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About Caslano

Located in the district of Lugano, Caslano is a beautiful municipality that is situated near the Italian border from Switzerland. Having a population of more than 4000 inhabitants this is the place where Roman era is still reflected.

Before World War II the economy of this place was based on fisheries and mines. Moreover, kilns were also one of the sources of its pre-economy that were used for lime and clay. All got disappeared after the WWII and today, the municipality has veiled into modernism with lots of hotels, restaurants, and vacation rentals.

With its plenty of beautiful suburbs, it has grown into a famous tourist destination in Switzerland. Local people consistently visit the place for different commerce and trade purposes while tourists visit and stay in its vacation rentals to seek some inner peace.

What Caslano Offers You

It’s a must-visit place in Switzerland because the entire village of Caslano is a part of the Inventory of Swiss Heritage Sites. From historical buildings like the Parish Church (built in 1653) to natural beauties like the Lake Lugano (a beautiful lake covered in mountains), the place is a perfect spot to spend holidays with your friends or family.

The people of this village speak multiple languages including German, French, Italian, Romansh, and others. Around 25% population of the village consists of foreign nationals who made it their home after getting inspired by its majestic beauty. The village is also connected with other parts of Lugano district through railway and boats.

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There are many hotels, apartments, condos, villas, and cabins available near some of the most beautiful tourist spots here in this municipality. No matter you want to stay near the lake, museums, or the parish church, CuddlyNest can arrange vacation rentals with every latest facility at affordable rates.

To save both your time and efforts, you can also book your vacation rental through us prior to your arrival here so that you won't be in need to go through different rental houses to find a suitable accommodation for you. At this page, you can browse hundreds of vacation rentals in and around Caslano.

Top Attractions in and around Caslano

The Parish Church

You may have seen plenty of Parish churches in different parts of the world. However, there is unique significance of this Parish church in Caslano because it was built 400 years ago and today it gives a perfect touch of the Roman Era.

Being the religious center of the Parish community of Caslano, all the religious programs and events are held at this particular church and in its premises.


The village is also an ideal place for people who love to go to museums to know something about the people who are now history. There are some attention-grabbing museums in this village and each has its own significance and value.

The two most famous museums are:

Chocolate Museum: There is also a chocolate factory near Caslano that you can visit and can see the process of chocolate production. Along with the factory, there is also a museum where you can have a glimpse into the history of chocolates.

Fishing Museum: Have you ever heard about the fish-tasting event that is held every year in the Fishing Museum of Caslano? This place is a must-visit spot for fishing lovers. Having total six rooms on two floors, the museums exhibits hundreds of fish related objects through which, you can have an idea fishing techniques from history till today.

CuddlyNest can arrange vacation rentals for you near to all these museums.

The Lake Lugano

Caslano’s half beauty is the beautiful Lugano Lake because the village's complete settlement is actually on the shores of the lake. This huge yet beautiful glacial lake touches southern Switzerland at one side and the Northern Italy on the other. The lake was also mentioned in the documents of 804 with a name of Laco Luanasco. Today, there are many vacation rentals available for tourists quite near to this lake.

There is a great importance of the lake because it connects with 4 beautiful mountains:

  • Monte Bre (East): It’s a perfect mountain area that is one of the best sunniest points in Switzerland. Through this small mountain, you can also get a view of the bay of Lugano and the Bernese Alps.
  • Monte San Salvatore (West): With an elevation of at least 912 m, this mountain gives a breath-taking view of the lake and the surrounding areas of Lugano.
  • Monte Generoso (South-East): This mountain is located between the Lake Lugano and Lake Como. It’s an extremely high elevation of about 1700 m and there are also different other beautiful landscapes and beautiful monuments.
  • Monte San Giorgio (South): This mountain contains great importance in the tourism sector in Switzerland because it is listed in the World Heritage Sites. The uniqueness of this place is that it is the only credible record of marine life of the period of the Middle Triassic.


Piazza Della Riforma

After having a great night in our vacation rentals, you can have a wonderful day ahead by visiting Piazza Della Riforma where lots of historical centers, restaurants, and shops will be waiting for you. It’s a square that is located near the Lake Lugano with plenty of amazing cafes, shops, bars, and different other attractions for you.

Since it's the main place of encounter, you will find a rush of foreign tourists all the time who come here to see the unique architectural buildings with restaurants offering delicious foods. A famous place in past for political events now witnesses events for mere entertainment. Some of the most famous events that are celebrated here include Blues to Bop, Estival Jazz, Autumn Festival, and Christmas as well.

Sports and Recreational Activities in Caslano

Apart from having great leisure time with your friends or family in a vacation rental here in Caslano, you can also enjoy different sports and recreational activities including Football, Tennis, Basketball, Gymnastics, Shooting, Martial Arts, and others.

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