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Entire Apartment3 Beds

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About Els Griells

Els Griells is actually the urbanization of the small yet beautiful town of l'Estartit. Located on the Costa Brava, it's actually a seaside resort that receives thousands of local and foreign tourists throughout the year. Being a part of the autonomous community of Catalonia, the place holds great importance in terms of business and tourism.

Before the start of tourism in the 1960s, the main source of earning of the village was fishing and some other works. However, the advent of tourism brought a great opportunity for its people to facilitate tourists and earn a great amount of money. Today, there are various small and big vacation rentals that provide feasible accommodation to tourists who come from far and wide places to spend their vacations with their friends and family.

What Els Griells (l'Estartit) Offers You

Though l'Estartit is a small town, it offers a great opportunity to its visitors to go through a complete tour package. On your visit to this beautiful town, you can discover the stunning Medas Islands, the fantabulous beach of l'Estartit, and can also visit the old villages that represent the medieval era in a perfect manner.

In l'Estartit, you should also visit the famous weekly market (on Thursday) in which, many sellers gather at one place and sell the things they have. From this particular market, you can buy local vegetables, fruits, toys, homemade clothing, and different artisan products. No matter you are with your family or friends, you’ll surely enjoy interacting with the local people and buy things through them.

Apart from shopping, you can also experience the amazing paddle surfing at the beach of l'Estartit. The authorities here provide complete equipment and information regarding this particular watersport and they also maintain adequate safety and security for tourists.

CuddlyNest Provides Vacation Rentals in Els Griells (l'Estartit)

It’s good that you have decided to visit Els Griells with your friends and family and it’ll be better if you also book vacation rentals prior to your arrival here. CuddlyNest, the famous vacation rental online booking platform in Spain, offers to book vacation rentals even prior to arrivals so that a visitor may not come across with any tough situation.

Not only in Spain, but we also provide rental houses, apartments, condos, villas, cabins, and other properties in the United States, France, Greece, Croatia, Florida, and many other beautiful countries. The vacation rentals we provide are located on the best natural settings and you can also find every latest facility in them. In Els Griells, we have direct links with vacation rentals as their hosts list their businesses on our platform so that guests can book them online prior to their arrival. Here on this page, all the listed properties are located near some of the most beautiful attractions in Els Griells.

Top Attractions in and around Els Griells (l'Estartit)

Ever since tourism started at this particular place in Spain, many immigrants moved here in order to serve the tourists and earn some money. Today, its tourist industry is leading the town's economy by serving foreign tourists from the UK, Germany, Ireland, Netherlands, France, and different other countries.

The top attractions in and around Els Griells include:

The old town of Torroella de Montgrí

After spending a comfortable night in one of its vacation rentals, you would love to stroll around the old town of Torroella de Montgrí. There are great cultural treasures that you can discover in the market and old buildings of this ancient town. The local indigenous products in the market will also amaze you on your visit to this old town.

L'Estartit Beach

A trip seems incomplete unless you spend some days while taking a sunbath on its beaches. The town receives thousands of foreign tourists in the summer season and most of them love to spend their time with their friends and family on its beaches. L'Estartit Beach is its main beach where you will always find both local and foreign people in the season.

Apart from sunbath, the view of Roca Maura and the Medas Island will also induce some aesthetic feelings in you. Moreover, the variant deepwater activities and boating options also attract visitors to this 5 km long peaceful beach. The best thing about this particular beach is that quietness and privacy are prioritized here.

Medes Islands

It would be quite unfair if you arrive here in Els Griells and leave without discovering the beauty of the Medas Islands. The natural beauty of Els Griells is surprising and the Medes Islands is a perfect example of it.

After having a comfortable sleep in our vacation rental, you can start an early day for the excursion of the Medas Islands. There are many local companies that offer boat trips for this excursion. During the trip, you will see at least 1300 different species of fish and plants including lobsters, red coral, and groupers. Most importantly, you can even observe the sea creatures through the transparent glazed deck that most of the boats have here.

Water Sports

There are several water sports that you can enjoy here in Els Griells. Since the marina is quite close to the city center, there are many local companies that operate different water sports practices for tourists. No matter you are with your family or friends, you can enjoy tens of watersports including snorkeling, scuba diving, surfing, water-ski, and many others.

Lassdive and Club Nàutic Estartit are the two most famous companies that facilitate tourists with different water sports practices. Both the companies are famous all over the town for their windsurfing. Other companies like Aquàtica and Calypso are famous for scuba diving, Eolis Kite is famous for kite surfing, and Escuela Nautic & Diving is famous for snorkeling.

Main festivals of Els Griells (l'Estartit)

  • Epiphany Parade – on the evening of January 5
  • Dia Nacional da Catalunha – September 11
  • Jazz Festival l’Estartit – July and August
  • Carnival – February
  • Fiesta de Santa Llúcia – December 13
  • Día de Sant Jordi– April 23
  • Fiesta del Parque Natural de Montgrí, Islas Medas y Bajo Ter – May
  • Dia de Sant Juan – June 23
  • Fiesta Mayor de Santa Anna – July 26
  • Fiesta de Sant Carmen – June 16

So, pack your luggage now and come to this beautiful town in Spain to spend your vacations with your beloved ones and don’t forget to book vacation rentals prior to your arrival through CuddlyNest!

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