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About Riva San Vitale

Riva San Vitale is a municipality in the Canton of Ticino, district of Mendrisio, Switzerland. Having a population slightly more than 2500, the most spoken language is Italian, then German, then French and only 1 person in the region speaks Romansh. Most of the area of the village is used for agricultural purposes or is heavily forested.

First mentioned in the 8th century by the name of “Primo Sobenno”, the village is supposed to be inhabited by Neolithic settlements. Even the region had remains from the Roman era, and in 12th century it was mentioned as “Ripa Sancti Vitalis”. The village is the oldest centers of diocese of Como (from northern Italy today).

What the Town Offers Today

The village is at the beach of Lake Lugano, that provides enough spots for a dip or go fishing. It has the best restaurants with the most perfect savory, you can take a workout session at the open-air gym, take a trail amidst the historical lanes and buildings, visit the oldest churches, oratories or baptisteries in the region, take a look at the marvels of architecture, have some air at the famous greenish parks, go paragliding, take a adventurous mountain bike and explore the mountains, visit the ice pit or take a chance with the wild horses. Whatever you want to experience, our old village gives you that. You can even ski, sledge, go ice-skating, at a look at the planets and stars from the famous observatory, go canyoning, take a relaxing spa, try stand-up paddle surfing, windsurf, sail in the lake, go cliff diving or bungee jumping, take on the challenge of bouldering, and so much more.

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Travelling to Riva San Vitale

The beautiful, old village of Riva San Vitale can be accessed easily. All you need is to get a flight to the Lugano Airport, and then you can rent a car, hire a shared shuttle, or book at train to Capolago-Riva S. Vitale transit stop. The distance between the airport and the village is less than 13 km.

Churches and Oratories in And Around Riva S. Vitale

The old village of Riva San Vitale is home to many of the churches, chapels, oratories and baptisteries. Some of them are as old as the sixteenth century. With many historical collectibles, these churches are worth a visit. These churches are some of the marvels of the Divine love and unification of its members. They are the tourist attractions and have quite a significance in the eyes of the locals as well. You can pay them a visit whenever you want or else, you may end up for the Sunday masses here and enjoy a lot more than you expect. Some of these churches, oratories and baptisteries are:

  • Church of Santa Croce
  • Oratory of San Rocco
  • Paleo Christian Baptistery
  • Parish church of San Vitale


Other Landmarks of Riva San Vitale

The village isn’t only a religious one with churches and no extreme fun. It has spots you will be dazzled to visit and will leave your heart at. Let it be sport, history, geology or beaches, the village has got it all for you. If you are looking for a vacation village for your bucket list’s wishes to fulfill, I am sure Riva San Vitale is the place you should visit. Some of these places are discussed below.

Municipal Lido

The lido is the village’s treasure. It is an oasis where you can bathe, take on the sun and get a bit tan, let your young ones loose at the playground, or get drunk with your friends at the well-stocked bar. Whatever you want, you can do at this at the public lakeside. You can even read while your kids take a swim in the safe pools, or watch the sunset with your partner from over the water.

Historical Center of Riva San Vitale

The historical center is what you must keep at the top of your list if you are a history-addict. It is recorded to be Federal Inventory of Swiss Heritage Sites. The center contains Piazza Grande, the courtyards dedicated to the famous Swiss composer, Gian Battista Mantegazzi, Instituto San Pietro Canisio, the Municipal Building, and a lot more. The Municipal Building dominates the area and was constructed by the Della Croce family in the second half of the 16th century.

Monte Generoso

Are you a geology fan? Or a sports’ person? Well whatever your interest may be, Monte Generoso is what you must have on your list when you visit Riva San Vitale. The place offers you the best sports of the century, with a public observatory, and best trails with the perfect views. You have the opportunities to hike and explore the area between Lake Lugano and Lake Como, go paragliding with your partner, take a mountain bike and race the trails, look at the models made for you explaining the solar system and space, visit the historical ice pits, pay a visit to the wild horses who descent in the winters, or watch the natural habitat of the beautiful chamois, behold the beautiful rare flowers or fossils in the area, and so much more. The place is a pure delight to visit.

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