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About Tagaytay

In the province of Cavite in the Phillipines, you will find the city of Tagaytay which has quite an interesting legend about the origin of its name. There are two words in the native tongue, “taga” meaning “to cut” and “itay” meaning “father”. The legend narrates the story of a father and son who went hunting for wild boar in the forest when their prey suddenly attacked them. The son started calling out “taga itay” and his shout echoed around the trees to the settlement nearby. Therefore, the residents there named that place close to the ridge Tagaytay. However, the reality seems more believable than the legend since the native word for ridge is “tagaytay”. The official language of the Philippines is Tagalog and it has become one of the hottest tourist destinations in the country in recent years. Since it has a cooler climate and hilly areas, it is popular among tourists who come to enjoy the scenery. From the high altitude of the city you are able to see spectacular views of the Lake Taal in Batangas. Moreover, you can enjoy majestic views of the stunning Taal Volcano Island that is situated within this lake. Since the city of Tagaytay is only 59km away from the capital, Manila, it is easy accessible to many including tourists landing at the capital’s airport. Those visiting the crowded capital find relief in the pleasant natural landscapes of Tagaytay. The greatest charm of the city is that agriculture remains significant in these parts along with urban professions contributing to the country’s economy. Thanks to the volcanic elements in the soil because of the old eruption of the Taal Volcano, it was fertile to grow a number of profitable crops. The farmers here grow a variety of fruits such as pineapple, banana and more. Locally grown vegetables, coffee and cacao are exported to other regions. Horticulture is also a common field with fresh flowers being in high demand in the international market. People who are searching for fresh produce should definitely take a stroll in the Tagaytay Mahogany Market and the Tagaytay City Market. The most crowded season for tourism in the city is the Christmas holidays as well as the Lenten Break.   

Vacation rentals in Tagaytay

Take an amazing trip to the fascinating city of Tagaytay but remember to plan ahead regarding your accommodations. The city has a number of famous hotels but many tourists these days prefer to look for excellent vacation rentals in Tagaytay. The website of CuddlyNest has several wonderful apartments and houses in the city that would be ideal for your family and friends.

Tourist attractions in Tagaytay

The city is filled with cultural treasures and historical monuments that people come from faraway places to see in person. There is no doubt that there are wonderful cultural festivals that you may attend to learn more about the locals. Moreover, the beauty of nature in Tagaytay is absolutely mesmerizing and you will grab amazing photographs.

Taal Volcano

Resting on the island of Luzon is the Taal Volcano that is the second most active one in the entire country. There have been a total of 33 eruptions that have been recorded in history and all of them had their focus on the Volcano Island in the middle of the lake. The Taal Caldera is filled with the waters of this lake but not completely. It was formed during prehistoric eruptions of the Taal Volcano. Like others in the Philippines, this volcano is counted in the Pacific Ring of Fire. The Vulcan Point is a tiny island that protrudes from the lake’s surface.

People's Park in the Sky

Also known as the People’s Park, this place was initially called the Palace in the Sky. There used to be an unfinished mansion where the People’s Park in the Sky was constructed in 1981. The mansion was left incomplete because the US President Reagan canceled his visit and it was originally meant to host his delegation. During detonations for work progress, the company discovered an image of the Blessed Virgin Mary that was left in the state that it was found. You can have an amazing one-day trip from Manila to this park in pleasant weather.  

Pink Sisters

People who are seeking religious solitude or spiritual guidance should surely head over to the Pink Sisters in Tagaytay. This is a famous convent with beautiful gardens run by the Sister-Servants of the Holy Spirit of Perpetual Adoration. The lovely chapel provides the perfect place to bow your head in worship and attend the early Sunday morning mass. The surrounding gardens have tall pine trees with their unique scent filling the air. Gorgeous seasonal flowers are planted and cared for by the nuns themselves. There are also artfully crafted sculptures related to famous stories in the Bible.  

Museo Orlina

Ramon Orlina is a renowned Filipino artist who works are displayed at the Museo Orlina in the city of Tagaytay. The exhibits are organized to perfection making each piece stand out from the rest. You can admire the techniques used to create the gorgeous sculptures displayed in this museum. He is a very talented artist who is admired across the country for his prowess and creativity. Ramon Orlina is the owner of this building and has converted his old residence to establish this museum. Besides the art, spectacular views of the Taal Lake await you from the deck of the Museo Orlina.

Ilog Maria Honeybee Farm

If you want to discover more of the local produce of the region in which the city of Tagaytay is situated, try visiting the Ilog Maria Honeybee Farm. You will be able to see how the beekeepers work to extract honey and learn about the different varieties of seasonal honey made in this area. The best part is that this farm sells organic honey which is highly nutritious and delicious. You may also purchase honey based products such as throat spray, soaps, lip balms, face masks and more.  

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