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About Jamaica

Located in the heart of the Caribbean, Jamaica is certainly one of the most beautiful islands in the region. A former English colony, it has fabulous scenery, perfect white sand beaches, and lively cities. Very mountainous, Jamaica offers many different activities to travelers. Whether you love wild nature and intense trekking or come for idleness and idyllic beaches, visiting Jamaica will delight you! When we think of Jamaica, we immediately associate the name with the Caribbean Sea, Rum and the late Bob Marley. Whether for a week's stay, or a stopover on a cruise, it's good to ask the right questions. What are the things to see in Montego Bay? Where are the most beautiful places to photograph and how to discover them? We are all looking for the top10 of Jamaica's must-haves. If time is short, what places to visit not to feel that you missed a little gem.

Vacation rental at Jamaica:

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Tourist attractions at Jamaica:

Discover the magnificent waterfalls of the island:

With its mountainous terrain, Jamaica is home to many beautiful waterfalls. Impossible to visit Jamaica without discovering the most beautiful. The Dunn Falls is the most popular of them. They are close to the Caribbean Sea, a few minutes from the city of Ocho Rios and discover a guided tour of about 3 hours. You can also discover the waterfalls of Mayfield and its 21 small waterfalls, the waterfalls of Reach to the east of the Blue Mountains or dive into the blue lagoon of the famous "Blue Hole". Adventurers at heart, perhaps you will play the game of the unforgettable experience of a zip line ride over the rainforest? Wildlife lovers will enjoy a unique moment while swimming among the dolphins.

Experience life and local gastronomy:

Jamaica is also known for its gastronomy and bubbling local life. Nothing better than visiting the capital Kingston or Mandeville, a small city nestled inland. During a guided tour of the city or simply strolling, you can experience Jamaican nights and discover famous little restaurants. If you like spices, you will be delighted! Feel free to try Jamaica's most popular dish: jerk chicken, marinated chicken with spices and chili! For an immersive experience, opt for a Food Tour at Prospect Plantation Estate. On the program, the discovery of the Jamaican culinary culture through tastings but also and especially cooking workshops in which you will learn all the secrets of the best local recipes.

Visit the Bob Marley Museum:

During your visit to Kingston, you must visit the Bob Marley Museum, a must to visit in Jamaica! This is where the famous singer lived, and it is also here that he survived an assassination attempt in 1976.

Diving in the most beautiful spots of the island:

What to do in Jamaica? A diving session of course! The island has many well-preserved areas where you can observe beautiful and colorful fish. The most popular and popular are in Montego Bay, Negril, Port Royal, Runaway Bay or Ocho Rios. You will discover beautiful corals, vestiges of colonial times, barracudas, sea urchins, and other amazing fish!

Practice water sports:

Also, enjoy your stay to experience marine sports activities! Sailing, for example, is a great way to discover the island in another way. But you can also try paddling and even rafting on a bamboo raft! For the less sporty, you can also visit Jamaica from a new angle with a small catamaran cruise around the most beautiful bays of the island.

Climb to the top of the Blue Mountains:

The Blue Mountain National Park is located east of the island, between Kingston and Port Antonio. It has wonderful flora and fauna to observe during a hike to the top of the Blue Mountains. Up there, you'll have a wonderful view of the island of Jamaica, the Caribbean Sea, and the surrounding rainforests!

Seven Mile Beach, Jamaica:

Impossible to ignore the idleness and the beautiful beaches of Jamaica. If you are wondering what to do in Jamaica, then do not hesitate to tour the most beautiful beaches of this little paradise. In Negril, for example, you can relax and swim at the famous Seven Mile Beach, lined with many bars and restaurants in Jamaica - a good opportunity to meet locals and enjoy the local cuisine! Treasure Bay Beach is also worth seeing and enjoying. Located away from the island's entertainment scene, it is the calm embodied - a nice beach to visit in Jamaica to completely relax. The Dolphin Cove Nature Park is very much appreciated for the beauty of its lagoon which hosts dolphins: the entrance to the park allows you to enjoy the beauty of the landscape while enjoying a moment with mammals.

Ras Natango Gallery and Garden:

To discover Jamaican art and culture, there's nothing better than visiting the Ahhh ... Ras Natango Gallery and Garden. This space promotes ecotourism and encourages local artists. You will be able to walk in a beautiful garden, then cross a local art gallery. If you are interested in culture and you are tired of the beach, we recommend you to visit this charming place in Jamaica!

Visit Rose Hall, a Georgian mansion in Montego Bay and explore the caves of Green Grotto, a natural wonder to visit in Jamaica. Also, you can leave in an exceptional trek in Cockpit Country, a geological curiosity of central Jamaica and which  Because it is not very accessible, it counts an exceptional fauna and flora and fabulous. To visit absolutely in Jamaica! You should venture rafting on the Rio Grande, a river in the center of the island, discover Fort Charles, in Port Royal, which dates from 1660, visit the royal Botanical Gardens in Kingston, party in Kingston with locals: nothing better than the capital of Jamaica to have fun and meet Jamaicans and attend a Mass in a Jamaican church, to discover the fervor and the beautiful local atmosphere.

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