, which operate hourly. From Tuscany, it is takes roughly 53 minutes to drive the 60-kilometer distance from Tuscany to Sughera, while the bus takes nearly an hour and 35 minutes.

Things to do, things to see in Sughera

Like many other small towns of the region, Sughera has all the characteristics that define a Tuscany settlement. It is a very beautiful little town settled into an incredible landscape; definitely remember to grab your camera and dazzle your social media followers with its lovely sights, especially at morning and evening as the sun rises and sets! You can sample the local wines and other produce, go on nature trails and look at the historical architecture dotting the old town. There are many activities to engage in as well, such as searching for truffles, digging for shells and fossils, and cycling and biking up and down trails that connect you with other surrounding areas like Balconevisi and Collegalli. When you tire of the running around, you can settle down and dine on delicious Italian food in restaurants ranging from the casual to high-end places, whichever mood strikes you!

There might be a bit of a language barrier, however there are many friendly, hospitable people in Sughera who accommodate the language differences very well and you can rest assured that you will be able to communicate your needs effectively!

La Fornace di Montaione

If you stop a little before Sughera, you can visit La Fornace di Montaione which has been repurposed into apartments with its preserved historical structure. It is an old farmhouse built in 1891 and has a marvelous view with a backdrop of of Chianti's hills. It is positioned right between Pisa, Florence and Siena which other areas well known to tourists. The farm, which is under native occupancy, was so named due to the presence of an old brickmaking kiln. It is a rare specimen as it represents the only surviving example of brick production in the area. The kilns were used to produce bricks that in the 19th century were commonly used to build the typical Florentine cottage.

The farmhouse and its barn which is not far off have both been restored to its original magnificence. You may find it perfect for a romantic destination or simply to relax away from the hustle and bustle of a busy urban life, as it offers a quiet environment provided with all the luxuries and choices you may need.

Fattoria Barbialla Nuova

Another interesting place is the Fattoria Barbialla Nuova, which is an organic farm spread out over 500 hectares of land spotted with refurbished farmhouses that have been renovated to modern, environmental-friendly standards while still maintaining their original pastoral style. The lovely property has a woodland area and guests are encouraged to explore the farm and walk the trails, and guided truffle hunts are offered in the fall as well.

Vacation Rentals in Sughera, Italy

A quaint rustic little settlement, Sughera is surely a delight for the tourist who likes the road less travelled. For a vacation in a relaxing, historic and fascinating city, definitely grab a friend or go adventuring solo at Sughera. Book a rental at CuddlyNest, so that you can find the best properties for your vacation and make the most of it. Many of the properties provide amenities from small to large like Wi-Fi internet, hair dryers, crockery and cooking facilities so you don’t have to worry about anything and can have a stress-free vacation. So book with CuddlyNest today, and go adventuring!

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