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About Cebu City

Province of the Philippines, Cebu has not finished surprising you. It consists of the main island, Cebu, and 150 islands and islets to offer you a unique and unforgettable experience. What to do in Cebu Pack your bags, it's time to leave. When you ask expats in the Philippines what is their favorite place to live in this country, many of them do not have to think twice before saying Cebu. But it's not just people who spend many years of their lives here who love this island in the center of Visayas; it's also popular among travelers to spend more than two nights in Cebu City to recharge their batteries between islands. On the island or just see that it is necessary to do it as it takes a while to experience the lifestyle and all the highlights of this place. Before heading to the beautiful beaches of Cebu, take a historical tour of the city. Learn more about the Spanish heritage of the Philippines with a visit to Fort San Pedro and the Magellan Cross. Stop by the Basilica of Santo Niño, one of the oldest churches in the country. After all this, you deserve a bit of rest so head to the pretty beaches of Cebu which are some of the most beautiful in the world. Try the Malapascua for its white sand, fresh water, and fresh seafood. Bantayan Beach has been dubbed "Sugar Beach" for its fine white sand. For smaller secluded beaches, waterfalls and natural pools, go to the Camotes Islands.

Vacation rental at Cebu City:

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Tourist attractions at Cebu City:

The world's top scuba diving destinations:

The Philippines ranks among the world's top scuba diving destinations, so put on your fins and spend a day exploring the reefs, shipwrecks and vertical walls surrounding Cebu.

The Basilica of the Holy Child:

Your visit to Cebu begins with the Basilica of the Holy Child, a religious building that is none other than the oldest Catholic church in the Philippines. His works were completed in 1739. This baroque basilica was built were Spanish explorers discovered a statue of the baby Jesus, Santo Niño, which gave it its name. Originally built in wood and nipa in the sixteenth century, it was rebuilt in stone in the eighteenth under the command of the governor of Cebu, Fernando y Valdes Tamon. Paul VI raised it to the rank of minor basilica in 1965.

Fort San Pedro:

Another place to discover if you want to visit Cebu: Fort San Pedro. This fort built between 1565 and 1738 occupied several functions during its history. This defensive bastion with towers 6 m high served as a refuge for the Japanese between 1942 and 1945 to become a field hospital. In 1950, it became a historical monument and was decorated with a garden. Today it is a must-see place for your stay in Cebu.

The Taoist temple of Cebu:

Difficult to visit Asia without discovering its temples. If you do not know what to do in Cebu, visit the Taoist temple. It is located in the neighborhood known as Beverly Hills, a district of Cebu where the most affluent population resides. As you will see during your trip to the Philippines, the differences in standards of living between residents are glaring. You will appreciate the perfectly maintained gardens of this temple and the view over the city. This Taoist temple respects certain rules that you will have to adapt to. Do not show up inside in shorts and sleeveless; stay silent to respect the prayer and do not take pictures of the altar.

Admire a unique view of Cebu:

Very specific attraction ideal if you are looking for things to do in Cebu: the Sky Experience Adventure. On the 38th floor of the Crow Regency Hotel, you'll get a breathtaking view of the city, an evening visit to admire the city with its lights and enjoy the sunset. You can opt for a "sky walk," a walk on the edge of the building, equipped with a harness naturally! This is an original idea for sightseeing in Cebu if you are not dizzy.

The ornithological reserve of Olango:

Still, do not know what to see in Cebu? Go to the heart of the Olango Bird Sanctuary. It is off Cebu that you will find this preserved natural place where migratory birds come to take a little strength before continuing their journey. Your trip will also be an opportunity to discover charming fishing villages and take the time to meet the locals who want to share their experience.

Moalboal diving:

Your trip to the Philippines and more specifically to Cebu Island will take you to Moalboal for scuba diving. Located to the west of Cebu, this dive-lovers destination will allow you to swim amongst sardines, butterfly fish, surgeons, and other turtles. You will also admire many multicolored corals and fringing reefs.

Kawasan Falls:

Another must-see attraction if you are planning a holiday on Cebu Island: Kawasan Falls. It is located 20 km from Moalboal, the opportunity to practice two magical activities the same day. Here, you will hike in the heart of a dense tropical forest and go up the river before admiring the famous falls.

Nalusuan Beach:

Taking a trip to the Philippines without going to the beach would be a shame. You should discover the beach of Nalusuan during your tourism stay in Cebu.

Visit the island of Mactan:

What to visit in Cebu? If you have been to our suggestions and are still looking for a place to discover during your trip to the Philippines, a must-see place not far from Cebu. Dream beaches, dive sites, cruises, jet ski, Mactan is a tourist island where you will find something to eat and what to eat. Indeed, the island of Mactan offers a large choice of restaurants; it's time to taste the Filipino cuisine in an enchanting setting.

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