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About Granada

The capital city of the province of Granada, Granada is one of the busiest and famous cities of Spain that is located at the foot of the Sierra Nevada, a beautiful mountain in Spain. Sitting approximately 738 above the sea level, Granada is at the confluence of four different rivers; Beiro, Genil, Darro, and Monachil.

With its population of more than 260,000, the city ranks as the 13th largest developed area in Spain. The most renowned building in the city is The Alhambra that is an Arab palace and citadel. The building has got many cultural attractions that attract thousands of foreign tourists from different parts of the world every year.

The influence of Almohd can be observed on the architecture of Granada and also on many of its neighboring areas including Albaicin. The city has got a great reputation throughout the territory of Spain because of its well-known University of Granada. The university has five campuses and more than 82,000 students learn in it.

What Granada Offers You

Since Granada has been a business and educational hub in Spain, the city will never fail to amuse you during your stay. From high-standard vacation rentals to beautiful natural sceneries, you can spend days and months at this stunning place with your friends or family while wandering through its beautiful buildings, monuments, parks, and mountains.

The gorgeous garden area of Generalife also attracts both local and foreign tourists. In fact, the Generalife was also declared as the World Heritage Site back in 1984. In Granada, you will also be able to visit different mosques and cathedrals which have some amazing stories to tell you from history.

Once you have reached in this city and have spent a comfortable night in a vacation rental, you have various travel destinations in Granada to choose from. There are 6 districts in the city and each of them has all the qualities to attract tourists.

Climate of Granada

This particular city of Spain has a slightly continental climate. The summers happen to be dry, hot, and sunny while winters bring moderate cold. For tourists, both the seasons are ideal because you can easily spend winters in a warm Jersey and with nothing in summers.

CuddlyNest Provides Vacation Rentals in Granada, Spain

When you are making a plan to spend your vacations in Spain with your friends or family, one of the most important things happens to be the accommodation. Either you spend enough time wandering different rental houses in the country or you make your booking online prior to arrival. The Choice is yours!

Here at CuddlyNest, we provide a great opportunity for tourists to book some of the best vacation rentals in Granada prior to their arrival here. Since we have been in the business for years, we offer standard and deluxe vacation rentals at quite affordable rates. From rental houses to apartments, villas to condos, and cabins to any other property, we have got everything to offer you here in Granada.

Top Attractions in and around Granada

The land of thousand castles, Granada is famous for various attractions. You may visit this place unsure about what to see but you won’t leave it with disappointment as the city is actually compelling and gritty. The life in this city goes hand in hand with serene Islamic architecture and monumental churches, and even tapas bars.

Some of the most beautiful and most-visited attractions of Granada include:


If you have your interest in visiting some of the most amazing palaces in the world, you must visit this top-choice Islamic palace that attracts millions of visitors in a year. There can be 6000 daily visitors on average in this palace who come far and wide places just to see this love to Moorish culture. According to history, the building has been standing since the Roman times and it has got plenty of development and renovations time to time till now. It gives a panoramic view when you see this palace while standing at the Sierra Nevada.

The Generalife

It’s a garden attached to the Alhambra where most of Muslim Kings would spend their leisure time. Since it has got many breath-taking gardens, architecture, and landscaping, it is regarded as a rural village. Being one of the biggest tourist attractions in Granada, UNESCO declared it as a World Heritage Site in 1984.

CuddlyNest can arrange vacation rentals with all the latest facilities near the Generalife. You will be able to spend a great night in the vacation rental and will easily pay an early morning visit to this whole area of Alhambra.

Mosque of Granada

Inaugurated in 2003, the Mosque of Granada is also one of the famous places in the city. This mosque can easily serve more than 500 people at a time. The mosque is located in the best location of the city with some spectacular views of the Alhambra. The views from the gardens also happen to be eye-catching and soul-refreshing. With an aura of peace and calm, this architectural feast pleases thousands of visitors in a single day. There won’t be anything pleasant than spending a peaceful day near this mosque and have a comfortable sleep in a nearby vacation rental.

Districts in Granada You Must Pay a Visit to

  • Realejo (Jewish Neighborhood)
  • Cartuja (Carthusian Monastery)
  • Bib-Rambla (High Point for Gastronomy)
  • Sacromonte (Houses in Caves)
  • Albayzín (World Cultural Heritage Site by UNESCO)
  • Zaidín (Upmarket Neighborhood Houses)

CuddlyNest can provide you vacation rentals with high-quality facilities in all these districts.

Parks and Gardens in Granada

  • The gardens of Alhambra and Generalife
  • Fuente Nueva University Park
  • Córdoba Gardens Palace
  • Campo del Príncipe Gardens
  • Gardens of Violón
  • Almunia de Aynadamar Park
  • Gardens of the Royal Hospital
  • Gardens of Paseo del Salón and of La Bomba (BIC)
  • Gardens of the Triumph
  • Zaidín Park
  • Plaza de la Trinidad
  • 28 de Febrero Park
  • Federico García Lorca Park

Getting around in the city of Granada is quite easy and you don’t need to hire any vehicle as the city has got a brilliant urban layout that encourages pedestrians. All you need to do is to book a vacation rental prior to your arrival here in the city of castles.

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