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About Vilafranca De Bonany

Vilafranca de Bonany, in Catalan and officially N 1 (Villafranca de Bonany in Castilian ), is a municipality of the island of Mallorca in the autonomous community of the Balearic Islands in Spain. It is located in the center-east of the island and is part of the comarque of Pla de Mallorca. , Mallorca the haven of peace is the biggest island in the Balearic archipelago. It is a symbol of harmony and light. Owing to its Mediterranean climate it is always pleasant, inviting you to explore its natural diversity, the hospitality of its inhabitants and architectural jewels. Majorca is full of coves! It would be a shame to plan a trip to Villafranca de Bonany without visiting many of these coves. Moreover, the coves of the island are often among the places of interest of Mallorca. To be able to alternate the cultural visits to Mallorca and the idleness in these beautiful creeks is surely one of the main assets of tourism in Villafranca de Bonany. They are found in different parts of the island. The most beautiful that I could see is located in the south of the island or on the eastern side.

Vacation rental at Vilafranca De Bonany:

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Tourist attractions at Vilafranca De Bonany:

Situated in the center of Mallorca, Vilafranca de Bonany it is a municipality. How about finding all the sensational things to see in Villafranca de Bonany as soon as you start your stay in your accommodation? Villafranca de Bonany offers a wide range of proposals for adults but also for the little ones of the house; it is a perfect destination to travel with your children. There are always options for couples with young children who do not know what to do during their holidays: such as a ride up the bike to discover the most charming streets and enjoy a great time with family. Go to some of the gardens of Villafranca de Bonany to marvel at the special character of the Balearic Islands biosphere, and when you are tired, there is the possibility to stop and have a hot chocolate in any of the cafes in Villafranca de Bonany or one of the surrounding towns. Going to the Mallorca zoo is another very useful idea when you are thinking about traveling with children. Also, in some of the museums of Villafranca de Bonany, you will find works and activities adapted to little girls and boys, with interactive elements and other activities that will make them feel closer to art and the Mallorcan history. But if you had the idea that it was everything, you must know that in Villafranca de Bonany you will find more than just things to do with children. Theatrical performances, cinemas and local artists lead the dance to bring culture to everyone so you will always have something to do in Villafranca de Bonany. What would you like most to do in Villafranca de Bonany even if you only go there a few days?

Balloon In Villafranca de Bonany:

Wondering what activities you can venture at Villafranca de Bonany as an original activity, I suggest a balloon flight. The flight is not over the sea (a priori rather risky) but in the land. The flight starts early in the morning, from Manacor, in the center of the island. The flight begins shortly before sunrise to enjoy the sunrise during the flight. It is a thing to do in Villafranca de Bonany in my opinion.

What to see in Villafranca de Bonany:

Go down to the busiest street of all Villafranca de Bonany continue the visit by the shopping area and go through each of the monuments of the city, these places so characteristic on which you searched for information on your tourism blogs. And of course, it is better for children to have fun with you. You will love spending the afternoon with a visit to the city's water park so that they will keep an exceptional memory of the trip. Finally, be sure to make an excursion to the charming villages in the area, they have a characteristic charm, and you can know them for a day walk.

Where to eat in Villafranca de Bonany:

In addition to exploring the most remarkable corners of this geographical area, it is forbidden to return home without experiencing the characteristic aromas of the gastronomy of Villafranca de Bonany. The culinary art of this area is based on the fruits that grow on this land, giving it a special taste. In case you want to taste in your preferences, any of the main restaurants in Villafranca de Bonany will have the capacity to satisfy you and offer you the opportunity to connect with a kitchen that has centuries of history.

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