Popular Son Serra De Marina Destinations

Entire Apartment5 Beds

Patio or balcony, Washer

Entire Vacation Home5 Beds

TV, Hot Tub

Entire Vacation Home3 Beds

Air Conditioning, Dishwasher

Entire Vacation Home3 Beds

Patio or balcony, Hot Tub

Entire Villa

Internet, Dishwasher

Entire Villa

Air Conditioning, Dishwasher

Entire Villa

TV, Air Conditioning

Entire Vacation Home

Internet, TV

0% service fee
0% service fee

Entire Chalet3 Beds

Dishwasher, Free Parking

Entire Villa7 Beds

Shared Pool, Free Parking

Entire Vacation Home4 Beds

Internet, TV

Entire Villa

Internet, Shared Pool

Entire Vacation Home

TV, Internet

Entire Vacation Home

Internet, Air Conditioning

Reduced service fee

Entire Villa3 Beds

Refrigerator, Hair Dryer

Entire Villa3 Beds

Refrigerator, Family/Kid Friendly

Entire Villa9 Beds

Internet, TV

Entire Vacation Home7 Beds

Refrigerator, TV

0% service fee

6 Beds

Microwave Oven, Internet

About Son Serra De Marina

The bay of Alcudia is offering the ever demanding serenity to the visitors. Son Serra De Marina beach is famous for kite surfers. It is an off-beaten path for the ones that are looking for waves. The terrific view at the beach along with an amazing resort is worth visiting on your upcoming vacations. The un-spoilt and stunning beauty of this place is explored by quite less tourists and this makes it a less crowded beach. All adventure sports fanatics look forward to the ravishing experience of Marine life. Discover the stunning beauty of the Island and plan your vacations accordingly.

Culture and Legacy

This enchanting area was developed in 1950 and it is close to many historical places. It was famous after the popularity of holiday homes. Travelers and tourists looking for peaceful homes on the bay were the reason for its fame around the world. People looking for natural and tranquil places around the beach prefer this coastal area for a holiday booking. Sports, activities, beach side thrill and a lot more are there to discover and enjoy with family or alone. Spanish visitors and solo travelers are mostly found at this place living the dream.

Attractions and Sights to Explore

It is known as the beach area and you will come across the many wonders of the place. It is many secret places that are still less traveled. The beach of Son Serra De Marina is man-made and sandy. It brings the joy out of you and offers the best of the water sports opportunity. There are nearby resorts and hotels with the best amenities to offer. Can Picafort, Arta and other nearby villages are worth exploring. Germans and Spanish are the main tourists crowd at these places.

You can also plan a trip to nearby villages and other small towns. Explore the culture, meet the people and learn about their lifestyle. Enjoy the friendly nature of local people and don’t miss to try the local cuisine.

Wildlife Sanctuary

S’Albufera is a wildlife area that you might love to visit. Bird watchers enjoy this place as much as any other person. This area is dedicated to the birds and wildlife photographers often come for their projects. Enjoy the beauty at its best and live the fantasy in a real world of S’Albufera. It is relatively located at less distance and you can reserve a car or taxi for the comfortable ride. Can Picafort is also accommodating different animal species. So, if you will get around the town, you will come across a lot of wildlife beauty.


Son Real beach, Son Canova beach is the famous ones to plan your trip over the bay. Remember that you are on the Island of Mallorca and it has exquisite beaches to explore. Environment, safety, management, and facilities are up to the mark. People from all over the surrounding plan their holidays to these beaches. Sunbathing and sports activities make the trip more exciting for families. These are family beaches and you can also get the babysitter to enjoy some time alone with a partner. Breathe the refreshing air and let your mind relaxed while exploring these beaches.

Day Trips

Companies and tour planners offer one-day trips for the visitors of Son Serra De Marina. You can explore the surrounding on your own, but having a guide and proper information can be extra helpful. Sightseeing companies will take you through the city and the culture. Palma is one of the nearest towns that offers museums, shopping centers and a lot of culinary options. Never-ending fun can be booked in a private car for your family or there are bus tours arranged at minimal expense. Bus tours are mostly preferred by budget travelers and solo travelers. You have amazing dining options as well as the tourist attractions to discover the astounding culture of the town.

Water sports

Kite surfing, scuba diving, and drafting on the waves are the sport adventures that people enjoy. Resorts near the beach can give you all the training, a guide, and access to safety guides. Help yourself, book a guide and never miss the adventure on your holiday. This is the chance to explore the marvels of water, say goodbye to the thinking and live like the only moment you have. Don’t just wander around the sandy beach. It is much more to offer in terms of games, sports, crazy nights and playful activities for kids too. Live the best and lively moments of your life.

Events to Look Forward

If you’re around the town, you might be interested in any event going around. The last week of July and a month of August brought the exciting 10-day fiesta offering live music and other celebrations.

Where to Eat?

Son Serra De Marina doesn’t have much of the eateries around, but the El Sol bar is worth visiting. If you’re looking for more variety in food and want to enjoy your table adventure. The City of Palma is the town to go to.

The city of Palma has some great restaurants for seafood, continental and international dishes. They serve the best food variety with a class and hospitality. When you’re tired after visit museums, castle and life enduring beauty. Stop by the cafes and eat to your fullest.

Where to Stay?

Cuddlynest has a variety of hotels in the town and nearby it. Refine your search through the filters and choose the resorts suitable for you. Pricing, amenities and quite amazing and almost every other hotel is serving the best of their services. Transport, room service, sports activities, bars,and restaurants are finest for the holiday plan.

Cuddlynest has a variety of hotels and villas to provide the stay facility in the town. These resorts are not only providing residency, but also have an arrangement of some fun activities for families and other travelers. You can book a guide from the same hotel, ask them to arrange a day trip to the nearby areas too.

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