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About Estepona

There is a town called Estepona, which is breathtakingly astounding and a famous tourist spot in southern Spain. This town located in the municipality of the Comarca, in the Costa Del Sol. It is present in the autonomous community of Andalusia. It belongs to the province of Malaga.


This town of Estepona is in the district, which is a valley, with all tall mountains and flowing fresh streams.


This is a place where you can enjoy a perfect countryside vacation. It has the most beautiful views. The atmosphere is also very peaceful.  It has some really stunning beaches with a coastline extending to 21 km.

Weather of Estepona

Estepona is gifted with beaches and the mountains. It shares a wonderful vibe. These natural gifts that it has, it is also accompanied by the weather that stays fresh and pleasant.

According to the record, this town has 325 days of sunshine, which mean the weather here is never dull and always breezy.  These natural gifts that it has, it is also accompanied by the weather that stays fresh and pleasant.


According to the record, which says, this town has 325 days of sunshine, which mean the weather here is never dull and always breezy.

The weather holds great importance for a place. If you are on a vacation, while the weather is hot and cold. It will make you uncertain that either it will rain or will there be a fresh sunny day, today. You will stay uncertain. It will ruin most of your plans.             


So, when on vacations, you should choose a place where the weather is consistent. So, you don’t have to stay indoors.

This is the reason why Estepona is busy all year round and tourist visit here from all over the world to enjoy their time of life. So that, they can bag many amazing memories.


Estepona has a great history. Archaeologist found many stone age tools, in the ruins of Estepona. The history involves Romans, Marinid Dynasty and the Barbary Pirates and many more. A battle also took place here in the year 1342, known as the battle of Estepona. According to people, the name of Estepona came from Moorish. Most of the antiques and a Roman town here was destroyed by the seaquake.

You will find some amazing facts and history related stories and war tales.


This town got the status of the underdog. It is exciting when you visit a place which had the status of the underdog. It is unique in style and the vibe of this place is different from the rest of the towns and it maintains that distich but pleasant atmosphere.

Place of interest

There are many places that can interest the tourist. It is a town full of everything. It has the best beaches, excursion places, and the never-dying history of the place. There is no way that you will regret your vacation here, at this place.


Beaches are the real attraction of this exquisite place. This town has many beaches all beautiful and satisfying in its own diverse way. The sound of gushing water mixed with the sound of wind flowing at its full relaxes you to the core. It has the most attractive beaches with deep blue water. This town will surely win your heart for its extremely lovely beaches.

Here are the few beaches which should be at the top of your list.


All of them will surely not disappoint you.

Playa Rada, Estepona, Spain

Playa Costa Natura, Estepona, Spain

Playa El Cristo, Estepona, Spain

Restaurant of Estepona

Restaurants are the life of any place. You can survive without the beach and the antiques, but not without good food. If the food has a lesser quality you will not want to eat it.

You are lucky if you chose to visit Estepona. It is a town where you will find delicious seafood. And you will surely enjoy them. The delightful food made from fresh seafood with the finger licking taste. You will surely not want to miss out on that.

Architecture and Museums

You can visit the remarkably made building with the stunning style of architecture and the museums, where you will find the rest from the history of the town. It is always important to know the history of the town you are visiting. Vacations are not only about fun and enjoyment, but to acquire some knowledge about the place is also good.

You will be stunned by the beautiful and unique style building here in Estepona. And the museum with the antiques and the remains from the grand history of Estepona, from a different time. When different dynasties well settled here one after another.

Enlisted below are some of the architectural places and the museums to enlighten you with the history of the town of Estepona


Museo Arqueologico de Estepona (Archaeological Museum)

Ruta de Murales Artisticos (Route of the Artistic Murals)

Casa de las Tejerinas

Historical Centre of Estepona


These are not the only places you can visit. Estepona is full of places which are amazingly beautiful and has no match. We are just referring to a few. On your vacation there you will eventually explore much more than this.

Cuddlynest and Estepona

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All the places are according to the budget and can further be filtered according to your needs.


Now you don’t have to worry about the vacation rentals. We provide the best places to stay so that you will be comfortable and enjoy your best when on vacations.

We can also sketch a plan for you, for the place you can visit and for the places, you should add to your wish list.

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