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About Batheaston

Batheaston is a village and civil parish nearly 2 miles east of Bath in England on the north bank of the River Avon. The name is believed to have originated from the neighboring city of Bath. The northern area of the parish is an area known as Northend on the road to St Catherine. Named as Estone in the Domesday Book, Batheaston was part of the hundred of Bath Forum. This beautiful region has landscapes ranging from gently rolling hills to river valleys. There is a long history of human habitation in this area, with the population expanding during Roman times, with significant roles in the Saxon era and English civil war. The present day village is a perfect getaway from the hustle and bustle of city life if you like peaceful and quiet surroundings.  

Things to see, things to do

Little Solsbury Hill

For a bit of history, hop over towards the Little Solsbury Hill. Known simply as Solsbury Hill, a small flat-topped mound is the location of an Iron Age hill fort. You can find it above the village of Batheaston. The hill stretches up to 625 feet directly above the River Avon that is just a little over a mile to the south. Here you can see lovely views of the nearby city of Bath and the surrounding areas that are within the boundary of the Cotswolds Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. Historically, the hill is one of several likely places where the Battle of Badon was fought and is home to the remnants of a medieval field system. The hill was also the inspiration for the 1997 Peter Gabriel song "Solsbury Hill". It is thought that the name 'Solsbury' may have roots in the Celtic god name Sulis, a divine being revered at the thermal spring in nearby Bath. Even if history is not your thing, you can visit the site to appreciate the natural habitats and maybe even catch a glimpse of the flora and fauna. Here you can see badgers, Roe deer, and red foxes, while skylarks nest on the hill as well.

Alice Park

Not too far is the Alice Park, on the eastern edge of Bath. It is a little serene where the whole family can enjoy themselves. The Alice Park covers eight acres of gorgeous land, and is home to six tennis courts open for everyone, a playpark for families with children, a community garden, and facilities such as parking, toilets and a café. The park also allows dogs, as long as they are well behaved. Alice Park hosts numerous events all over the year, so do check for events on your visit so you can enjoy yourself to the fullest. With all its conveniences, this Park is perfect for that picnic day out!

Church of St John The Baptist, Batheaston

The Church of St John the Baptist is in Northend and was built in the 12th century and later reconstructed in the 15th century. The parish of St John the Baptist in Batheaston is amalgamated with St Catherine, which also includes a church of the same name. It comes underneath the archdeaconry of Bath. The initial construction was done around 1460, and John Pinch the younger oversaw additions and repairs in 1834.  The west tower has setback buttresses, prominent octagonal stairs, and a turret at the south-east corner. The east side also has a canopied recess holding a figure, speculated to be of St John. The tower is home to a peal of eight bells. The churchyard is home to several chest tombs, which are memorials in the form of rectangular stone boxes.

Batheaston House and Gardens

Batheaston House was built in 1712 for Henry Walters. He was a wealthy clothier who inherited the property of Batheaston as it passed to him through his grandfather, Henry Blanchard. Pine House dates back to 1672. In 1921, after 200 years, the house passed out of the possession of the Walters family and fell into a decrepit state until the 1960s when a Dr Hilliard started restoration, and eventually passed on through the years to the present owners that have faithfully continued the restoration of this Grade 1 listed house. The grounds are open for the public and popular with walkers and runners. Formerly laid out as a formal walled garden to Batheaston House, there are five meadows divided by pathways and borders along with a central avenue leading to an octagonal paved area. In 1987, a group of volunteers began tending to the gardens and carrying out archaeological surveys in order to restore the garden layout  with inspiration from the 18th century designs. Since taking responsibility for the Riverside in 2018 the Parish Council have been continuing to plan developments and maintain this area in partnership with their Riverside Team and other volunteers.

Walks in Batheaston

A good way to take in the landscapes of this lovely village is to go on a guided walk, both from the north and south. The village at present comprises of four main areas, namely The High Street (counting London Road East and West), Northend, Elmhurst Estate and both sides of Bannerdown. There are easy walks around the flat grounds by the river or up towards Northend to St Catherine's that can be toured in all weathers. For something more challenging, there are walks on hilly areas to Bannerdown, Charmydown or Solsbury Hill that can vary in length, intensity and time but are worth it for the lovely views and interesting wildlife. Beyond the boundary, you can go on widespread walks towards Castle Combe, Marshfield, or round the northern side of the city.

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