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About Lucerne

About Lucerne
Lucerne is the capital city of the canton of Lucerne in central Switzerland. It resides in the German-speaking portion of the country. It is the most populous city in central Switzerland with a total population of 81, 057 inhabitants. Lucerne is situated on the shores of Lake Lucerne and its outflow; River Reuss. It has Mount Pilatus and Rigi of the Swiss Alps guarding it as well. River Lucerne flows south-east to north-west and beautifies the city more. The city’s outskirts stretch to the hills to the north-east and south-west and stretch out to the recently added area of Littau, which in the north-west along the river and lake banks.
First ruled by the Romans, the history of this region of present-day central Switzerland goes as far as the 6th century. After the fall of the Romans, the region went into the hands of Germanic Alemannic people. By the mid of the 8th century, the Benedictine Monastery of St. Leodegar was founded which was later acquired by Murbach Abbey. At this time, the name of the region was “Luciaria”. The name is said to be derived from the Latin version of “Lantern”. The region gained its independence from Murbach Abbey in the mid of the 12th century. 

What The City Offers Today
Lucerne is ranked as one of the world’s prettiest cities which is rich in attractions, sights, activities, and excursions. The city is a perfect mixture of architectural and natural wonders. The culture and history of the city are so mindboggling that you can explore them and rehear the stories without getting bored for a second. Best discovered on foot, the city is a delight for explorers, beholders, and extreme athletes. You hike to the mountains, ski in the winter, indulge in summer sports in that respective season, visit museums, or behold the wonderful architecture of the city. In short, one of the main destinations to stop by and enjoy to the fullest on your Europe tour should be Lucerne.

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Traveling To Lucerne 

Lucerne is situated in the center of Switzerland surrounded by various cities and regions. There are several ways to land in Lucerne. One of them is to take a flight to the international airport of Zurich, named "Zurich Airport". The airport is at a distance of 63 kilometers from the city of Lucerne. Another way is to take a train to Lucerne Railway Station which is the primary railway station of the city connecting it with several other European cities.

Mountains of Lucerne
Lucerne is watched by the magnificent mountains of the Alps. No matter what the season, tourists make their way to this heaven in central Switzerland just to mount these mountains and behold the beauty of nature. You can hike to them, try trekking, ski or sled on these slopes in the winters, try paragliding or you can give yourself a chance to look the splendid panoramic views of Switzerland from those peaks. Some of the mountains of Lucerne are mentioned below:

  • Bürgenstock (Elevation 1,128m)
  • Rigi (Elevation 1,798m)
  • Fräkmüntegg (Elevation 1,415 m)

Museums of Lucerne
There are a few museums in the city as well. The buildings of these museums are of great significance to the locals and for the tourists, both. These museums are to promote different subjects. Some promote the history, some are dedicated to the technology, some are dedicated to contemporary art, some are dedicated to the vehicles or means of communication, some are dedicated to archeology and so on. The names of the museums of the beautiful city of Lucerne are mentioned below:

  • Swiss Museum of Transport
  • Glacier Garden of Lucerne
  • Sammlung Rosengart
  • Richard Wagner Museum Lucerne
  • Natur-Museum Luzern
  • Kunstmuseum Luzern
  • Historisches Museum Luzern
  • Zytturm
  • Alpineum
  • Hans Erni Museum

Architectural Wonders of Lucerne
Lucerne is home to several wonders which should be on your list if you are traveling to Lucerne sooner or later. These wonders include palaces, bridges, buildings, monuments and so much more. They are only just a visual treat for you but also have an impressing story to tell you. Some of these wonders are mentioned below:

  • Chapel Bridge
  • Lion Monument
  • Spreuer Bridge
  • Hofkirche St. Leodegar
  • Museggmaue
  • Wasserturm
  • Weinmarkt
  • Meggenhorn Castle

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