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About Senegal

The Republic of Senegal is a West African country whose neighbors include Mauritania, Mali, Guinea and Guinea-Bissau. It is important to note that the sliver of land known as Gambia separates the rest of the country from Casamance territory. The capital of Senegal is called Dakar and it happens to be an economic hub within the country. There is a unitary semi-presidential system of government in Senegal. The large River Senegal borders the land in the east and north hence its name. The Sahelian climate dominates this region with a rainy season that offers relief from the heat once a year. Since the Prehistoric Era, there have been multiple ethnicities living in harmony in this area. Near the time the 7th century rolled around, there were a number of kingdoms here. Some territories fell under African empires like the Jolof Empire. However, everything changed when European colonizers reached this part of the continent in the middle of the 15th century. In the beginning, the Europeans fought for dominance in trade and it was the trading posts which eventually became the passageway for colonization. Despite local resistance against the French, they managed to rule much of this land until 1960 when French colonization finally came to an end. There are many fishing villages in the country making fish processing an important industry though overfishing by foreign companies is depleting the Senegalese waters. Many people are involved in mining phosphate, manufacturing fertilizers, petroleum refineries, construction work, ship building and more. The primary crops grown in the country include peanuts, sugarcane and green beans. Among fruits, melons, tomatoes and mangoes are farmed in the largest numbers. Thanks to the political stability of Senegal since the French colonizers left, there have been opportunities for the promotion of tourism and hospitality to provide more jobs for the people. Even though the country is not under French occupation anymore, the national language is still French. There are several native languages spoken across various regions of the country. While the country is secular, most of the population identifies as Sunni Muslims.                  

Vacation rentals in Senegal

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Tourist attractions in Senegal                                

This West African country is filled with natural wonders that are highly popular with tourists from other places of the world. There are lovely islands offering modern recreational facilities as well authentic Senegalese cultural experiences. Countless species of flora and fauna thrive in the diverse geographical areas of the country that researchers come to study. It is a wonderful experience for families to see these fascinating creatures in their original habitat as well.

Lake Retba

This gorgeous lake rests near the capital city of Dakar travelling north from the Cap Vert Peninsula. The name translates to Pink Lake because of its stunning rose color. This is due to the algal species known as Dunaliella salina that thrives in this body of water which has high saline content. The algae naturally produce a red pigment that helps them in photosynthesis to create food. The fantastic aerial view of the Lake Retha shows that the Atlantic Ocean and the lake itself have only a thin line of dunes that keep them apart. You are able to see some of the pink color from November to June that signifies the dry season. Its intensity is reduced from July to October owing to rain. Since the salt prevalence is as high as 40% in some parts you can literally float on it. This salt is a wonderful source of income through export and local usage.        

Gorée Island

If you are in the mood to spend the day at an island, Gorée is situated only a small distance from the capital city of Dakar. The total area is 45acres and it provides ample opportunities for coastal recreation. You may rent a boat and enjoy cruising the lovely ocean along the coast of Senegal. Several tourists like to go swimming in these waters and divers like to explore the wildlife and marine ecosystems beneath the waves as well. The beautiful sandy beaches of Gorée are perfect for spending hour sunbathing to get a wonderful summer tan. Historically, it is notorious for the Atlantic slave trade though other prominent centers are located northward. This island is a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1978.     

Djoudj National Bird Sanctuary

People who are enthusiastic about ornithology and enjoy bird watching cannot miss the chance to witness the majestic pelicans of Senegal. There are large populations of these birds and other migratory birds living in the Djoudj National Bird Sanctuary. This wildlife reserve is situated on the southeast bank of the Senegal River and consists mostly of wetlands. This kind of ecosystem is delicate and precious therefore efforts are being made to protect the species of plants and animals here. Many varieties of beautiful birds come from different regions of the world going as far to cross the Sahara to feed and nest at this sanctuary. This area of northern Biffeche is home to almost 400 diverse species of birds including flamingoes and a World Heritage Site.    

African Renaissance Monument

Step into a historical place of Senegal that gives you the opportunity to learn about the sentiments of the people. The African Renaissance Monument is the tallest statue in the continent standing at 49m. Constructed from bronze, it is the design of local architect, Pierre Goudiaby and commissioned by President Abdoulaye Wade. This is not an old monument as they started building it in 2008 and unveiled it in 2010 to commemorate 50 years of Senegalese independence from French colonization. The African Renaissance Monument looks even more impressive because it is situated on top of twin hills called the Collines des Mamelles.     

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